World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 104
Wu Kaiming received that paper, opens looked that cannot help but frowned: „Is inside really Mysterious Realm?” Naturally, I also went to look!” Shen Xiang said that he not only went to look, but also obtained the good thing, but also has killed individual. „, What did you obtain?” Wu Kaiming asked. This probably is not in the range of duty.” Shen Xiang said with a smile difficultly, he knows that this matter could not cover, but cannot say. This is the reward, takes away!” Wu Kaiming has given Shen Xiang three grains of True Qi Dan, this makes Shen Xiang despise secretly, he took that far road, unexpectedly only obtained three beans. In the Shen Xiang eye, this truly is only the bean, but in these Outer Disciple eyes, is actually very precious pills! Shen Xiang receives, throws directly airborne, then catches with the mouth, accurate meets in three True Qi Dan the entrance, like usually eats the shelled peanut to play eating, looks at Wu Kaiming corners of the mouth one to twitch. These three True Qi Dan gives you three, did you eat?” Wu Kaiming ridicules to say. Shen Xiang left the business institute, these three True Qi Dan also insufficiently he fills the gap between teeth . Moreover the duty is he does, does not need to apportion the wealthy family juniors who that two are rich flows the oil. Returns to Martial Courtyard, Little fatty hastily flushed, on face opposite smiling face, said: Junior Brother Shen, I was not and you had said I did have a younger sister? She is Peerless Martial Sect, now Peerless Martial Sect and Extreme Martial Sect fused, later you saw that she is easier.” Old Zhu, I have not meant, did I have Xue Xianxian? Other I do not want, you leave Xiaodao!” Shen Xiang said. little rascal Yun? This fellow troubles now, couple of days ago he also soaked in female disciple Martial Courtyard, but does not dare to look the women today, Ha Ha......” Zhu Rong said while loudly laughing: This brat went back you to know that by Yun Jia han is why?”

Shen Xiang previous time sees Yun Xiaodao Master he called, the complexion is somewhat serious, was secretly curious. What reason?” Shen Xiang knows that to Yun Xiaodao certainly is not the good matter, otherwise Zhu Rong to rejoice in other people's misfortune, will not smile that happily. This brat, but the misfortune never singly comes, he was called back Yun Jia is Yun Jia has arranged a fiancee to him, a he very repugnant woman, then two days ago he goes to that female disciple Martial Courtyard to play is hit by his fiancee, was beaten savagely at the scene, his woman also really very much savage, after you meet, is careful!” Zhu Rong to rejoice in other people's misfortune is laughing. Hehe, after this brat, should manage well thing in pants crotch well.” Shen Xiang also said with a smile. Was right, our Martial Courtyard why also that few people?” Shen Xiang comes back, sees this Martial Courtyard appearance or actually such, not other people. This Martial Courtyard Martial Courtyard that but Inner Sect sets the base, the Peerless Martial Sect disciple one, competent challenges other Inner Sect's Martial Courtyard disciples, after obtaining the approvals of these disciples, can merge into that Martial Courtyard, our Martial Courtyard only then our three, little rascal Yun disappears all day, you go out, my this fatty was not paid attention to by others, therefore had been disregarded by others directly, everyone is disinclined this Inner Sect most rotten Martial Courtyard.” Zhu Rong said reluctantly. Shen Xiang touches the chin, smiles: Old Zhu, I entered Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer now, is this looks Xiaodao, discussed the later matter.” Zhu Rong stares, that pair is narrowing eye fierce staring is big, Shen Xiang these more than ten in days, unexpectedly has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer! His Mortal Martial Realm 9th level time has given heaven defying, has that wanted also to? Old Zhu, how on does that most graceful list beautiful male comment?” Shen Xiang he is not interested, but somewhat is actually not feeling well, how because this list said that must have an agreement. At this time heard Yun Xiaodao that envy sound: Is one group of bitches spontaneously votes to elect, any nonsense beautiful male, looks like like the woman, will have the opportunity I certainly to punch them is also uglier than Old Zhu.”

„Was young bastard, you scolding me to be ugly unexpectedly? Father this is the lucky countenance, moreover who saw me saying that I was a little lovable, my five senses were also quite straight, where was ugly?” Zhu Rong refuted immediately. Lovable...... Ha Ha, this dead pig said unexpectedly one are lovable, does the if wanted young master I urinate to illuminate oneself that pitiful look to you? Your his mother is all right, let alone this joke, will be funny!” Yun Xiaodao holds the belly to laugh. Shen Xiang also cannot help smiling, finally also loudly laughs. Your this envies my lucky countenance!” Zhu Rong that fat face is mad red. After Yun Xiaodao bah, then said with a smile to Shen Xiang: Big Brother Shen, I lead you to have a look at my elder sisters, they are Peerless Martial Sect, your satisfactory words...... Hehe.” Shen Xiang, do not go, the eyes of that several person women long in top of the head, moreover looked like must be more repugnant than that evil eye goods.” Zhu Rong hurriedly said. Xiaodao, I just came back, is somewhat tired, I rest first.” Shen Xiang said that ran away, making Yun Xiaodao very helpless, but his elder sister to oneself that several proud and arrogant does not have the confidence. little rascal Yun, you exempted, although you had an elder sister to arrange on the top ten beauties list, but others Shen Xiang's fiancee was Xue Xianxian, elder sister basic ratio others who your several had keen eyesight Yu Ding.” Zhu Rong contemptuously said with a smile. Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted, left Martial Courtyard. That Martial Courtyard is only they gathers in the place of martial arts contest, although in also has the residence, but they had their place, for example Shen Xiang returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard now. The Extreme Dan King Courtyard front door is shutting tightly, only then inserts in hole to open jade token together, understood at a glance that here arranges strange formation.

After entering Extreme Dan King Courtyard, lonely that Shen Xiang took a deep breath, this inside could not say slightly, a person did not have, but was very big. Enters a house, inside decorates very fine elegant, has a light fragrance, making people very comfortable, in this will truly not be worried that took on to harass, because the average person cannot enter Mysterious Realm, let alone Elder Dan's Extreme Dan King Courtyard also nobody dares to enter randomly. Shen Xiang has selected a martial arts room in this casually, then puts out beast skin to come to see, this is that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade obtains together. Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut! Altogether seven moves, can display with weapon, can use the hand to display as the blade, seven moves have the different characteristics, the might is different, adapts in the situations of many fight, True Qi that just needs are many, Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer is unable to consume, wants True Martial Realm!” Su Meiyao said that she and Bai Youyou was studying this Dragon Martial Technique for these days! This Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut is Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill, can only coordinate the Dragon Aura use! You have resulted in brought to the point of perfection the Dragon Aura utilization now, so long as you arrive at True Martial Realm, can use this fierce Dragon Slaughtering Slash!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, because he must enter True Martial Realm also to need very long a period of time, this fierce Dragon Martial Technique is unuseful! Make him itchy. What that grain of red is pill pellet?” Shen Xiang is very curious to that spirit dan, can put together with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this type of thing, certainly is not ordinary pills. Su Meiyao mentioned here pills, appeared very excited: This should be Dragon Blood Dan, is the blood essence refinement of dragon, after you eat up, your body can emerge the blood of dragon, enabling your meridians, skeleton and muscle to look like the dragon to be ordinary, after I thinks you to eat up, should be able to enter into the Immortal Devil Body threshold!”