World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 112
Young girls one startled, also does not know that what happened, only wants a bit faster to move out of the way from the Shen Xiang's chest the hand, but she can only point at moves, the palm was closely held, this causes to look like looks like she is rubbing to pinch the Shen Xiang's chest. You have not moved away, when can touch? Thinks my compared with your big?” Shen Xiang does intentionally said shyly that this makes pretty face of that young girl immediately the ghost red, resembles the monkey buttocks to be the same. The surrounding person is also surprised incomparable, they have not thought that this young girl unexpectedly can make that bold matter to come, unexpectedly is in front of that many people actually to grasp the chest of this handsome man, moreover enjoys very much rubs to pinch...... Shen Xiang saw similarly, then received the merit, making the white hands of that young girl leave his chest, but that young girl saw the looks of surrounding other people, felt helpless, explained that was not, unexpectedly had been cried anxiously, grasped that beautiful yellow robed girl to sob. You have used the method, dares such to make fun of Xiaodie.” That yellow robed girl cold voice asked that on face full was anger, she could see Shen Xiang is intentionally. Two years passed by, the Shen Xiang's name already faded from the memory, if did not mention his name, nobody will remember him. He He, this I do not dare actually, I sleep generally will display this strange martial arts to come the imperial enemy, if she will start not to be heavy, will not be attracted that tightly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Snort, actually you......” that called Xiaodie arrogant girl immediately angry shouted, but she contacted Shen Xiang that intently watch the look, actually does not dare to say again that she was also the inner courtyard disciple, knows the person who can use this method came, the strength will not be absolutely bad. Shen Xiang sighed: In the two years, the inner courtyard disciple so is how disappointing.” You know that who she is? She is The first of the top ten beauties Wu Qianqian, inner courtyard first person of Mo Yuwen must be respectful to her, your unexpectedly dares to be so dissolute.” Xiaodie shouted to clear the way tenderly, a face was spirited, resembled The first of the top ten beauties is she is the same. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Why am I respectful to her? I am I, is not the handsome boy of Mo Yuwen this head of tender powder face.”

This yellow jersey beautiful woman unexpectedly is The first of the top ten beauties, probably before more than two years, was this, Shen Xiang to this name also some impressions, he today sees not disappointedly, was truly beautiful. Anything, your unexpectedly dares to say Young Master Mo, the asking for it!” A female probably was held a blade, incisive shouted, moreover makes a fist, on that powder fist unexpectedly condense vigorous water attribute True Qi. Shen Xiang does not move aside, has called a fist her, but that female hits , on Shen Xiang, thought that own strength likes a stone dropped into the sea general, disappearance without a trace. This is the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art special effect, can let the True Qi gentle fluctuation in that in the body surface instantaneously, melts strong ferocious True Qi, wears away the rock with water! I do not want to hit the woman, but you quarrelled the words that again I slept, I threw you.” The smiling face on Shen Xiang face vanished, the sound becomes does not have the sentiment. Wu Qianqian delicate eyebrows micro pressed, her strength was also good, can see the utilization of Shen Xiang to True Qi. „Do you name?” Wu Qianqian coldly asked. Shen Xiang!” Hears these two characters, Wu Qianqian suddenly one startled, retreat several steps, the whole face alert, other people are also same, complete retreat, resembles Shen Xiang is a god of plague is the same. You came out!” Wu Qianqian clenches teeth saying that she has listened to the Shen Xiang's name, but has not actually seen that person.

Just came out, what matter do you come to this institute to have? If no hurries to get the hell out, do not quarrel I to sleep.” Shen Xiang indifferently said. We must train our people with this Martial Courtyard location.” Wu Qianqian said that on that beautiful face already not that many were proud, in once killed in front of the True Martial Realm martial artist person, she arrogant, moreover Shen Xiang also has a True Martial Realm alchemy master and apprentice younger brother. Sorry, our Martial Courtyard only suffice us to use, please return.” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying that usually they must contend in martial arts here anything, comes that many people, that will not be convenient. These teenage boys and girls cannot help but stare, Shen Xiang has rejected The first of the top ten beauties Wu Qianqian unexpectedly, moreover he looks at the Wu Qianqian's look, probably looks at the average person to be the same, does not have slightly unusual expression, this lets in the Wu Qianqian heart the secret envious hatred, this makes her very disappointed, making her suspect secretly Shen Xiang is only interested in the man. That uses most Extreme Martial Sect's way to be solved, we contend in martial arts, if I have won, you must agree that makes my person live in this.” Wu Qianqian does not show weakness said that although in the hearsay the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, but her good and bad is also No. 18 Martial Courtyard disciple. What is good luck? It is not dry without me.” Shen Xiang said that he stayed in that damned place was so long, except for oppressive oppressive, the matches who now bumps into were the strength quite, he also wants to have a look at his strength to be what kind. Grain of True Elemental Dan!” Wu Qianqian has nipped a lip lightly, said. Good!” Shen Xiang complied immediately, True Elemental Dan in that Wu Qianqian eye is very precious, but in the Shen Xiang eye , is just the sugar bean. The people arrive above middle plaza, Shen Xiang said: Projects on the opposite party to admit defeat, does not permit to use weapon, otherwise you must lose without doubt!” Wu Qianqian understands these words, they heard Shen Xiang killed that True Martial Realm martial artist in the past time, has used one weapon that obtains from Heavenly Dragon Treasure, others estimated that is about spirit tool 9th Stage, if with weapon, she truly must lose!

Starts!” Nearby young girl shouted, Wu Qianqian in their eyes is the object of worship, in their eyes, own Chief Big Sister will be will not lose absolutely. But the fact is very brutal, Wu Qianqian attacks first, martial arts that Fire True Qi that she uses, uses is not bad, Shen Xiang guessed that is about Earth Level, that is one set of magnificent palm technique, takes control of dances lightly, the whole body winds around the fire belt, the double palm also braves the burning hot flame, looks around person loud voice to applaud. Shen Xiang carries both hands, stands there solemn, he acknowledged that this Wu Qianqian displays this set of palm technique time is truly beautiful, is caresses very much flatters movingly, martial arts contest time, the strength is supreme, which manages your style to be attractive, more brutal time, can murder that's alright! Wu Qianqian is similar to the dexterous swallow slightly comes, the double palm whips continuously, transforms everywhere tender and delicate fire palms, covers to go toward Shen Xiang instantaneously, intermittent heat also disperses to all around. The people think that Shen Xiang frightens has not sent out to incur, stays there is motionless, but after these fire palms whip the Shen Xiang body, all people were shocked. fire palms truly hits on Shen Xiang's, but Shen Xiang actually unmovingly stands there, fire palms hits, in his is similar to steady such as on the body of great mountain, actually vanish from sight, even links his clothes unable to burn. Wu Qianqian also stares, but initiates one to fiercely attack at once, fists and feet is uneven, each move is very vigorous Qi Aura, is hot all around person to be sweating profusely. But actually and such, did not have to a Shen Xiang effect a moment ago!