World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1898

The Ice Dragon speed was quick, is bringing the Shen Xiang rapid flight more than half double-hour, saw Bai Ziqian, she lay down in the ground, the body is covered by purple fog, by that dim purple fog, can see her to open the eye. First do not come!” Bai Ziqian sees Shen Xiang and Ice Dragon walks, hastily has drunk one. Shen Xiang does not have the matter, Bai Ziqian was more relieved, after she Shen Xiang sends off, in the heart is constraining the incomparable anger, wished one could to go to that crowd of Heavenly God to kill immediately. Bai Ziqian makes that matter purple fog has lifted open, then stands, her facial expression was much better, she was using the strange poison therapy a moment ago, therefore she made Shen Xiang they not approach. You now how?” Bai Ziqian asked that she has received many Shen Xiang's kindness, Shen Xiang is in her life very important person. All right, is the consumption is excessive, quick was good.” Shen Xiang smiled: You?” I was quite many!” Bai Ziqian said that frowned: „Doesn't this ice cold aura go into hiding? Were they expelled?” Heard Bai Ziqian saying that Ice Dragon realized, looked the ashamed look. Do not say, hurries!” Bai Ziqian anxiously said. Ice Dragon nodded, puts out at the same time flying disc, lets Shen Xiang and Bai Ziqian sits, afterward turns into a white light, flies in the direction that Shen Xiang refers. In the Shen Xiang hand takes that to carve the fine jade tiger, knits the brows: Direction is always changing, is he moving in all directions?” Although Ice Dragon before was the closed state, but he had the beforehand memory, knew about the matter. That side Demon Execution Temple how?” Ice Dragon asked: You restored, we have a look!”

Shen Xiang said: Now I must look for the Demon Execution Heavenly God friend, several here, their strengths should very be strong, so long as found their that's alright.” Ice Dragon nodded: Xueyi? She now how?” She is sleeping, she is very also tired.” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi this fusion, the harvest is big, they have not thought that strength will promote that many, but must cope with God of Wealth this old Heavenly God is very difficult. Bai Ziqian and Shen Xiang they maintain the distances, because her whole body is poisonous, she worried that Shen Xiang and Ice Dragon will be poisoned. Sister Ziqian, how do you obtain the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King?” Shen Xiang asked: Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao?” They looked for Qilian, I and their together time, obtained the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King, I and they sought worn-out Temple, this Temple under very deep deep hole, we obtained many good things.” Bai Ziqian said. They can have this fortuitous encounter, Shen Xiang are liking secretly, said: Ziqian, you look for Qilian they, with their together security, partner.” Bai Ziqian shakes the head saying: I worried that my Ancient Poison can injure to arrive at them, moreover now my matter has spread, when the time comes Supreme Temple inside Highest God will get rid, these Highest God have very big means that found my words, I will implicate them.” Bai Ziqian's was worried that Shen Xiang can also understand, initially he was also same, was worried to implicate them, does not dare frequently with their together. Your this is not the means! Or you enter my Hidden Jade Ring, Xueyi also in inside!” Shen Xiang said: You rush about now, one day will be held!” Bai Ziqian thinks that has nodded assent, she has also entered Hidden Jade Ring, inside environment is also very good, she just obtained the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King now, but also requires the time to be familiar.

Bai Ziqian entered in Hidden Jade Ring to recuperate, Shen Xiang is cultivates divine art to restore Six Paths Power, Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside Six Paths Power has also exhausted, takes one month to meet the rebirth. Without pills, he restores to be slow, fortunately he has not been injured, if Divine Soul caused heavy losses again, the time that requires to restore was longer. Azure Dragon in Divine Prison, does not know that he is crossing what kind.” Ice Dragon stands on flying disc, looks at Lan Tian of distant place, the worried look is tightening. Because of Azure Dragon for him, was closed into Divine Prison! Dan Emperor died!” Shen Xiang said. Ice Dragon knows, in the eye flashes through the sorrowful color, nodded: You have helped him revenge!” Shen Xiang said: All these are God of Wealth cause!” Ice Dragon sighed: He is not God of Wealth, true God of Wealth in Divine Prison, this is to pretend!” Hears this words, Shen Xiang immediately in great surprise, he already knows that God of Wealth had the issue, but had not guessed correctly that this unexpectedly was pretends, but true God of Wealth was closed into Divine Prison, these must have the plot. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang has doubts, after he ponders, suddenly associates to him from Yang Yan there learned that the manner of Brilliant God to his Master God of Wealth, Brilliant God has sent Divine Prison to go the Yang Yan fathers and sons, this possibly has the connection. Brilliant God is the God of Wealth disciple, but the manner actually likely is not God of Wealth such, moreover makes Yang Yan their these grand disciple know that he dislikes to God of Wealth. It seems like Brilliant God should also know!

True God of Wealth many years ago by Guan Ru Divine Prison, but present false God of Wealth is only a replica, is a formidable influence with very wise method, had duplicated God of Wealth! Real God of Wealth any all duplicate. Then they control false God of Wealth.” A Ice Dragon such saying, Shen Xiang remembered Long Xueyi and he has mentioned nine Divine Country, very obviously only then these nine Divine Country had this strength! God of Wealth controls this Gods wealth, they have controlled God of Wealth, quite in controlling Gods majority of strength! Shen Xiang has thought Goddess Palace Palace Master, Feng Yujie had discovered she does not suit, Shen Xiang thought that Goddess Palace Master should also be pretends, was the same with the replica demon emperor of initial young nine girl! „The actually unsurpassed old demon is also related with that influence!” Shen Xiang understands approximately that the young nine girls were controlled are that influence are also concerned, but initially Nine Spirit Kings vanished is also related with this. Ice Dragon said: Xueyi should tell you, once their puppets lose power to look in Gods that they must get rid! Naturally, Supreme Devil God, suffices us to have a headache.” At present Shen Xiang can determine that the Divine Country puppet has God of Wealth and Goddess Palace Master, but War Temple and Fire God Palace these big Temple, he had not confirmed! But is not, is the collaboration goods. Pursued, their unexpectedly also dares to come back!” The Ice Dragon startled sound track, looks at the rearward, one group of females ride flying disc, speedily is pursuing. Shen Xiang is not clear, before was also frightened runs away, but actually pursues now, obviously no longer fears his Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. Must a bit faster cast off them, they should pursue separately, if they inform other Temple not to be good.” Shen Xiang said.