World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 106
Challenges other Martial Courtyard, oneself must put out an attractive good luck, otherwise the opposite party will not accept a challenge, this also quite therefore gambling! Yun Xiaodao feels the chin, looked at Zhu Rong, said: Old Zhu, you said that in which we should challenge Martial Courtyard to be good now?” Although Zhu Rong in Extreme Martial Sect, but he is also a businessman, Yun Xiaodao affirmed that he definitely knows these Martial Courtyard are quite easy to challenge. Zhu Rong lightly smiled: Now knew my use? Hehe, I was already waiting for today, now I synthesized the strengths of our three people, must take No. 400 Martial Courtyard not to be difficult, even can the previous point, for example No. 350 Martial Courtyard!” The Yun Xiaodao brow wrinkled, said: This was the queen mother surface, said that must 200 th!” If not and Peerless Martial Sect fusion, now they in 329 th. Zhu Rong looks to Shen Xiang, said: Coming up that Shen Xiang, we step by step fight steadily now, because challenged Martial Courtyard to be defeated, we will lose are very big.” Gambling stake good luck anything's I leave, such line! We hit No. 200 Martial Courtyard.” Yun Xiaodao has patted the chest, not cares a whoop. Shen Xiang suddenly said with a smile: Gambling stake gives me to leave, No. 200 Martial Courtyard? Xiaodao you also looked down on yourself, No. 16 what kind of?” What? Big Brother Shen do not crack a joke!” Yun Xiaodao waves the hand to say. Zhu Rong also thinks that he is cracking a joke: Shen Xiang, No. 16 Martial Courtyard, but First Ranked Inner Courtyard, inside Inner Disciple is strongest, moreover there are ten!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Ten? It seems like imagines me is much simpler than! I use five Metal Spirit Fruit to bet, does not know that they can accept the challenge?”

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong realized at this time that Shen Xiang was is not telling the lie likely! When Shen Xiang Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, the strength endures compared with Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, with that First Ranked Inner Courtyard disciple strength quite, but Shen Xiang entered Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer now, the strength has certainly very big promotion, what stage will that promote to? Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong have thought this, the whole body has the goose flesh, because that was really too terrifying! „Do you dare to do? Words that does not dare, I went to that's alright, when the time comes you can also be admitted to that Martial Courtyard!” Shen Xiang said that one dozen of ten he also has the full self-confidence. Do not look down on me, although I just entered shortly after the inner courtyard, but I exhaust the full words, these First Ranked Inner Courtyard fellows are not anything!” Yun Xiaodao clenches teeth, said maliciously: I and they have spelled, goes!” Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao look to Zhu Rong, because Zhu Rong in their impression, is stingy the timid fatty, moreover does not have what battle efficiency. Zhu Rong sees look that their despises, in the heart also to ignite one group of fires, loudly said: „Do your two bastards, look down upon me? Told you, father's semblance to confuse person, my true strength was very astonishing! Isn't goes to and First Ranked Inner Courtyard fellow goes all out? Has anything not to dare, father already wants such to do!” Ha Ha, sees the face of this dead fatty, it is estimated that these people must be frightened the urine.” Yun Xiaodao said while loudly laughing. Rubbish, now goes!” Zhu Rong bah. Shen Xiang has also laughed several, then takes the lead, walks toward No. 16 Martial Courtyard. On the Extreme Martial Sect's main road, is walking three murderous-looking people, what middle is vigorous and healthy handsome youngster, side this youngster separately is one is build thin and small youngster, with Little fatty of chubby, their ages looks like under 20, but at this moment actually murderous-looking, in their eyes full is fighting intent.

The surrounding person sees, cannot help but resigned a road! This probably is Shen Xiang, is that one move hits the remnant fellow Fang Liang, from secular world, but also accepted True Martial Realm alchemy Master Weitu, obtains this year Alchemy Competition first, moreover Elder Dan's eye-sore.” Person of said silently. Because Shen Xiang these ten days have not made anything, Peerless Martial Sect integrates not to have anything to understand to him that now hears Shen Xiang's all sorts of facts , cannot help but surprised. Fatty, is your this must go to do?” At this time must the middle age walk steadily, this is Hao Dongqing, True Martial Realm martial artist, Shen Xiang came the Extreme Martial Sect's time to obtain he small help. Uncle, we must select First Ranked Inner Courtyard, do you want to come to see?” Zhu Rong haughty smiles, his words made the surrounding person be shocked! Three people must select First Ranked Inner Courtyard, this makes people think that they are the idiot, unexpectedly make this crazy matter! Hao Dongqing is also one startled, but he sees Shen Xiang that pair of firm pupil, immediately is light smiles: Your this fatty, looked for a good friend, can make a matter out of the ordinary to come finally, this good deed I must help you propagandize, I go to apprentice brothers to look together, while convenient small gambling!” Hao Dongqing departs, the surrounding person also departs, because three idiots must challenge First Ranked Inner Courtyard, this good play must certainly draw in own friend to come to see. First Ranked Inner Courtyard, this is No. 16 Martial Courtyard, only misses a digit with True Disciple's Martial Courtyard, the position that but is at actually differs very far, took you to No. 15 Martial Courtyard to move into Mysterious Realm as the present on the 1st, enjoyed inside rich Spirit Qi! Outside Mysterious Realm, only then above 16 th Martial Courtyard! No. 16 Martial Courtyard is very big, this is No. 1 Martial Courtyard originally, inside looks like looks like a manor, middle that huge has stood the person compared with martial stage on, this is the person who this Martial Courtyard disciple wins over, is some Outer Disciple or is Inner Disciple.

My goodness, has including the gate guards!” Yun Xiaodao stands in that leaf of front door, shout that is listening to that shock, looks on the huge plaza tens of thousands people to practice martial arts, cannot help but emotionally said. This where is Martial Courtyard? This is a small city is training simply! This is the First Ranked Inner Courtyard formidable place, the Extreme Martial Sect's elder does not oppose the disciple to form cliques, so long as does not offend sect's rule that's alright, this is permits. What we want is only this sign!” Zhu Rong has referred to by an entrance number plate, so long as challenges successfully, can hang this number plate in front of own Martial Courtyard, can obtain very high welfare. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, the clear and resonant voice said slightly: „No. 500 Martial Courtyard comes to challenge the expensive institute, the gambling stake is five Metal Spirit Fruit, if accepts the challenge, please fast come out the meeting discussion!” No. 16 Martial Courtyard that makes noise is peaceful immediately, the Shen Xiang's sound with the vigorous True Qi round, can spread over this Martial Courtyard each corner, clear hearing. Inside person suspected one misunderstood, unexpectedly that because challenges is No. 500 Martial Courtyard, must know usually challenges this Martial Courtyard is under 50 th! However that Metal Spirit Fruit is truly attractive.