World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 101
Shen Xiang in the distant place the words that can hear this clothes female, in the heart laughs in one's heart, present he, in Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer is invincible existence, even if ten Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer people besieges him, is hard to defeat him! This clothes female truly somewhat beauty, therefore these youth also always follow to her, everyone wants power and prestige before her, let alone they also to hear Shen Xiang was seriously injured, not saying anything further, pulls out weapon, walked toward Shen Xiang. Naturally, they can also see Shen Xiang to walk toward them. In the crowd has several to be sharp-eyed, glimpses the Beast Martial Sect's disciple is taking weapon, after threatening firing into Shen Xiang, immediately shouts loudly, this group of people cannot go in the treasure hunt to be depressed, but actually some good plays looked now . Moreover the Beast Martial Sect's disciple and others have the conflict. This brat not awfully, enters really hurries to look for the Beast Martial Sect disciple's trouble, moreover these Inner Disciple, looked how this brat dies!” A person said. Is uncertain, you look at that brat stance, is not the average person, ten Beast Martial Sect disciples toward his rush over, can walk calmly.” Another person said. That ten Beast Martial Sect disciples are unwilling to fall behind, a fierce youth, fierce runs swiftly, takes a long sword to fire into Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has completely understood all of a sudden the strengths of these Beast Martial Sect disciples, although is Inner Sect, but compared to Extreme Martial Sect's Inner Disciple actually to miss far! After is the Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer person, getting rid is very rapid, time that sword punctures, the speed quickly must make people be hard to respond, but Shen Xiang actually shunted. Instance that the long sword punctures like lightning, Shen Xiang fierce jump, jumped in the top of the head of that youth, saw only his palm to overflow one group of light azure True Qi, a palm according to above the head of that youth, that speed unexpectedly that youth used the sword the time is quicker than! The following picture, lets the stomach cannot help but contractions of all people, Shen Xiang according to after the top of the head above of that youth, the fierce pressure, resembles compression face powder such, presses caky that eight feet high youth!

The people looked that tread that flesh and blood, clothes and hair mix the together meat patty, cannot help but wants to spit, but what are more is shocks, is only the casual pressure, writes off a Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer person! Is this True Martial Realm martial artist? In the people heart is thinking this issue. These fired into the Shen Xiang's Beast Martial Sect disciple also immediately to stop in same place, their body unexpectedly are shivering, they are the point blank range see their same side Senior Brother younger brother to be pressed the completely squashed cake, that strength looked like True Martial Realm strength. Shen Xiang is staring at not far away that clothes female at this time, that green mountain female is also a face shock and fear, she fully realized that what strength a moment ago by the youth who a Shen Xiang palm patted the completely squashed cake is, that was fiercer than her, but was actually similar to the ants in front of Shen Xiang. In several instances that clothes female is in a daze, Shen Xiang such as the wind generally grazes, suddenly before then arrives at the body of that clothes female. You...... You, Senior Brother, saved......” clothes female to respond, sent out a scream, the words only says general, one group of azure Qi Aura covered on her! A Shen Xiang palm bang hits, directly releases that powerful and wild wood attribute True Qi, turns into Qi Aura, hits to that clothes female, is similar to innumerable simultaneously cuts to be the same the sharp knife blade, extinguishes to kill pile of hashed meat that clothes female instantaneously. Even if your appearance beautiful woman is outstandingly beautiful, but in front of incomparably formidable strength, is only the ants! The people atmosphere does not dare to breathe heavily, is worried to offend such fiend, the casual move, rumbles to kill the person, moreover after the murder, eye not, probably pinches an ant to be ordinary, has not cared, naturally, on Shen Xiang that frigid cold and gloomy murderous aura also makes people feel the inexplicable fear. Shen Xiang looks like is also only 17 or 18 years old youngster, but the strength so is terrorist, murders decisively, this character people have not listened.

„Can you be the She enmity?” Shen Xiang is watching intently these Beast Martial Sect's disciples, frightens unable to speak them, because of Shen Xiang in their eyes, is True Martial Realm martial artist, moreover is that cruel! These Beast Martial Sect disciple hastily shake the head, Shen Xiang has frightened the whole body to tremble them, after all no one wants dead. I asked that your issue, replied me honestly, otherwise your fates were the same with them.” Shen Xiang looked at that meat patty, with not far away that pile of hashed meat. Beast Martial Sect's disciple hastily nodded. „Do you have to catch the Extreme Martial Province common people to feed Demon Beast?” Shen Xiang asked that the sound was very loud, enabling accumulation martial artist here to hear, these martial artist majority from Extreme Martial Province, they heard this issue, cannot help but the whole body shook, especially some year to year in martial artist of view Longcheng, frequently can hear some people of missing news, at this time in the crowd discuss spiritedly got up. Feeds Demon Beast with the common people, this is the person god altogether indignant matter, everybody must execute it! The Beast Martial Sect's disciple hears that noisy discussion sound, is sweating profusely, they answered at this time are not, did not answer is not, they did not dare have lied, because the murderous aura dreadful Shen Xiang correct use fearful look is staring at them at present, gave them very big burden at heart. My only several two, one......” Shen Xiang just counted to this digit, these Beast Martial Sect's disciples in abundance nod, but when they nod, the Shen Xiang double fist shakes, one group of white Qi mist spout, endless murderous aura spewed out with death death Qi, that frigid murderous aura made the person place a battlefield of field littered with corpses to be the same probably. Dies to me!” Shen Xiang double fist, has only to bring the endless murderous aura white great tiger to fly probably innumerably to dodge, crazily and is worrying that nine Beast Martial Sect's disciples cruelly.

In an instant, these Beast Martial Sect disciples vanish from sight, only have left behind several Demon Beast and that lets murderous aura that the person has a lingering fear! After Shen Xiang displays White Tiger Divine Fist, jump, is stepping on void, displayed movement technique, the top of the head of passing over gently and swiftly people, entered in that canyon. Sees Shen Xiang to enter the canyon, in people heart believes firmly that Shen Xiang is the True Martial Realm master, seeing True Martial Realm martial artist to get rid, making them exceptionally excited, at this time they also ravelled the Shen Xiang fight reason, was because the Beast Martial Sect disciple catch common people fed the Demon Beast reason! In these martial artist, majority feel very angry, at this time Beast Martial Sect gives their image also becomes very bad! Shen Xiang approached that to roll the fiery red light group, but has not actually induced the boost, instead thought very temperate, this made him feel inconceivable. Shen Xiang passed through this light to roll very much with ease, after fiery red passage ten steps, he saw a stretch of smooth open land, had person of high stele in the open land, was away from a stele dozens zhang (3.33 m) place, has -and-a-half person of high red great flowers, was similar to a face is big, looked like very beautiful. In that colored side, ten gather round a fist personally, the palm pastes the palm, the whole face is serious, some answered back the corner/horn overflowing blood! These True Martial Realm martial artist unexpectedly to the palm, are disputing True Qi, could see them, for the gigantic safflower had the dispute!