World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1897
Sees Shen Xiang to make Bai Ziqian, in the audiences expert heart startles greatly, Bai Ziqian obtains the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King, moreover currently has the hate to them, has a bigger potential threat compared with Shen Xiang. This time, has not gotten rid with Shen Xiang for Dan God of enemy except for that several, other Heavenly God and Profound God release formidable strength, infiltrates in formation plate, releases one to prohibit the space barrier, covers Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang and Bai Ziqian cannot leave! I must with your together, never let me go!” Bai Ziqian is holding Shen Xiang, because she saw that Shen Xiang must make any significant decision. You must walk, must revenge!” Shen Xiang expected this crowd of expert to prohibit him immediately, but his strength also only sufficing makes a person walk away. Because he must open space passage in this prohibiting, if two people goes , the distance will be very short, even if they leave together, quick will be overtaken, because Shen Xiang must exhaust Divine sea inside Six Paths Power. From Xingtai transferred a moment ago prohibiting of Bai Ziqian, he consumed many Six Paths Power! If only lets space passage that a person passes, the distance will be farther, Bai Ziqian will be safer. Walks!” Six Paths Power of Shen Xiang within the body wells up, he cherishes Bai Ziqian also to be inhaled that space passage. The Bai Ziqian's purple pupil holds the teardrops, but also is full of the incomparable hatred, coldly said: To me!” The sound that her is full of the hatred is reverberating, making these old Heavenly God hear the whole body to tremble, this is the Ancient Poisonous God King successor, now unexpectedly ran away, if later can become Highest God, they must die without doubt! You can kill Plentiful God, but you kill undying I!” Hundred fought Dan God not to dare a person to get rid at this time, War Temple Palace Master and he flushed together, but they have not entered barrier.

Because seal Shen Xiang's barrier is the turnover cannot, if opens barrier, perhaps Shen Xiang will be capable of running away. Airborne, God of Wealth just and Ice Dragon great war, Ice Dragon has not been absorbing strength that awakens to obtain at this time completely, but actually can also hit equally matched with God of Wealth! Shen Xiang sits in the ground, he and Long Xueyi's strength has exhausted, he smiled lightly, has put out several tokens. This is Primal Chaos Fire Token, so long as Shen Xiang fuses seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, can summon that fearful Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Is Primal Chaos Fire Token, run!” A Ice and Snow Temple old man was screaming, that sound was full of the incomparable fear. Shen Xiang has not started to fuse other Primal Chaos Fire Token, now he is safe, prohibiting his barrier to be very firm, is unable to attack him from outside, he cannot exit. If must prevent Shen Xiang to fuse Primal Chaos Fire Token, must first open this barrier, but barrier, once opens, perhaps Shen Xiang will slip away. Thinks that Shen Xiang is the dead pigeon, simply has not thought that he can suddenly put out such fearful thing, old Heavenly God some before on the scene are very long, knows that Shen Xiang has Primal Chaos Fire Token, but they have forgotten, because Shen Xiang usually also little uses. In Nine Heavenly Devil Palace Shen Xiang regarding Legend has been very curious, although he puts out seven Primal Chaos Fire Token now, prepares to fuse remaining, but in his heart actually does not think that many old Senior repeatedly have urged him, does not have enough strength, cannot summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. Summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to come out, definitely will be attracted as the summoner! Understanding of that crowd of Heavenly God Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, are much clearer than Shen Xiang, sees fearful seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, disperses on the noisy crowd, in the air and God of Wealth of Ice Dragon fierce combat also has to receive the merit to flee.

Sits Shen Xiang in Xingtai, relaxed slightly, he receives that seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, Yang Tang is on Xingtai, said worn out: that was close, almost must take this road!” A white light from airborne crashes, Ice Dragon appears on Xingtai, he got rid of enslaving of God of Wealth, at this time looks like is very the spirit, becomes is young and handsome. Has not thought that had these many matters.” Ice Dragon looks at all around fierce combat from now on trace, sighed, then looks at to lying down Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has consumed, he has not thought that crowd of Heavenly God unexpectedly fear Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, he truly has prepared perishing together, which knows that he puts out Primal Chaos Fire Token, this crowd of Heavenly God run is quicker than anyone. Leads me to leave quickly, I was worried that group of fellows not awfully runs!” Shen Xiang said to Ice Dragon that then told a Ice Dragon place, that was he place that Bai Ziqian transmitted. Ice Dragon takes Shen Xiang to leave fast, they also in Highest God forbidden land, because Shen Xiang also here seeks for Demon Execution Heavenly God these friends. Shortly after Shen Xiang just left, that crowd of Heavenly God really came back, but their this types were many strong Heavenly God, is Infernal Demon Emperor! Infernal Demon Emperor sees on Xingtai air-to-air, coldly snorted and said: Ran, you have missed an opportunity! Shen Xiang has Primal Chaos Fire Token unable to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, because he does not have supreme god bone that Nine Spirit Kings refines! But has supreme god bone is only Feng Yujie, but Primal Chaos Fire Token was fused by Shen Xiang mostly, therefore Nine Heavenly Devil Palace will not appear again!” Who knows these matters! If knows, Shen Xiang already died, has not thought that had been played by him!” God of Wealth is angry, because of Plentiful God his four big disciples, were killed by Shen Xiang unexpectedly. He will not be certainly sad, but thinks loses face very much, disciple who trains laboriously, unexpectedly that waste. Demon Execution Heavenly God will arrive not long, we should better before he arrives found Shen Xiang, he should also here!” Infernal Demon Emperor unexpectedly not again and Demon Execution Heavenly God fight, he has caught up to also grasp Shen Xiang promptly.

Is that Ice Dragon carries off his, we can induce to the Ice Dragon aura now, pursues!” God of Wealth looks at a direction, said. Fire God shakes the head: Do not go to that direction, Shen Xiang is very deceitful, will be impossible to leave behind such obvious aura.” Infernal Demon Emperor approves of Shen Xiang has contacted, nodded: But we must have a look, we divide several groups to pursue, who is responsible for this having the ice Dragon Qi breath direction?” Infernal Demon Emperor such asked that explained he will not walk this direction, because he also recognized that this is Shen Xiang and Ice Dragon remains to confuse their. I come!” Goddess Palace Master walks, coldly said. Infernal Demon Emperor nodded to her, can see from his look, he with this Goddess Palace Master is the understanding. Goddess Palace Master now the road, Ice Dragon has that Shen Xiang is leaving! Ice Dragon is not very truly discrete, exhausted Shen Xiang had not detected.