World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 109
After tedious acknowledging as teacher agreement is completed, both sides are retaining the contract book, this is used to show that they are voluntary. Hehe, my good apprentice! Following a period of time, I will pass to you I fiercest Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill, you may probably select attentively study! Later you must look for your Eldest Senior Brother, making him take care of you.” Huang Jintian said with a smile, he reorganized his disorderly hair. Shen Xiang also brightly smiles: Master, later your can grand disciple shout me for Martial Uncle?” Huang Jintian thinks that has patted the Shen Xiang's head: Is good your brat, actually you are this goal! The rank cannot be chaotic, they must certainly politely call you for Martial Uncle! Right, you cannot casual exposed I be your Master, do not visit me to act like a madman, I may know that outside has many people to hate me, they know that you are my apprentice, then you troubled.” Shen Xiang has gawked, said with a smile: Master, actually you are hide seek asylum here?” Bah, your Master I am powerful, serves a need to seek asylum? I repent and start anew here, otherwise I already went to that anything nonsense Immortal World.” Huang Jintian has patted the Shen Xiang's head: Goes not to show off you your this brat to outside carelessly is my apprentice, although that is a very imposing reputation, but will trouble will be very really big.” Shen Xiang curls the lip, whispers: What is this? The acknowledgment is your apprentice, can hide here and there like the mouse?” Huang Jintian pulls the hair, because Shen Xiang was suspecting that his strength, this is he intolerable. brat, you listened to me, for the master stay here truly part of reasons to avoid, but repented and started anew also real! I hide here, to avoid them rob my Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill! Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill has many types, has various grades and ranks, but I grasp is most higher, even if these anything nonsense Immortal wants to obtain.” Huang Jintian facial expression seriously said. Shen Xiang somewhat suspected that said: Master, Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill I have......”

Shen Xiang told Huang Jintian the matter of Dragon Aura Secret Art, saw only Huang Jintian to despise said: Dragon Aura? This Dragon Martial Technique in my eyes is the inferior thing, only matches to hit some strength bad Little Dragon, what true is fierce is Dragon Force, has learned, can kill the grown dragon! Dragon Aura simulates the Dragon Qi breath Qi Aura.” Saying, Huang Jintian was stretching out the palm, saw only in his hand to emit small group pale white light glow, this light glow appearance, Shen Xiang felt immediately thousands of jin (0.5 kg) impulsions came, he probably was the small boat of mighty waves sea, must fly the distant place by that vast strength impact all of a sudden. Shen Xiang hits on a wall, but the body is actually sticking, because powerful strength go against on his body, making him exceptionally uncomfortable, he sends out hoarseness to call, meanwhile sees around the Huang Jintian palm thing unexpectedly to twist slightly, this is the distortion of space! Huang Jintian haughty smiles, in that small group pale white light glow his palm receives, falls in Shen Xiang of distant place, falls in the water, then slow tour to side of that fire of high-piled firewood. Knows for the master fierce!” Huang Jintian looks that lies Shen Xiang that is absentminded in ground that said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang the whole body is incapable at this time, lies gasps for breath in the ground, could not say including the words, in heart panic-stricken incomparable, he was shocking this Master strength secretly, in his opinion, by far was much more fearful than that Elder Dan. One slightly rolls True Qi to put, can let the spatial warping! If strength does put completely? Shen Xiang does not dare to imagine, that simply is destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength! This old fellow, the strength had already surmounted the Mortal World highest apex, your this Master is out-and-out Immortal! He hides in this unusual Mysterious Realm, can avoid the Heaven World's strength attraction, otherwise he one arrives at outside, will decide however to be attracted.” Su Meiyao is also surprised incomparable. Bai Youyou seriously said: What it seems like he said is truth, he has including Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill that the Heaven World above person must envy, he hides to avoid being chased down here, if this strength goes to Heaven Martial World to Legend, that is very danger(ous).”

Although Shen Xiang at this time whole body severe pain, but in the heart secretly is happy, because he picked convenient Master, moreover was that fierce. little rascal, a moment ago for is Dragon Force that the master used, that was powerful strength that the dragon then had inherent, was very fierce? If a grown dragon presents Mortal World, he only needs to swing the tail, mortal world instantaneously will destroy.” On the Huang Jintian face also completely dreads. Huang Jintian walks, patted several on Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang only felt that strange cool strength sneaked into his body, making the ache in his within the body vanish immediately. I am Yin and Yang Profound Veins, your Eldest Senior Brother is Yin and Yang Heaven Veins, but you are actually Yin and Yang Divine Veins, you will certainly exceed me and your Eldest Senior Brother from now on.” Spiritual Vein, Profound Veins, Heaven Veins and Divine Veins! One by one rare, is one by one fierce, but Yin and Yang Veins is rarer, Shen Xiang has not thought Eldest Senior Brother that own Master and that element have not sought a meeting is Yin and Yang Veins! In Extreme Martial Sect, these powerful young people, majority are Profound Veins or Heaven Veins, but they are hiding, Shen Xiang suspected that Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong are very likely Profound Veins or Heaven Veins martial artist. „Does your within the body have Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram? Hehe, has this thing person to practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is best!” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hear Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art these characters, cannot help but exude one to call out in alarm. unexpectedly is Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, has not thought that exists really!” Su Meiyao startled [say / way].

It is said Tai Chi Divine Art came from the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art improvement, moreover what initially obtained is only the incomplete book, therefore is well below Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.” Bai Youyou surprisedly said. Huang Jintian happily said with a smile: brat, your secret I will not ask that I know you also practice other martial arts, looks like, although is good, but is inperfect, likely is the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art incomplete book, but you can study complete Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art quickly.” Shen Xiang nodded, is consulting modestly...... One old one small, in black does not see the bottom under the abyss, old teaches some martial arts chant small incessantly, they are very earnest. One month passes by, Shen Xiang can carry skillfully complete Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, complete carving in mind, at this time he knows that cultivates the request of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to be harsh, must first have Yin and Yang Veins, but many people rob this Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill, even if practice, can reorganize some fierce martial arts to come, is similar to that Tai Chi Divine Art! Also records this Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art in Shen Xiang that ring inside Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou ripe, they cannot practice, but actually started to act according to this fierce Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill to found martial arts, although this process is very difficult, but they are also idling in the safe, some time. Was ripe, that present starts to correct your practicing law, you have not entered True Martial Realm luckily, otherwise was too late.” Huang Jintian said that then acts like a madman to laugh.