World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 107
No. 16 Martial Courtyard outside has encircled many people, they heard this news hastily to catch up, this was the good play! The person who comes out from inside is an appearance is delicate, skin fair handsome man , he as soon as comes out, Shen Xiang hears behind transmits many young girls' scream. Is Mo Yuwen, ten big beautiful male's heads! I finally saw that he......” a young girl was screaming the [say / way]. On the Mo Yuwen face is hanging the light smiling face, is very charming, really very much has the lethality to the female, looks like he looks like the student of polite scholarly, although is the First Ranked Inner Courtyard disciple, but he is actually not the fellow of that being supercilious. At this moment, Mo Yuwen behind went out of a man, this man looks at the person time, eye always slanting, an arrogance of face, looks makes the person have to punch his impulsion. squinted snake!” Yun Xiaodao startled shouted, he has not thought that this fellow unexpectedly is First Ranked Inner Courtyard. Listened clearly, my name was Xu Weilong! Do not shout me again!” The man said. Mo Yuwen smiles lightly: You should be Shen Xiang, has heard so much about you, since I know after your name, I thought that I sooner or later a day will bump into your, but has not thought that so will be quick! Your challenge we received, the time you elect.” This Mo Yuwen is very good to the impression of person, the Shen Xiang smile said: On today!” Zhu Rong said: Said the rule of challenge? We have three people!” Mo Yuwen said with a smile: You must eat the point to owe, because we have ten people, this Martial Courtyard is our ten people strives, therefore some people challenge time, our ten want on! Your three defeat our ten to win, one to one to the fight, who loses who cannot fight again.” This Mo Yuwen temper is extremely good, not, because the opposite party is three people, looks down on the opposite party, moreover he such does also to achieve to win.

The people are getting more and more, this First Ranked Inner Courtyard inside and outside encircled completely the person, 100,000, they look at the discussion before entrance, this for them was a good play, has the advantage to the Peerless Martial Sect disciple who that merged into, because this can make them have a look at the Extreme Martial Sect First Ranked Inner Courtyard strength. True Martial Realm martial artist also came more than ten, but some disciples do not recognize them, these people are Hao Dongqing call to come to see lively. Three dozens ten, this truly suffers a loss, many people think this not possibly, after all the opposite party, but the First Ranked Inner Courtyard person, is half treadons into the True Martial Realm person, the strength is immeasurably deep, although Shen Xiang, when the Inner Sect inspection blossoms in radiant splendor, but the people do not favor him, Yun Xiaodao looks like looks like a child, Zhu Rong say nothing, has looked like looks like that fatty who is very good to bully. Does not have the issue, like this decided.” Shen Xiang said that this is when they come matter that knows. Good, now opens......” Mo Yuwen just said here, the distant place transmits together the sound interruption. Wait / Etc., my something must ask Shen Xiang, if determined that this matter, this competition is unable to carry on.” Bald bird old man suddenly appears in Shen Xiang in front of them. This is Wu Kaiming! His sound was very a moment ago serious, the people listened to know the important matter . Moreover the Elder Wu facial expression was also very dignified. Shen Xiang, you investigate Heavenly Dragon Treasure time, has killed Beast Martial Sect's ten Inner Disciple?” Wu Kaiming is watching intently him, asked. Right!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, he knows that matter passed on, but has not thought that the consequence so will be serious, moreover that was Beast Martial Sect has the mistake first.

A Wu Kaiming appearance, all around is peaceful, they hear this news, cannot help but is surprised, Shen Xiang has killed other sect's Inner Disciple unexpectedly, moreover is ten, this matter is truly serious. Wu Kaiming nodded, asked: Then you have killed Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple in that Mysterious Realm also really?” This saying, all people of head bang, become the blank, dumbfounded is staring Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang has killed True Disciple unexpectedly, that is True Martial Realm martial artist, attained Shen Xiang to have the True Martial Realm strength? He may be only 17 years old, is this possible? Shen Xiang looks calm, the nod said: Right, I while she is injured massacre her, otherwise she will kill me, what does this have not to be right? Can the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples only be willing to be slaughtered by Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple?” The people long aspirated, Shen Xiang while opposite party fight, explained that Shen Xiang has not entered True Martial Realm, but they are shocked incomparably, kills others sect's True Disciple, this is very serious matter. If I, I also meet a sword to blow away that fellow!” Yun Xiaodao said that in his heart blamed Shen Xiang secretly, unexpectedly has not told him this big matter. Kills well, the Beast Martial Sect's fellow has been haughty, added that anything had already surmounted our Extreme Martial Sect.” Hao Dongqing creates a disturbance saying that several other True Martial Realm martial artist also yell, those who are most shocking is they, because they know that the True Martial Realm strength is what kind, unexpectedly by Mortal Martial Realm little rascal butchering. Shen Xiang, I know that reason, I believe firmly that this is real, I am also angry, but their Beast Martial Sect wants us to produce the evidence! We do not have the evidence now.” Wu Kaiming said that he knows certainly reason of Shen Xiang murder , because the Beast Martial Sect's disciple feeds Demon Beast with the Extreme Martial Province common people, he hears is angry, wishes one could to call the disciple to kill Beast Martial Sect to ascertain immediately. Dean and Elder Dan are closing up! This only then they came out to make the most significant decision, I also considered by the general situation, therefore I must detain you.” Wu Kaiming said.

Shen Xiang nodded, Wu Kaiming said unusual is clear, detains him to do to Beast Martial Sect looked that this can time make Wu Kaiming need further consideration, or is other Elder Dan and Dean goes out. You understand well, but you start really to be ruthless, unexpectedly pats the completely squashed sauce others, moreover you also planned True Martial Realm martial artist that kills that ten unable to move, you have not gone well luckily, otherwise Extreme Martial Sect must be besieged by two sect.” Wu Kaiming said after a sigh, the news that since he learned, Shen Xiang had gotten down at that time has killed the heart, if were giving him the little time, these True Martial Realm martial artist possibly change the completely squashed sauces. This saying made the person be subject to stimulation, Shen Xiang unexpectedly just had so the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering matter! At this time the people know why Shen Xiang dares to challenge First Ranked Inner Courtyard, dares to butcher including True Martial Realm him, matter that he has not dared to handle? This strength, this courage impressive, makes the person deeply admire. Xiaodao, Old Zhu! When I come back.” Shen Xiang leaves behind these words, then followed Wu Kaiming. Yun Xiaodao took a deep breath, said: Dead fatty, he comes back we cannot disappoint him.” Zhu Rong said with a smile: This is natural, the matter that this brat handles always awfully, do we also do such 1-2? Otherwise was embarrassed and his together.” Yun Xiaodao said while loudly laughing: „The dead fatty your courage was getting bigger and bigger, walks.” Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong depart, the people also disperse, they are very disappointed, because cannot see the competition, but they have actually experienced the person in Shen Xiang this Legend.