World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 115
Chief Big Sister, that was called the Shen Xiang's fellow to challenge Young Master Mo, did you go not to look? today, the place is First Ranked Inner Courtyard!” Wu Xiaodie fills arrives at a refined room, was saying to yellow robed girl. Wu Qianqian slightly one startled, she knows that Shen Xiang will certainly challenge First Ranked Inner Courtyard, but has not actually thought that so will be quick: Xiaodie, we walk, I must have a look at this Shen Xiang fiercely to any degree!” Wu Xiaodie tenderly snorted: This repugnant fellow will certainly be punched the pulp by Young Master Mo, today unexpectedly makes me have that big clown.” Wu Qianqian said with a smile lightly: Your this little girl occupied others convenient also to show off cleverness, we walked.” Wu Xiaodie is wrinkling the nose, stamped the feet, tenderly snorted gets up, remembers her to grasp the matter of Shen Xiang chest, pretty face cannot help but is also ruddy. Mysterious Realm inside Elder Courtyard, Wu Kaiming said with a smile: „The Dean Boss, you said that our if wanted also joins in the fun, how having a look at this Young Martial Uncle to win, unexpectedly duel entire First Ranked Inner Courtyard!” Gu Dongchen happily said with a smile: This is natural, really hopes that he lost, when the time comes we can also tease his, how look at him also before us rampant.” Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming leave Mysterious Realm, stands on five ten layers high tall tower, looks that distant place that occupies a land area of area very huge First Ranked Inner Courtyard. Shen Xiang went into hiding for two years later, appears makes so the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering matter to come, his name immediately was also remembered, quick once again becomes Extreme Martial Sect inside celebrity. Shen Xiang is not only the Extreme Martial Sect's celebrity, in Extreme Martial Province is also known, because he has killed Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple, posted a reward by hundred thousand crystal stones by Beast Martial Sect, this to most martial artist, is not a small number, to obtain this posting a reward, many people investigate the Shen Xiang's origin. Mo Yuwen and other First Ranked Inner Courtyard members and Shen Xiang stand in First Ranked Inner Courtyard that huge plaza, in Mo Yuwen they behind are also standing over ten thousand in Outer Disciple, this is the influence that they win over, but Shen Xiang behind has Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong these three people. Mo Yuwen seems like that refined, he said with a smile: Has not thought that Xu Weilong unexpectedly meets you to mix together, I have not thought today only then you go to battle.”

You have not thought also has.” Shen Xiang smile should say. In plaza all around, gathers round comes to see the lively person , many celebrities, for example top ten beauties, in ten big beautiful male, as well as part of True Martial Realm martial artist. At this time, Zhu Rong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, by said by his ear: Junior Brother Shen, you look at that side that adorable little girl, she is my younger sister, Zhu Rourou.” Shen Xiang casts a sidelong glance, seeing one to wear the pale pink dress young girl to stand among one group of females, although her females are not bad, but this young girl especially is still conspicuous, she is very beautiful, on adorable pretty face hangs the smiling face, the whole body is sending out elegantly simple makings, is very noticeable. Also good, but I am not interested.” Shen Xiang whispered. At this time Yun Xiaodao had entrained the Shen Xiang's sleeve, has referred to that side a distant place white skirt female, whispered: My eldest sister, top ten beauties list second, Yun Suyi.” Shen Xiang looked, saw the Yun Xiaodao eldest sister, that is stature tall, the maturity graceful bearing, the appearance elegant female, is entirely different from the Zhu Rong younger sister, Zhu Rong younger sister tender Xiao Ling jade, pretty adorable, but the Yun Xiaodao elder sister was really one thoroughly ripe the woman, was long quite high. Xu Weilong scolded one lowly: You come to see the woman, fights? Did not hit me to leave.” Mo Yuwen they can calm down again, at this time is also driven beyond the limits of forbearance, they have not thought that Shen Xiang Zhu Rong these bastard unexpectedly discussed at this time the surrounding woman comes, earnestly is different, this makes them feel that he was despised. What they do not know, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong are thinking means own elder sister younger sister to introduce to Shen Xiang. „It is attractive, can arrange the woman of being on the list worthily, you go back to tell them, if did not mind that my three wife four concubines, the evening look for me now, father now or virginity.” Shen Xiang said with a smile evilly.

Mo Yuwen could not tolerate, coldly said: „Do you also hit?” Naturally hits, you said the rule.” Shen Xiang has coughed two, but Zhu Rong and a Yun Xiaodao actually face despises looks at Shen Xiang. Mo Yuwen said: You said a moment ago you go to battle right, the person but who us meets are many, in our behind people are the First Ranked Inner Courtyard people.” Yun Xiaodao hears, immediately is angry: Is nothing, in them also many people continually enter the inner courtyard qualifications not to have.” This Mo Yuwen somewhat worried obviously Shen Xiang will defeat them, to be absolutely safe, said this words. Is, if they are the First Ranked Inner Courtyard people, then Extreme Martial Sect in this above welfare, is only unbearable, do not play us to play.” Zhu Rong said with a sneer. I am First Ranked Inner Courtyard Dean, I said that they are, although they have not attained the First Ranked Inner Courtyard disciple to have the welfare that but they stay in First Ranked Inner Courtyard frequently, moreover duty that Extreme Martial Sect provides, they have to complete.” Mo Yuwen said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then, after they complete the task, was the reward that obtains receives by you? Hehe, no wonder you gather that many people.” The Mo Yuwen complexion changes: If did not agree, then please return!” Words that Shen Xiang agrees with, is one dozen 10,000, is this matter that the person does? The surrounding person also thinks somewhat excessive, trades to be them, they will not agree that when they think that is hopeless looks, actually hears Shen Xiang saying: My original intention, but there is a premise, was your nine has defeated, they can go on stage.” Ok, but they and your strength is disparate, therefore they can collaborate to compare notes with you.” Mo Yuwen said.

Now Shen Xiang saw clearly this Mo Yuwen false countenance, looked like refined, but in the heart actually completely was some despicable tricks. Shen Xiang unexpectedly agreed that even if he can win the First Ranked Inner Courtyard nine members, but that over ten thousand disciples are also not simple, strength above Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, even if Shen Xiang is an elephant, was besieged by that many ants, will not have any stratagem which ensures success. Idiot, what to do if lost? That is Hell Spirit Grass!” Zhu Rong scolded lowly was saying. Yun Xiaodao looks wickedly besieges his five people on the same day, clenches teeth saying: Big Brother Shen, I believe you, you want them to owe my asking to come back, wait for some day me to have the strength, I 11 kill off these fellows again.” Yun Xiaodao puts down the ruthless words, then walks in the direction that his eldest sister Yun Suyi is , the Zhu Rong whole face is also helpless, arrives at his sister there. Doesn't need to help really?” Xu Weilong has not walked. Does not use, you look at that's alright, you are far away from this First Ranked Inner Courtyard as far as possible, should better no longer in First Ranked Inner Courtyard.” Shen Xiang whispered, the corners of the mouth flash through wipe the mean smiling face, looks in the Xu Weilong heart to tremble.