World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 114
Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong bring the hotel that Shen Xiang was going to them to go to frequently. Arrives at the three buildings in hotel, their unexpectedly saw that squinted snake Xu Weilong, appearance that although his always being insufferably arrogant, but Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong actually very thank him. squinted snake, comes to drink together!” Yun Xiaodao shouted. little rascal, I remember that I had told you my name three, your not long memory? Gets what one deserves to take a beating!” Xu Weilong slanting shot a look at Shen Xiang they , to continue saying: Why I must pass, can't you come?” Zhu Rong said with a smile: If we pass, paying up is you, if you come, no matter you eat many to drink many, paying up is little rascal Yun.” Xu Weilong smiles lightly: Can occupy this little rascal convenient well but actually.” Saying, him was then arriving at Shen Xiang their this table, has ordered many expensive food and wine. squinted snake, previous time also many thanks you!” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile. Snort, you left say that three characters again, even if thanks me.” Xu Weilong coldly snorted. Shen Xiang said with a smile: On the other hand, your families really vexed, moreover you status in your family are also common! Has taken a beating, your families do not put one fart, if my family, Hehe......, if the opposite party does not give us a view, we give them a view!” Xu Weilong sees Shen Xiang quite to be also surprised, he has not thought that Shen Xiang came out quickly, so long as is Extreme Martial Sect inside person, knows that forbidden land matter, that is a very terrifying place, even if stays for two years, will be unendurable. Wants is not the True Martial Realm disciple, in family inside status is such, a talent high point, obtains the quite rich resources at most, but the family will not let the damage significant benefit for you absolutely.” Xu Weilong said with a sneer. Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao cannot help but sighed, they had profound understanding. Zhu Rong said: Brother Xu, are you good? If you manner to the person can change, that will be very certainly good.”

The Yun Xiaodao nod said: Is, why you looked person time always focuses slantingly? Let the person not be feeling well very much!” Snort, you think me to think that is inborn!” The Xu Weilong words made Shen Xiang they be shocked. Yun Xiaodao wants to smile, but actually does not dare, Shen Xiang and Zhu Rong are also so, this lets Xu Weilong coldly snorted: Shen Xiang, you also planned that takes First Ranked Inner Courtyard? Be honest with you, the welfare of First Ranked Inner Courtyard is rich, no matter they use any method, must keep own position, moreover they by the First Ranked Inner Courtyard given name, have won over many people, they care to these, because their influences are bigger, more will be will attach great importance to by the family, from now on can also have the small space in the family.” Extreme Martial Province respected family that is very huge, only then has the formidable strength, can gain a footing in inside! „Did you fear?” Shen Xiang asked. Did not fear that I in First Ranked Inner Courtyard, previous time I have not prevented them now, was pursued by them.” Xu Weilong has drunk one cup fiercely, the sound is bringing anger. This Xu Weilong is truly good, but some of their arrogance, in addition his day new situation is remnant, causes to look like, he is always supercilious, is insufferably arrogant. Comes No. 500 Martial Courtyard! You leave First Ranked Inner Courtyard because of these two fellows, I again make you go back now.” Shen Xiang is holding up the wine class to him. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong also hold up the wine class, extended welcome. I can go, but after this little rascal, does not permit such to shout me again.” Xu Weilong said with a smile, his smiling face was very just strange. Four people have done one cup, as the matter stands, Shen Xiang their Martial Courtyard had four people. Thousand True Qi Dan that squinted dragon, which your previous time comes? That is not a small number.” Yun Xiaodao smiles to ask.

Snort, all day knows takes the nickname to others, you this way, owe to punch compared with me.” Xu Weilong low snort|hum said that this let Zhu Rong and Shen Xiang cannot help but has smiled. That is I picks, currently also has more than 1000.” The Xu Weilong words make the Zhu Rong eyeball almost fall. Where picks? Some how many?” Zhu Rong hastily asked. Picked 3000, outside city under Luo camelback.” The Xu Weilong words just said that Zhu Rong stands up, looks at that appearance, he must go to there to have a look. Do not go, there was already leafed through, scraped out a lake.” Xu Weilong said. Zhu Rong sits to sigh: How hadn't this good deed been met by me?” I plan to go to First Ranked Inner Courtyard tomorrow morning.” Shen Xiang said. Wants me to help?” Xu Weilong said. Does not use, my that's alright!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, smiles very self-confidently, this makes Yun Xiaodao they secretly surprised. Xu Weilong sighed: You have been careful, the strength of that five fellow is well-matched.” Mo Yuwen occupied heads of ten beautiful male lists and ten Imperial Palace military lists, in Wu Bang is the strength rank of inner courtyard martial artist, the in other words Mo Yuwen strength is the inner courtyard first! Shen Xiang looked at out of the window, said: Day also not black, we go to First Ranked Inner Courtyard to pick to hang that 16 th sign in our Martial Courtyard entrances now.”

Shen Xiang thinks that Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao were hit are because he two years ago challenges the First Ranked Inner Courtyard reason, the Mo Yuwen worry of First Ranked Inner Courtyard will have been defeated by Shen Xiang from now on, therefore injures Yun Xiaodao, moreover they also calculate that accurate Extreme Martial Sect and family will not investigate, naturally, the plan of their actually injures Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong, who knows that Xu Weilong actually came out to say several fierce words, has prevented them. Shen Xiang goes ahead, he drinks up wine class inside liquor, then and Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong eat to eat all one's food the cooked food on tabletop. Snort, food and wine that I order has not come!” Xu Weilong complained, Yun Xiaodao asked the person to pay up at this time. squinted dragon, waits for Big Brother Shen to take First Ranked Inner Courtyard, eats one not to be late again greatly!” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile, he may be is confident to Shen Xiang that Zhu Rong was also so, because Shen Xiang can always make the matter that was above they expects. ...... ...... Dusk, setting sun incarnadine half the sky, but entire Extreme Martial Sect has actually blasted out the pot, because two years ago was detained in forbidden land Shen Xiang came out, moreover makes up the two years ago regrets, comes out on challenge First Ranked Inner Courtyard, what is more astonishing, gambling stake big that this time opens, unexpectedly is palm of the hand big Hell Spirit Grass. No matter where, Hell Spirit Grass is rare, even if in Chenwu Nine Province, Hell Spirit Grass is also very expensive, may with not be possible to ask. The so huge enticement, making First Ranked Inner Courtyard Mo Yuwen be hard to resist, moreover he also knew that is a Shen Xiang person goes to battle, in this case, his first civil war does not accept the challenge the words, that has stage fright, that is very disgraced matter.