World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 105
Shen Xiang sucked in a cold breath, in the heart is excited: What rank is this?” Is hard to define, in brief is very rare pill, you must know that this may be dragon blood, this is that fond of playing jokes?” Su Meiyao said: My this whole life is also first time bumps into this type of thing.” Is mystical regarding that Heavenly Dragon Treasure, Shen Xiang they have also discussed that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is the person forges, Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut is Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill, Legend is the dragon creation, but Dragon Blood Dan is also in the situation of dragon coordination can certainly refine! Leave alone that many, ate said again!” Su Meiyao urged. Shen Xiang only felt that Dragon Blood Dan is sending out an inexplicable ignition, making him somewhat frightened, his intuition told him, he ate up this grain of pill pellet words, may bring the severe pain to him. Shen Xiang strips off the clothes, has swallowed Dragon Blood Dan, enters the throat time, a suddenly heat, Dragon Blood Dan melts instantaneously, making Shen Xiang think that probably swallowed the lava to be ordinary, Dragon Blood Dan turned into the liquid to enter his abdomen, exuded Bang one in inside, probably was the same at inside volcanic eruption, the endless stabbing pain also instantaneously rushed all the limbs and bones in that let the Shen Xiang whole body severe pain, he has sent out a pitiful yell, rending general. Several instances, Shen Xiang turned into a blood person, but these blood are very black, looks like dirty, his muscle is also inflating, the skeleton in within the body is similar to the furnace is burnt down to be the same, the meridians are probably rise to explode. Effect was too astonishing! Endures!” Su Meiyao said with amazement. Do not die!” Bai Youyou also had a scare, although she said that but in the voice actually full is kind. This process continued more than three double-hour, Shen Xiang thought all of own within the body were placed in the furnace to quenching probably, these had the blood of impurity to discharge from the pore, send out the intermittent odor.

Good, finally entered Immortal Devil Body 1st Stage!” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: So long as enters into this ridge, later was relaxed.” Shen Xiang is dirty at this time, profound imaginary True Qi of his hastily stimulation of movement within the body, will turn into the clean water, is clear the body. 1st Stage? How many altogether has? This means that what degree I did arrive at?” Shen Xiang is washing the body, while happily said with a smile: Sister Meiyao, comes out to help others wash, I was almost dying a moment ago.” little rascal, wants to obtain beautiful, perhaps if I considers in other places, but here is Extreme Martial Sect, the fierce fellow are too many, I am worried about to be able by exposed.” Su Meiyao flatters the sound to say with a smile shallowly. Snort, a grown man takes a bath wants others to help, does not make sense really!” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said: Immortal Devil Body altogether 998 ten 1st Stage, you can have 1st Stage Immortal Devil Body under this strength, that was can help you promote 30% strengths, even if you with fleshly body strength, must defeat ordinary Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer not to be difficult now!” Said that in most martial artist practice family True Qi, fleshly body occasionally will also exercise, therefore generally, is True Qi far ultra fleshly body, but you are actually fleshly body can reach the True Qi level now, the inside and outside will be very even, this can make you have a very solid foundation!” Su Meiyao said slowly. „The person in Mortal Martial World peak, high is also only 20th Stage Immortal Devil Body, have you on 1st Stage, you thought to look at your beginning now high?” Bai Youyou said that regarding Shen Xiang this foundation, she is very satisfied, at least will not bring disgrace on her to give to Shen Xiang's profound Yin Divine Vein. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, looks at own double palm, he can very clear feeling this time his body inside strength. Two elder sisters, how many do you arrive at Immortal Devil Body?” Shen Xiang asked curiously.

Did not tell you!” Su Meiyao smiles mischievously, obviously is intends to conceal Shen Xiang, this Shen Xiang can certainly look that he knows the origins of these two beautiful females certainly imagine compared with him fierce. Extreme Martial Sect three thousand Martial Courtyard originally enhanced to 5000, Inner Sect's Martial Courtyard many promotes from actually 320 to 500, but True Disciple's Martial Courtyard or actually are the same, have 15! Because inside person were not many, even if Peerless Martial Sect belongs, True Martial Realm martial artist is not many, therefore has not increased. Thus it can be seen, True Martial Realm martial artist are miserable, Shen Xiang estimated that Extreme Martial Sect possibly has two hundred True Disciple. Practices Immortal Devil Body 1st Stage, means that the Shen Xiang's strength has also been increased much, he also wants to enter previous point Martial Courtyard at this time. 500 th! Such quickly exchanged the trademark?” Shen Xiang stands in front of that Martial Courtyard, is somewhat speechless, this means that they were backward. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong here, they know that Shen Xiang has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, was the time runs up to front Martial Courtyard to go to the power and prestige one. Sees to walk, a Yun Xiaodao arrow step that Shen Xiang is refreshing flies to leap up, fist condense Fire Lightning True Qi, simultaneously is bursting out scalding hot with lightning, sticks out suddenly intermittently crack, crazy fierce hitting to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang takes control of immediately, holds Yun Xiaodao that to pour into the fist of wild True Qi, in that instantaneous, the fist explodes, produces strength, but Shen Xiang still firmly holds the fist of Yun Xiaodao, facial expression relaxed standing in strength. Yun Xiaodao only thought that at this time own fist by crustification stubbornly there, could not be moved, he felt what is shocking, Shen Xiang unexpectedly with any True Qi, had not received a moment ago this fist, although he not with many True Qi, but Shen Xiang that expression was also too relaxed, resembles the powder fists of this fists and these kids is different.

Big Brother Shen, you......” a Yun Xiaodao face said shocking: „Is this only strength of body?” Almost! In order to exercise this, I have suffered many hardships.” Shen Xiang loosened Yun Xiaodao, lightly smiled, although he is superficial, but Yun Xiaodao is similar to with the Zhu Rong heart in the mighty waves sea is the same. Yun Xiaodao is quite thin and small, Zhu Rong is a big fatty, could see that under they do not have any time on the body, this is because they know that the words of stronger body, must be startled surely various types of suffering, they may not be the people who that type can endure hardship! Now Shen Xiang light depends on the body to release so the might, can see that Shen Xiang on exercising fleshly body has spent very full time, is not the average person can withstand absolutely. I now on Let's go, selects Martial Courtyard!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. Yun Xiaodao took a deep breath, said sigh with emotion: Big Brother Shen, which Martial Courtyard should our present strengths be able to challenge?” Must want to enter the rank before Martial Courtyard, must challenge, this is not individual challenge, but is a fight of Martial Courtyard and Martial Courtyard! Martial Courtyard that is at before, the welfare that obtains are more, the duty that naturally, sect transfers is also arduous, has certain danger(ous).