World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1895

This Goddess Palace Master definitely has the issue, all people on the scene looked, with that group of disciples and elders who whose she came, slightly frowned, their suddenly thought own some did not know their Palace Master. The Shen Xiang present pressure not greatly is impossible, but he also can only be kept cool by himself as far as possible, he at present most important defeats Plentiful God, even if dies, he must draw a pad back! But he actually does not want dead, because he died, cannot rescue Bai Ziqian! You must die!” The Shen Xiang sword refers to Plentiful God, a character character said that is confident, Deicide Sword that in his hand trembles, a fearful Deicide Sword intent roared suddenly, unexpectedly turned into the gaseous state, such as Dragon Banteng danced in all around. This fearful Deicide Sword intent command presents all in inexplicable the tremor with the expert heart of sword, many old Heavenly God here has contacted past that by Sword God that Deicide Sword Art praised! They are familiar with this Deicide Sword intent. However, Deicide Sword intent that Shen Xiang releases at this time, unexpectedly Sword God is more fearful than! Shen Xiang learned from Yue'er there, that Godhead that he fuses came from one is called Six Paths God Monarch expert, this Six Paths God Monarch and Six Paths God king has close relationship, moreover is Highest God, in the Deicide Sword Art above attainments, be higher than compared with Sword God. If he makes him High-Rank Heavenly God, perhaps he be more fearful than past Sword God!” Leaf Dan God congealing eyebrow said: Does not know whether he can escape this tribulation today, if, these big Temple will not have the auspicious day from now on surely.” Dan God Lan Yi sighed: It seems like we do not attach to these big Temple, all day kills, implicates not to be good us! If Demon Execution suddenly jumps, thinks that we also missed with, was beaten savagely one not to be good by him.” In Dan God, be only hundred fight Dan God to be most militant, other Dan God most time are used for alchemy, because they can refine Divine Pill, has in a big way possibly becomes Highest God, therefore little participates in this fight.

Plentiful God sees Shen Xiang to be earnest, releases this letting he to be familiar with the incomparable Deicide Sword intent, in the heart cannot help but frightened, initially Sword God World Defying god time, he is small Heavenly God. What dying is you!” Plentiful God drinks severely, the eye getting angry raging fire, in the hand the flame of long sword roared like the dragon, shouted. The Plentiful God personal appearance dodges, appears above Shen Xiang, the flame long sword in hand turns into an angry dragon, is similar to attacks like lightning, sends out such as thunder roaring hiss intermittently, the huge roar acoustic shock results in between Heaven and Earth to reverberate the response of lingering. The Fire Dragon lightning appears, the people all completely, especially to flame very familiar Fire God Palace, are dumbfounded, because this move is they are familiar Divine Fire Heavenly Dragon dodges. This is needs four Godhead to display, Plentiful God doesn't he have three Godhead? Even if High-Rank Heavenly God fleshly body, was hit also to break to pieces.” Fire God Palace's old man was alarmed is saying. The Fire Dragon lightning falls, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has avoided, but Plentiful God actually not only makes together, the wielding long sword that but keeps, making this Fire Dragon lightning Large expanse of chop, is similar to rains general crowded. The continuous sound, shakes the people ear bank unceasing jar cry, the ground is also made huge fiery pits, intense scalding hot flame place is, Fire Dragon Temple penetrates to the ground deep place, lava splattering. Shen Xiang evades strikes, afterward keeps being hit, but his fleshly body resistance, lets present all expert to blush with shame, Divine Fire Heavenly Dragon that High-Rank Heavenly God dreads dodges, but falls on Shen Xiang, makes Shen Xiang clench teeth probably, the trifling thing does not have. Carefully looked that the Fire Dragon lightning falls each time, the Shen Xiang's body will reappear rapidly fiery red, because also the Fire Dragon lightning divided to hit at that time, therefore obtains very much ugly, because of this thing, lets him by fleshly body to resist this fearful Divine Fire Heavenly Dragon to dodge!

What is that?” In the people heart has the question, the strange flame that therefore Shen Xiang was released intentionally by oneself coordinates Divine Fire Heavenly Dragon to dodge, but majority on the scene are some Heavenly God, can see. Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation that in Heaven Imitation Divine Ability Heaven Body divine art of Shen Xiang use, he currently uses, Heaven Body divine art can make his body instantaneously is similar to fierce positive general, even if the hot flame is unable to injure to obtain him. Shen Xiang also was worried about the fly upon of Plentiful God this wanton bombing, but he actually discovered that now Heaven Body divine art imagine him is much fiercer, unexpectedly can with ease under this degree of attack on shouldering. You use Six Paths Power, coordinates my ice principle, prepares to counterattack!” Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: I have the ice principle, can use very strong ice strength, gave you!” Shen Xiang feels the ice principle immediately the deep meaning, this is because he for many years and Long Xueyi has fused frequently, Divine Soul double cultivation, can have the fusion of such perfect at this time, can make him feel the opposite party principle the deep meaning. Shen Xiang is unable to use Law of Space now, because here has many formidable Heavenly God barrier that collaborates to arrange, as well as several super large formation plates cover, therefore weakens his strength large scale, if he can use Law of Space teleport at will, he is basically invincible. Shen Xiang's arm suddenly cold air is steaming, is dividing Divine Fire Heavenly Dragon that hits to dodge to that to fight with the fists, the people are puzzled immediately, because Shen Xiang's fleshly body can resist this attack completely, not needing parry. But the following flash, they understood immediately, but also is unreadable immediately! Because Shen Xiang that cold air steaming fist hits to the instance that Divine Fire Heavenly Dragon dodges, that entire Fire Dragon lightning unexpectedly that divided to hit frozen is lived!

Intense ice cold strength unexpectedly can freeze Fire Dragon lightning virtual state the thing . Moreover the flash spreads to Plentiful God on, the Plentiful God whole person was covered instantaneously by the thick ice layer. Deicide Sword Art, Profound Truth of Time!” The Shen Xiang eye shuts opens the eyes, all around in his eyes becomes wonderful slow incomparable, only then he can by the normal time activity, moreover he also speeds up his movement, soars to that instantaneously by frozen Plentiful God nearby. Six Paths Power turbulently, making his fleshly body have stronger strength, making Deicide Sword that his hand grasps release more fearful sword intent. His sword punctures, penetrates the ice layer, the thorn to the Plentiful God forehead, which knows that the Plentiful God forehead dodges, blows out intense flame, breaks the frozen his ice layer. This fellow, unexpectedly has self- defense protecting soul Divine Talisman!” Long Xueyi coldly snorted: Missed an opportunity!” Shen Xiang's Profound Truth of Time vanishes, all around restored, Plentiful God also at the maximum speed is far away from Shen Xiang, a moment ago really unusual bad risk!