World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 103
Shen Xiang came, that 12 people cannot help but one hurried, they experienced to Shen Xiang's a moment ago murder decisively, can under so hate the hand facing women, let alone is they? They are the True Martial Realm people, arrives at this ten points not to be easy, they do not certainly want dead! Shen Xiang only walked two steps, actually sees that ten to come individual to separate as if by prior agreement! Sees this, Shen Xiang receives good Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately, back instantaneous condense leaves pair of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, suddenly then flies in the upper air, after he just flew from, the place that he stands encounters several waves of powerful Qi Aura attacks, if he walked slowly half step, perhaps turned into the meat sauce, that was several True Martial Realm jointly gets rid. Shen Xiang departed this Mysterious Realm directly, he knows that in this most important thing was obtained by him, he is also very satisfied, and has also killed that black clothed woman, the big enmity reported. Looks that the Shen Xiang flutter pair of gigantic fire wings is flying away, these True Martial Realm martial artist shock, that martial arts links them not to have, on the face full is the envy, will wish one could to rob. Your Beast Martial Sect has become enemies with extraordinary little rascal, this brat undying, you later will be very certainly troublesome.” old man to rejoice in other people's misfortune said. Other baldheaded middle age and several middle age angrily, but actually can only in the heart choke with rage, they cannot overtake fully Shen Xiang that flies to run away. Flew from this Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang has filled with joyfully, he has not thought that this unexpectedly had such harvest, obtained Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Legend. This Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade already automatic owner recognition, but lacked same was very important, caused unable to become Divine Weapon!” Su Meiyao regretted that sighed.

What has been short of?” Shen Xiang knows that this Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fierce place, can become along with his own strength heavier, considers in the fight, a heavily blade chops, in addition after powerful True Qi of amplification, that might is unable to imagine. Has been short of Dragon Spirit! Four Beast's Divine Weapons is the half-finished product, does not have the true soul, therefore could not be Divine Weapon!” Su Meiyao sighed: I am also today contact Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to know.” Was short of Dragon Spirit to be what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked that he thought that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade might was very powerful right, he used to think a moment ago very crisp, that strength that grasped made him as if show disdain for world to be ordinary. Does not know that possibly now you cannot look, because you can only play this now the little might of blade, therefore to the present your not anything!” Su Meiyao said. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, has very big lethality to the Devil World's life, I practice devil art, moved to think that a moment ago is very uncomfortable.” Bai Youyou said at this time. Devil World? What is this?” Shen Xiang first time hears this word. Su Meiyao had not replied that Bai Youyou has not told him, Shen Xiang waited a moment later, Su Meiyao said: „The world above Mortal World is Immortal World, Devil World and Demon World, was called Three Great Heavenly Worlds! Compared with the Mortal World more higher world, these three world cannot be interlinked, but will have a convergence point in three world, a period of time this convergence point will open every other, the people of these three world will gather together to slaughter.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask: Then, past Immortal Devil Cliff connects the place?” This convergence point will move, once opens, person, demon and monster three realms Heaven World and Mortal World will be interlinked.” The Su Meiyao expression said dignifiedly.

If before, Shen Xiang heard this matter also to close with a smile \; first, did not believe that but thinks own is small is affected, but is now different, he had some Yin and Yang Divine Veins and divine art, has extremely high alchemy talent! Heaven World above Three Great Heavenly Worlds will slaughter mutually, but many low status world under Immortal World, Demon World and Devil World will also connect to present passage, will slaughter when the time comes also! Monster Devil Immortal of space cannot get down, otherwise Mortal World was already ruined.” Su Meiyao said that this made Shen Xiang feel relieved but actually. This is the later matter, now should not need to be worried.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. No, the previous three realms connection the hundred thousand year ago, each great distance is the hundred thousand year! I want almost to draw near.” Bai Youyou said. In the Shen Xiang heart a depression, why was this matter caught up with by him? When the time comes has the innumerable world to meet with a disaster. To a bit faster return to Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang in the air flew continuously for five days, regarding that three realms great war matter, he has not cared, should come will always come, now he must do promotes the strength diligently! When on the road, Shen Xiang learned in Heavenly Dragon Mysterious Realm that big safflower from Su Meiyao there is a background, that unexpectedly was the Profound Level High-Grade tyrant emperor roaring flame is colored, refined pills, after the clothing/taking next, can let fire attribute martial artist and alchemy master profits infinitely, was very precious spirit herb, needed several thousand years to grow. Returned to Tianmen City, Shen Xiang to detect here lived it up many quilts, on the avenue has been filled with the person, but in Extreme Martial Sect also became more crowded, when many Martial Courtyard can transmit practices martial arts intermittently sent uneven drank, was very lively. Extreme Martial Sect is still expanding, after fusing Peerless Martial Sect, the Extreme Martial Sect's strength is more intrepid, moreover in Extreme Martial Sect had a Mysterious Realm matter also to pass on, this made Extreme Martial Sect in the Chenwu Mainland martial artist mind more intrepid!

Walks on the Extreme Martial Sect's road, Shen Xiang can see many youth pretty female female disciple, these are the Peerless Martial Sect disciples, although integrated in Extreme Martial Sect, but they probably are happier. Peerless Martial Sect disciple also several hundred thousand, Extreme Martial Province inside has several billions people, the female wants to enter Extreme Martial Sect not to be good, therefore chooses Peerless Martial Sect, therefore female disciple in Peerless Martial Sect are quite many. This to the Extreme Martial Sect's male disciple, but gospel, what making Shen Xiang speechless is, Peerless Martial Sect just integrated the Extreme Martial Sect ten days, has selected any top ten beauties, any ten big beautiful male, any ten big talented people...... Shen Xiang arrives at the business institute, seeing several papers to paste outside, has swept one, has not discovered own name: His mother, I have not been on the list unexpectedly!” The business institute is the place that specially a sect round of duty and reports on accomplishments to receive an award, the heads are some old men, but Shen Xiang actually sees bald gentle old man here. Elder Wu, this is I investigates the Heavenly Dragon Treasure detail.” Shen Xiang has not seen these old men, gives Wu Kaiming a paper directly. Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming are also very familiar, always may not wrap. The speed that Shen Xiang comes back is extremely fast, compared with hawk quick several days of these pass on message, therefore he had not been known by here person at that Heavenly Dragon Mysterious Realm inside matter, otherwise already exploded boils.