World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1896
Can directly the ice cold strength that the fire and lightning freeze, Ice and Snow Temple on the scene feels very inconceivable, they immediately have also thought of the ice principle, only then grasps the deep meaning of ice principle, can achieve! Continue, although this fellow uses the fire, but my ice principle can restrain him now, he does not have Law of Fire, how my ice principle.” Long Xueyi said: With the big area frozen deep meaning!” struck, made Plentiful God ruin that precious incomparable protecting soul Divine Talisman, that was needs to refine many years the things, to prevent a moment ago such matter, if because of this thing, Shen Xiang perhaps had not cut to kill Plentiful God a moment ago. In an instant, Shen Xiang on the reverse situation, God of Wealth frowns, suddenly somewhat was worried, Shen Xiang now is Heavenly God cultivation base, but also was only Low-Rank Heavenly God, because grasped Deicide Sword Art, can display a that fearful sword, unexpectedly almost cut to kill Plentiful God! The ground full is huge crater that the lava flows, should be very burning hot, but the cold wind is at this moment intermittent, barrier all people feel strange and strange ice-cold, this is on Shen Xiang the round. The Shen Xiang's body emits pale white flame suddenly, but outside his body also emerges Bo Shuang, that flame unexpectedly is the ice-cold flame, looks like very fearful. Here was Long Xueyi in the past the die battlefield, but now Shen Xiang cannot let her once more die, his unexpectedly in any event, must kill a road, was bringing Bai Ziqian, bringing Long Xueyi to live is leaving here, he must achieve! The deep blue sky, suddenly the thick cloud was densely covered, all around cold wind is intermittent, cold air do not know where braves, the flash let dye white the earth! Highest God forbidden land that the snow and ice melted, as if must change the actually appearance, this made audiences expert very obscure. Some old Heavenly God as if saw comes, the God of Wealth suddenly complexion of that youngster semblance changes, yelled: „It is not good!” God of Wealth is just about, dragon roar is similar to the thunderclap the explosive near his ear, simple-hearted Ice Dragon, roared suddenly, turns into huge white Ice Dragon, unceasing angry roar, float in the air. Old Ice, this is your supreme Dragon Vein, takes away!” Long Xueyi's sound reverberation in between Heaven and Earth. In the supreme Dragon Vein Long Xueyi hand of Ice Dragon, initially had screened out by one crowd of Old Dragon, causing Ice Dragon to be hard to promote in Gods, will be enslaved!

But Shen Xiang released a moment ago Ice Dragon supreme Dragon Vein in an ingenious method, because he knows that Ice Dragon was also past Beast God Temple one, moreover definitely with Long Xueyi same was Highest God, so long as awakening remembers that from must return to this important incomparable supreme Dragon Vein newly, will obtain more formidable strength. Ice Dragon feels supreme Dragon Vein, strength of his self- seal eliminates, because he was enslaved, for will not live all day in the pain, he chooses temporary seal his memory, seems like does not have by oneself the soul is the same. But now he was awakened by supreme Dragon Vein, he unties the seal at the same time, awakened in the past the memory of Highest God time. Ice cold strength that between Heaven and Earth presented that leaps to dance in the air along with Ice Dragon, vanished gradually, was absorbed by Ice Dragon completely. Kills!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi heart has the cleverness, has drunk one lightly, now he does not need to worry that some people will stop him, because all these have Ice Dragon to keep off. Although Plentiful God heart startled, but actually did not fear that immediately releases a flame domain, the ice law deep meaning freeze that but this flame domain, was released by Shen Xiang, instantaneous falls broken. I now am four Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang sneered, the body turns into wind and snow, is covering Plentiful God. Body of Plentiful God once more frozen. Hundred fight Dan God, gets rid quickly!” God of Wealth looks at airborne anger incomparable Ice Dragon, clashes on, unexpectedly that at crucial moments, he cares about is not Plentiful God, but is mount that” grasps this to escape. Late!” After Shen Xiang Plentiful God freezes, Profound Truth of Time immediately appears, Deicide Sword to the Plentiful God forehead, hundred that rapid flight comes has been fighting Dan God, in the Shen Xiang eye that slow. Shen Xiang currently really has four very formidable Divine Soul, quite therefore four Godhead Heavenly God, be more formidable than three Godhead High-Rank Heavenly God! Especially now he can with the Long Xueyi perfect fusion, can use own Six Paths Power to coordinate the Long Xueyi's ice principle, fearful incomparable.

Used a period of time, Shen Xiang to adapt to Long Xueyi Divine sea inside strength, has been familiar with her two Divine Soul characteristics, finally can display strongest strength. Deicide Sword Art, the time is similar to static general, only then Shen Xiang can move, this sword he transported fully strength, making Six Paths Power wrap outside Deicide Sword, Deicide Sword had more fearful penetrating power! If Deicide Sword can pour into Six Paths Power, that will be more fearful, but must kill Plentiful God to be enough now! Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword penetrates the Plentiful God forehead directly, these time is very smooth, without any hindrance! Do not take his Godhead, kills him to be important, do not waste any time!” Long Xueyi is worried to cause complications, hastily urged Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang gets an idea, continuous Six Paths Power emerges Plentiful God Divine sea along Deicide Sword outside, is similar to the turbulent current of galloping, is having the strength of intermittent Heaven Refining, is similar to fierce falls down positive falls in Plentiful God Divine sea generally. Bang! In Plentiful God Divine sea, that sea Divine Power encounters the so fierce and fearful attack, three Divine Soul are inescapable, was covered by the Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword intent completely. Boundless Divine Power that Plentiful God that sea Divine Power, as well as in Godhead contains, was detonated by Shen Xiang, sends out very fierce explosion. The Shen Xiang's body presents Heaven Body snow and ice Heaven Imitation immediately, making the body very stiff, otherwise he must blast out. Just flew airborne God of Wealth, looks that the following that frigid greatness exploded, but the Plentiful God life aura vanished, he dumbfounded immediately. All people on the scene have tarried, hundred that flushed fight Dan God, to avoid that explosion also has to retreat.

Plentiful God died, was cut to kill by Shen Xiang, this is really shocking! Just started, the people think that Shen Xiang must be hit remnantly by Plentiful God, now but dies is actually Plentiful God, died miserably, completely dispersed including Divine Soul. Now, the people feel to dread to Deicide Sword Art, because of Shen Xiang this Low-Rank Heavenly God, crosses two stages to cut to kill Plentiful God by this sword technique! Shen Xiang!” God of Wealth roars, although he knows Plentiful God in leeward, but has not thought Plentiful God will be killed by Shen Xiang, he arrived here, had affirmed that Shen Xiang did not have the stand up opportunity. Ice Dragon awakens, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi fusion obtains formidable strength, all these present all people not to expect. The fierce explosion, unexpectedly breaks barrier! High-Rank Heavenly God exploding body unexpectedly is so fearful, after all that is four Godhead and sea Divine Power! After barrier breaks, Shen Xiang dodges to Xingtai near immediately, immediately transfers Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside Six Paths Power, instantaneous extraction most Six Paths Power, technique of the room transferring, prohibiting to transfer in inside Bai Ziqian. The Bai Ziqian whole body is the wound, the whole body is poisonous, at this time does not have what fight strength, Shen Xiang to hug her in the bosom, supple sound track: Relax, was all right! You must remember these fellows, later revenges!”