World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1894
Shen Xiang also with hot expert, but was wrapped at this time by Plentiful God this flame domain, that type makes him somewhat not gasp for breath sultrily, although this Plentiful God cannot hit Demon Execution Heavenly God, but regarding Shen Xiang, is actually hard to defeat. Has spelled, your my joint effort, can certainly blow away this fellow, the Dan Emperor enmity must report!” Long Xueyi said with clenched jaws that she starts with the Shen Xiang's Divine sea fusion, making Shen Xiang induce to her double Divine Soul, only then makes Shen Xiang have one's wish to control her Divine Power as far as possible, Shen Xiang can obtain stronger strength to defeat Plentiful God. Although Plentiful God can kill Shen Xiang self-confidently, but regarding the Shen Xiang's adolescence speed, his innermost feelings is very surprised, before he knew when the Shen Xiang news, catches up here has inquired, Shen Xiang is about High-Rank Profound God, but now is actually the strength of boundary of Heavenly God! Shen Xiang Jing Jing (quietly) waits for Plentiful God to attack, because he did not know about Plentiful God now that here was covered by the Plentiful God domain, if he attacks first, compared with after he many Plentiful God interceptions, will carry on counterattack that he cannot expect. Plentiful God also has fought many battles, sees the Shen Xiang's thoughts, he compared with Shen Xiang, therefore he does not need scruples that many at the combat, sinks took a deep breath, arrogance spurts crazily, his condense very fearful fire intensity, could be seeing that he plans to exhaust from the beginning fully, defeats Shen Xiang in one vigorous effort. Will attack, a fluctuation of space strength surges to come from outside, this space shake wave is extremely powerful, surges comes at the same time, shakes the powder the Plentiful God flame domain. Shen Xiang is also in great surprise, if not depend upon formation to use so fearful space strength, that definitely needs the Highest God strength, he grasps the strength of Law of Space, fully realizes this point. The future is not Highest God, but is troop Heavenly God, as well as a small mountain-like Xingtai, above the stage, is sitting cross-legged a purple clothes female, that Bai Ziqian, she looks like very weak, but her arrogance has not actually been weaken, she saw Shen Xiang all of a sudden, that pair of purple pupil flashes through unusual light glow. This crowd of Heavenly God unexpectedly use formidable formation plate with joint forces, ran here! But War Temple the time is paying attention this inside slightest sign of trouble, Plentiful God releases the produce fire flame domain, but makes not the small move, was discovered all of a sudden.

This crowd of Heavenly God also very much have skill, quick determined that Plentiful God has discovered Shen Xiang, therefore their hastily comes here, can look capture alive Shen Xiang, one and throws into on Xingtai. Plentiful God coldly said: This is my fight, who meddles, who is my enemy!” Bai Zhan Dan God son Yuan Young Master was killed by Shen Xiang, he also wants to get rid now, but he has status Dan God after all, knows first come first served, this is Plentiful God discovered first, he naturally does not have the reason to meddle. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he defeats Plentiful God slightly now, perhaps is also hard to run away, initially sought for that several Dan God of Nine Surprising Spirits fruit here, let alone War Temple, Fire God Palace and Temple Master Heavenly God of God of Wealth palace, these Temple Master Heavenly God with the Demon Execution Heavenly God same strength. In addition, several Heavenly God that Infernal Demon Emperor sends, at the same time are also eying covetously! Very firm barrier is also quietly covers, today Shen Xiang has been unable to escape even with wings, in the audiences Heavenly God heart secretly likes, holds Ancient Poison to teach other people Bai Ziqian, meets Shen Xiang this to grasp many taboo divine art little rascal, today can one and solves, forever will eliminate the future trouble. Shen Xiang looks to leaf Dan God and Ye Qin of distant place, asked: „Are you also encircle my?” Leaf Dan God shook the head: I do not get rid!” Several other Dan God, took a stand including Dan God Lan Yi, they came to see lively, although Shen Xiang seems like doomed now, but before them, has decided no longer to investigate Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang looked at all around, has not seen Huang Jintian, in the heart to feel relieved immediately, Huang Jintian with, should not be moves the reinforcement, is very likely goes to Demon Execution Temple to look for Demon Execution Heavenly God, was the present can help him break out of the difficult position only expert. Plentiful God, he discards your son, you hit remnantly him, then gives me!” Hundred fight Dan God in distant place shouted, the sound is bringing anger, looks at the Shen Xiang's time, that pair such as the wolf common eye is killing intent sparkles, increases many pressure to Shen Xiang. I as far as possible!” Plentiful God is only the God of Wealth disciple, but hundred fight Dan God is the War Temple important senior statesmen, is expert of God of Wealth person of the same generation, moreover is Dan God, perhaps if not for because of God of Wealth here, he today does not have the opportunity and Shen Xiang battle. Shen Xiang looks to God of Wealth of distant place, God of Wealth behind stands a look to be empty, the facial expression simple-hearted man, that was received as mount Ice Dragon, now has been suffered so by him, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi at this time are angry, but can make him vent the anger, cuts to kill present Plentiful God. Shen Xiang lowered the head to look at Deicide Sword in hand, unexpectedly somewhat shivered, does not know that was afraid or in excited, he was stroking sword blade gently, feels rusty stain that on sword blade that was raised, was comforting Deicide Sword. suddenly, not far away outside barrier, a space fluctuation appears, some large quantities of people transmit, Shen Xiang turns the head to look that actually sees one crowd to wear the pretty female of white clothing. That female surface that and leads obstructs the tissue, wears the white robe, eyes is flashing the chilly ray, is staring at Shen Xiang. This unexpectedly is Goddess Palace, but takes the lead that female is Goddess Palace Palace Master! Several big Temple came, Temple Master Heavenly God and has the disciples to arrive at this place, now only misses Demon Execution Temple not to come! You are help his, comes to see lively?” Hundred fight Dan God to inquire immediately that is having a strong expression, if helps Shen Xiang's, even if Goddess Palace, he will not let off, he must make Shen Xiang die today.

Goddess Palace Master looked at Shen Xiang, looked at Bai Ziqian, said with that chilly voice: Our Goddess Palace takes one of the audiences Temple members, I fulfilled my past commitment, when necessary, can with everybody joint effort, eliminate on Xingtai evil person.” Good! If we push up Xingtai Shen Xiang, you will get whether also rid?” Hundred fight Dan God also to ask. Meeting!” The Goddess Palace Master manner is firm, this made Shen Xiang cannot help but knit the brows, he remembers that he and Goddess Palace did not have no grievances. Leaf Dan God also thinks clearly, always not to pay no attention to Goddess Palace Master of humans affair, now unexpectedly becomes so! Leaf Dan God sighed, said to Goddess Palace Master: Qin'er starting today, no longer is the Goddess Palace disciple, your Goddess Palace and Shen Xiang's grievances, has nothing to do with Qin'er! You initially had promised me, Qin'er freedom to come and go!” As you like!” Goddess Palace Master coldly returned to one.