World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 110
Shen Xiang was worried that Huang Jintian corrects he cultivates, making his strength back up, when the time comes on the gain does not equal the loss. Laughs Huang Jintian suddenly becomes serious, said: Now I start to teach you! Once you enter True Martial Realm, your practice True Qi method has with others greatly is very different.” Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is comprehensive, after you practice, can other methods display by the fist, leg, palm, blade, sword, can just be able to soften, can be hot coldly, can be slow quickly! This is the external art aspect, the words of internal strength, can the True Qi turn into dragon strength, before the might you, has experienced.” I first say True Martial Realm now, the road of Martial Dao, is unceasing through ingestion world Spirit Qi, will build up to turn into True Qi, then compresses in the dantian, True Qi after extrusion, the quality will enhance, strength that erupts is bigger! After True Martial Realm, wants condense to leave 9981 True Form to come, but five elements of True Qi that we practice, the condense True Qi shape is others' 50 times.” This Shen Xiang also knows, after True Martial Realm, each condense leaves nine True Qi shapes, must fuse a body it, is based on this fusion later True Qi shape, is concise eight quality same True Qi shapes, after nine, fuses once more! Each time the fusion is a stage, the True Martial Realm altogether nine stages, to finally is more difficult. Huang Jintian, continued saying: But our practice ways are different, we are not condense leave many True Qi shapes to compress, but in five real Qi ball inside true element grains the dantian lightens!” Said that your present within the body should have five lifelike True Qi shapes, if you practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art correctly, then arrives at True Martial Realm time, you can see clearly sees that five True Qi shapes the interior, their interior are comprised of innumerable true element grains, grain of true element grains quite in True Form, you when the time comes wants unceasing ingestion True Qi, lightens these gloomy true element grains, true element grains shines, quite in True Form.” The Shen Xiang nod said: So long as lightens five True Qi shapes nine grains of true element grains, even if has been separated from True Martial Realm.” Right, how now I instruct you correctly transforms the true element grains structure the True Qi shape in within the body the True Qi shape, this process requires time, moreover you must suffer many hardships.” Huang Jintian said. Shen Xiang does not certainly fear to endure hardship, but the practice way that Huang Jintian said also lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou changes countenance, this can avoid the tedious integration process!

In the following time, this heavenly pit underground can always spread intermittent extremely tragic neighing, this has continued all year round time! Shen Xiang has not thought process that corrects, unexpectedly is Huang Jintian pours into his within the body with unsurpassed strength, tosses about in his dantian carelessly, the attempt, seeks for the method carelessly finally. Before Shen Xiang saw own convenient Master to say self-confidently broad and level corrected anything, thinks that he had very good means that who knows that the unexpectedly that pit father, unexpectedly through many attempts and tried to find out slowly was successful, in this year, Shen Xiang was similar to Hell is ordinary. The laughter that as acts like a madman together transmits, Shen Xiang relaxed finally, because Master of his crazy attempts on him finally successfully, this is without discarding his cultivation base, corrected his practice way. Master, you can such careless attempts on me? If were defeated?” The Shen Xiang forced smile said that in this year, he looks like a clay figurine, whatever this insane old man pinches randomly. Huang Jintian is laughing: „Will I be defeated? Now isn't successful?” Shen Xiang clenched teeth to scold one lowly: If were defeated? After you do not want to be defeated, what appearance can I be?” Shen Xiang remembers, has a lingering fear, if he were defeated, perhaps that discarded. Bullshit, I will not be defeated, why do I want to think?” Huang Jintian scolded his one, this makes Shen Xiang stamp with rage, he decided, cannot be again insane with this old fellow, this Huang Jintian has to surmount Mortal World strength, Shen Xiang and he cannot play. Shen Xiang looks in the dantian that five dim beast picture, in the heart is also very shocking, true element grains of these five gloomy beast likely in separately grain of unusual smiles, that is the True Qi compression of his Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, if must lighten five beasts likely completely, that need condense leaves innumerable true element grains, thinks of this, in his heart on shocking. Master, your has True Form completely lightened?” Shen Xiang asked.

„If there is shone completely, I did not use stay here, my five beast picture, only has shone a claw.” Huang Jintian said. A claw, true element grains of that need tens of thousands, that condense how many true element grains? Shen Xiang cultivated was so long, only condense five. Was good, after correcting, so long as you later cultivated according to Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art on can condense leave Dragon Force to come, but that was do not use casually, ordinary, used these inferior Qi Aura and so on thing.” The Huang Jintian urging said. Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art cultivation method and Tai Chi Divine Art are mostly the same except for minor differences, but in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art were many many external art, is some styles, these styles are mysterious, but uses is very fierce. Naturally, his beforehand Divine Art of Four Symbols will not receive anything to affect, but at this time his True Qi was also more vigorous. One year, father is 18 years old! Although is only one year, but I had thought over a hundred years were the same.” The Shen Xiang whisper said that in this year he suffered loss. „After you come up, except to my three grand disciple said that you are beside my apprentice, cannot tell other people absolutely.” Huang Jintian said shamelessly gloomy. Old man you felt relieved that I will certainly remember.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Said again I couldn't have exited now? Has not known how long Dean must close up.” Right Master, that Elder Dan what background? Without the name, does not know her appearance, but alchemy is very fierce.” Shen Xiang asked that in this year he was asking that Huang Jintian said and other successes can tell him. She from Purple Moon World, has Purple Moon Fire Spirit, is a alchemy rare talent, possibly she encounters in Purple Moon World chases down anything, could not mix to come here to avoid, did not think exposed, you went do not say that she now was your Martial Nephew.” Huang Jintian earnestly said, although he usually acts like a madman, but something are discrete.

Shen Xiang smiles secretly, Extreme Martial Sect's Three Great Big Shots is his Martial Nephew, that is how the eye-catching matter, when his haughty, Huang Jintian has knocked fiercely his head, making him quack yell. Makes the best use of the time to practice! You must make to be brighter five beast that five grains of true element grains likely, shone enters True Martial Realm to the limit.” Huang Jintian reproved. Shen Xiang looked in the dantian five beast pictures, discovered that in that five grains of true element grains ray somewhat is truly weak, could see he is away from True Martial Realm also to have the 1st Stage distance. Under this, Shen Xiang does not have thoughts alchemy, here Spirit Qi is luckily rich, he except for exercising martial arts, did not have other matters to do, let alone his crazy Master all day was staring at him, once were lax, will be punched. Also is one year passes, Shen Xiang finally practices Azure Dragon True Form and Vermilion Bird True Form grain of true element grains well-illuminated, has shone the limit, now he starts to practice the White Tiger looks like. At this moment, he hears the ear bank to broadcast together the sound! Shen Xiang, you can come up, oneself find the way to come up, this forbidden land has relieved to your limit.” This sound is Wu Kaiming.