World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 108
Mo Yuwen and Xu Weilong complexion somewhat is dignified, if before, they they will perhaps not pay attention to Shen Xiang, but knew that now Shen Xiang has killed ten Beast Martial Sect's Inner Disciple, has killed Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple, knows that Shen Xiang is not the ordinary character, even if that True Disciple is injured, the strength is also very strong, but was actually hit the completely squashed sauce by Shen Xiang. Wu Kaiming has led into Shen Xiang Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, walks toward the piece of mountain of deep place. Elder Wu, where is our must go?” Shen Xiang asked. Goes to Extreme Martial Sect's forbidden land, detains the place of felon specially, big sect Big Shot on Chenwu Mainland knows there, after the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple commits the big crime, was closed to make other sect satisfy.” Wu Kaiming sighed: „The Extreme Martial Sect disciple who was closed, ten have ** died, hoping you to be able very to pass.” In the Shen Xiang heart shakes, asks: How generally dead?” Passes away, or cannot bear that spiritual suffering.” Wu Kaiming said. „Did nobody run away?” Shen Xiang asked with amazement. Only if there is an order of Dean, otherwise who runs away who must die, therefore you must stay in inside till Dean go out.” The Wu Kaiming look is having the fear: That forbidden land, but the Extreme Martial founder establishes, has strange strength, even if stands the person in Mortal World peak goes, is unable to escape even with wings, in that not only detains the Extreme Martial Sect's person, other sect's have, but died.” The Shen Xiang heartbeat cannot help but speeds up, he does not have to think one were closed into such a terrifying place unexpectedly. The less than half double-hour passes by, Shen Xiang follows behind to run swiftly in Wu Kaiming, oneself are imprisoned unexpectedly also to others follow, this makes him not know whether to laugh or cry. They arrive at a width to reach by thousand feet (333 m) heavenly pit, below black does not see the bottom, Shen Xiang lies in the nearby looks that he puts spiritual power, is unable to investigate the department. Under this is the place that you must go.” Wu Kaiming said. „Can I?” In Shen Xiang heart infant, because following full is ice cold death Qi, is terrorist, moreover deeply does not see the bottom. Wu Kaiming hey smiles one: Gets down!” Then, the foot tramples like lightning to the Shen Xiang's buttocks, trampled him.

Old bald, your his mother......” under hears various Shen Xiang being revolting to the ear scolding sounds. After Shen Xiang has not thought falls down, unexpectedly cannot use True Qi, he cannot emit Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, if such falls, he will be very serious. This brat scolded coarse, considers as finished , he suffering that tasted below is makes me feel better. Later I little do this matter, was scolded each time!” Wu Kaiming shakes the head sighs, then left. Shen Xiang dropped down good a period of time, sees following some Xu Guangliang, that is one fires! More under arrives is dark, under that weak flame illumination, Shen Xiang can see the clear wave light, under this has the water! pū tōng, Shen Xiang has fallen into the water, in that instantaneous, he realized that he can use True Qi, their hastily comes up from the water middle reaches, looks at that pile of flame. Those who make Shen Xiang surprised is, then by unexpectedly to the flame has an old man, this old man's hair is very long, until the waist, is the chaotic and dirty white hair, but on his face does not have the wrinkle, the old trace does not have, the crane sends the young face to be common, if he reorganizes, looks like can be the features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality person. brat, you spoke words!” The old man looks at Shen Xiang with a bright eye. Shen Xiang is alerting at this time, in order to avoid this old man attacks him. Old Mister, hello!” Shen Xiang said that he knew before this is Extreme Martial Sect detains forbidden land of felon specially, was closed till passing away. Old man suddenly laughs, hastily flees to Shen Xiang's side, the speed is fast, making Shen Xiang avoid radically without enough time, was held his wrist|skill by that old man, is unusual strength pours into his body along with it, his also hastily revolution Tai Chi Divine Art. Situation that this old man unexpectedly is investigating his dantian, that is Shen Xiang biggest secret one. unexpectedly is Yin and Yang Divine Veins, unrivalled rare talent, unrivalled rare talent! The heaven you have done a good deed finally, finally some people inherited my mantle, Ha Ha......” old man laughed wildly.

The old man had just smiled several, stopped immediately, said seriously: Starting today, I was your Master, hurried to request me to be the master.” In Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, because his Yin and Yang Divine Veins matter was known by this crazy old man, but he actually has to admire this crazy old man. I your name does not know that makes me acknowledge you as the teacher?” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that he knows this old man is very fierce, when was held a moment ago, strength of his revolt does not have. The old man reorganized the hair, said with a smile: Has not thought that your this wee bit strength threw into here, said that what big matter you have done?” This old man unexpectedly not the matter that continues that to acknowledge as teacher. I have killed Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple and ten Inner Disciple.” Shen Xiang said truthfully that then asked back: You? Looks at your this appearance, should stay was very long.” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, this old man acts like a madman smiles, whips the ground, lies down in the ground sways back and forth. This simply is the divine intervention! You have killed Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple, I have killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean, you must request me to be the master, I pass to your fierce martial arts!” Old man said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang has gawked, he has not thought that this old man has killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean unexpectedly, but he does not believe to this saying. little rascal, do not suspect that my words, I am Extreme Martial Sect 13 th generation of Dean, Huang Jintian! Right, the present was several generation of Dean?” Huang Jintian asked. Shen Xiang stares, the Huang Jintian's name he knows certainly that is on former generation's Dean, long ago violated the serious matter, then entered forbidden land, at that time Shen Xiang had seen the record in this aspect in the Extreme Martial Sect's books, he did not have to think own unexpectedly will run into this fellow. Present Dean is Gu Dongchen, the tenth Five Dynasties!” At this time he falls the old man to this at present insanely also is very respectful, after all that is one generation of Dean, and has killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean. Hehe, this Little Featherhead is my grand disciple, does not have little girl is my two grand disciple, Little Bald is my three grand disciple, they fortunately.” Huang Jintian said with a smile, the smiling face was very kind.

Shen Xiang, he has not thought surprisedly Extreme Martial Sect's Three Great Big Shots unexpectedly is this Huang Jintian's grand disciple! The in other words Huang Jintian's apprentices are that Three Great Big Shots Master! Does not have little girl is Elder Dan, is Extreme Martial Sect's Dan King, Little Bald is Wu Kaiming, they are the Extreme Martial Sect's elders. I was trampled a moment ago by that old bald foot.” Shen Xiang said indignantly that at this time his buttocks are painful. Huang Jintian said while loudly laughing: Their fortunately that's alright, if you request me to be the master, later they were your Martial Nephew! Your this talent killed True Disciple not to have anything, will not be closed the long time absolutely! You have Yin and Yang Divine Veins, certainly can study very well my Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill.” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, is calculating if wanted to acknowledge as teacher, he inquired ring inside Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, solicited their suggestions. Does obeisance, you must dull a period of time, be able to learn other Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill in any case here, moreover this rank can also make him not be suppressed by other people in Extreme Martial Sect.” Su Meiyao said. Huang Jintian proud said: My Huang Jintian has only accepted an apprentice, he is Extreme Martial Sect's 14 generations of Dean . Moreover the pupil surpasses the teacher, now transcend to Heaven Martial World, is Immortal World in that Legend! Because I just violate the grave sin, stayed here to repent.” In Shen Xiang heart startled, fierce kneeling down: Master!” Sees Shen Xiang to acknowledge as teacher, Huang Jintian touches chin, laughed. This Huang Jintian is very tasteful, acknowledging as teacher time unexpectedly must write any contract, everyone writes one, then blood drop above, but also pours into unique True Qi.