World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1899
Ice Dragon picks up the flying disc speed, but the distance gradually is actually reducing. This Goddess Palace Master worthily is placing of Divine Country in Gods the puppet, for many years has been hiding the strength, now erupts, so is fearful, is only that speed, makes Ice Dragon feel very tremendous pressure. Shen Xiang said to Ice Dragon: Gets rid, freezes them! Does not need to be worried my, they how me!” Ice Dragon changes to a white light to fire into immediately airborne, turns into the build giant main body, the whole body is the ice huge long line. Ice Dragon circles in the upper air, roared is spraying cold ice to Goddess Palace this group of females. This time I must let mount that you become.” Goddess Palace Master shouted to clear the way coldly, soared, the thin sword in hand hit to make a debut a blue glow, hit to Ice Dragon. Ice Dragon changes the turn into a human shape, Goddess Palace other females were frozen by him, only then this Palace Master also active, she anxiously is also grasping Shen Xiang, but weak does not solve Ice Dragon, she is unable to approach Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang takes advantage of the present, uses oneself restored a little Six Paths Power, teleport to that crowd by frozen female side. After Goddess Palace Master sees, suddenly worries that must graze toward Shen Xiang that side, but Ice Dragon will not make her prevail, hastily stops, battles once more in the upper air with her. Although this group of females frozen, but they can see clearly outside in, after Shen Xiang approaches, they are alarmed and afraid, the Shen Xiang's method they understood. You should be also discontented with your Palace Master! My truth told you, your Palace Master were pretends, true Palace Master has the possibility already not to exist, in you had several Heavenly God, should suspect!” Shen Xiang gives them sound transmission, these females also follow orders to handle affairs. These females truly had suspected, but actually never dares saying that they also know initially some elders suspected, but these elders by driving away Goddess Palace of secret, finally had are missing much.

Shen Xiang penetrates the ice layer, sees the looks of these females, determines guess in his heart , to continue saying: I will not injure your, I temporarily imprison you, after a period of time I will put you! I believe that you do not like this battle, does not hope one become a puppet tool!” The Goddess Palace objective does not participate in this dispute, but after this Goddess Palace Master closes up many years come out, actually changed person. Shen Xiang uses Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside strength, prohibits them temporarily in Divine Mirror of Six Paths, they now are similar to the stones, was made very much easily. Sees that frozen dozens female suddenly vanish, this fake Palace Master is angry immediately, but has no alternative, because the Ice Dragon strength is also very strong, can hit equally matched with God of Wealth, naturally is not good to cope. Shen Xiang at this time is very weak, Divine sea inside Six Paths Power are miserable, but pills that he has not restored. Only can like this!” Shen Xiang sits cross-legged in the place, revolution Heaven Refining Technique, sees only all around earth and mountain fast toward transferring. He had no scruples now, crazy builds up the mountains earth, turns into the pure energy to absorb for him, rapidly restores Six Paths Power. Before many old Senior warned him, cannot such use Heaven Refining Technique, will cause the day to get angry, but he thought that this matter will not occur, perhaps so-called Tian Nu, is only these Divine Country gets angry. He was compelled so the region, does not need scruples that many again. Suddenly, several hundred mountains dodge to come, to enter in the great great illusion magic treasure furnace that Shen Xiang releases, the flash turns into the energy, enters in Shen Xiang's Divine sea. In a minute, tens of thousands of mountains and surrounding area several hundred li (0.5km) by Shen Xiang devour, what is more fearful, in the upper air presents white giant stars suddenly. This stars compare ten cities to be giant, is similar to the universe depresses, the stars surface is dodging the arrogance unceasingly, releases the strength of very massive pure stars!

In the distant place can very clear sees this to form to crash, this is Shen Xiang uses Heaven Refining Technique to tow! Heaven Refining Technique can refine the world myriad things, but builds up the stars to be able quickest obtains the huge energy. This little rascal!” Ice Dragon float in upper air, sees airborne also unceasingly to have the bigger colorful giant stars speedily to crash, in the heart is very shocking, in the past Qi Shi had also used this method, but actually draws on the deeply grieved consequence. What Shen Xiang practice is Six Paths Power, must supplement also only to be able fast so! These shape entirely succeed are not the ordinary small stars, crashes arrives at the ground time, these ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountains contrast with it, is similar to the insects generally is small. Heaven Refining stars!” Shen Xiang's Illusionary Brilliant Furnace was bigger, is covering stars, the fearful matter occurred, unexpectedly suddenly, these is bigger much the stars, appeared the flame that wraps after by suddenly, turned into the powder! Afterward is fast to the interior shrinkage, enters concentrates pill's stage! The explosion that soon when concentrates pill's instance, Shen Xiang controls these more than ten furnace stars Divine Pill suddenly collision together, collision has, lets these energies the promotion of quality maximization! More than ten furnace stars hit a furnace, after speedily the contraction, concentrates a watermelon size, reappears nearby Shen Xiang! Thinks to think fearful, more than ten giant stars were compressed such slightly, its quality is definitely astonishing! Can achieve the Divine Pill rank absolutely! Ice Dragon and Goddess Palace Master continues to fight, the shock of their heart is still not able to wield goes, they first time see the method of this alchemy, really shocked.

Space endless of stars number, I refine a lot of hundred million, the starry sky will be so will be bright.” Shen Xiang does not have any worry. Float in his front Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, glittering dark blue light glow, the cyclone of watermelon size is contracting once more, concentrates pill pellet of normal size, that grain of pill looks like looks like the bead that the sapphire vulture casts is generally attractive. After Shen Xiang eats up, revolution Six Paths divine art and Heaven Refining Technique, build up this grain of pill fast! In Divine sea that his dries up, Six Paths Power gradually rises again, the naked eye obvious speed is restoring, this made on his face show the smiling face. When Shen Xiang smile, Ice Dragon suddenly shouted: They came, is ready!” Ices them in dragon mouth, naturally is Heavenly God that God of Wealth and Infernal Demon Emperor this batch of tones come back, is only this that several Dan God not with, they almost fell into Nine Heavenly Devil Palace before, had the shadow. Although watches the fun is not afraid of getting into trouble in a big way, but implicates oneself, that can only say that takes the consequences for own actions. Shen Xiang opens the eye, seeing airborne of distant place to fly one crowd of threatening Heavenly God, in which Infernal Demon Emperor is most dazzling, a black clothes robe, on the face of that evil spirit full is killing intent, a evil aura gushes out steaming, nobody dares to approach him, but he also to forefront.