World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 116
Shen Xiang was closed in the forbidden land two years, but lost two years of welfare. Therefore he not only need make First Ranked Inner Courtyard lose, but also must make Extreme Martial Sect lose points. In, Shen Xiang learned from Xu Weilong there, in First Ranked Inner Courtyard nine members, only then five strengths are immeasurably deep, other four can neglect, because that is Mo Yuwen they intentionally defects, makes that four people come, to win over that four people. Which four Shen Xiang can see that four is, contrasts Mo Yuwen their imposing manners to know that after is under others' palm the person, must certainly restrain before the lord. One-to-one, was lost cannot go on stage again.” Mo Yuwen said. „Can I let in their four same places first?” Shen Xiang points at the man who that four had not been speaking, they they are respectful to Mo Yuwen. As you like!” Mo Yuwen said immediately: You go, careful.” From the beginning to previous four, moreover Shen Xiang elect, this makes the people surprised, here person is martial artist, the inner courtyard disciple who can see the high standard fights, making them excited. The martial arts contest starts! Four person whole bodies shake, stimulate to movement vigorous True Qi, four formidable True Qi also blow out, the air wave toward howls to go in all directions, starts the intermittent strong winds, could see that their True Qi is very pure, and powerful. Worthily is First Ranked Inner Courtyard.” Wu Qianqian beautiful eyes flashes, envies looks to stand these people on the scene, in their eyes, these First Ranked Inner Courtyard people, are the disciples who has boundless prospects, so long as is expert, is worth them worshipping.

These four people, each is fiercer than Chief Big Sister, that asked the Shen Xiang's fellow to lose.” Wu Xiaodie is nipping the beautiful teeth, face to rejoice in other people's misfortune said. suddenly, that four people disappeared in same place, that was a very fast migration, this caused 100,000 people that all around surrounded to send out calls out in alarm intermittently, this speed was they tries hard to pursue. The Shen Xiang eyeball rotation, is hearing the weak sound with rapt attention, emits Divine Sense, catch the fluctuation of True Qi, the speeds of these four people are truly fast, they back and forth are running in plaza, almost cannot see their forms! Back they, front person, an upper air person!” Shen Xiang continuously in catch their trends, when they attack, he judges the attack immediately the direction. Shen Xiang smiles lightly, True Qi in within the body revolves as one desires, this is Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, making True Qi surge in the skin surface, achieves one type the effect of melting powerful strength, meanwhile can have the vortex same suction, closely holds the person. The people in plaza are holding the breath, waited for that is about the vanish from sight four people to attack Shen Xiang's that instantaneous, how long does not use them and others, this stimulation appeared, four people separately attack Shen Xiang from and sky. Front that hand like the pointed cone, the stamp among the Shen Xiang's chests, the behind two is a person of fist, fist above overflows vigorous True Qi to hit to Shen Xiang's, but that actually single foot of upper air falls, falls just like long spear on the Shen Xiang's top of the head generally. This attack is suddenly . Moreover the formidable incomparable, most parts people certainly on the scene think one not possibly in this case move aside certainly. Shen Xiang has not moved aside, but stands firm to decide there, strange appeared, four people also attacks, quickly like lightning, fiercely like thunder, but hits after the Shen Xiang body, that four people completely frame there, resembled them to get down any monster technique to be the same, cannot move.

If under True Martial Realm, is absolutely impossible to resist, Shen Xiang a matter does not have now, everyone can clear seeing, the Shen Xiang's chest be poked by the pointed cone palm, in the top of the head is also stepping on a person, the fist tight post of back that two person back of Shen Xiang's. Truly hit, but Shen Xiang was all right, the people think Shen Xiang, even if were not hit the completely squashed sauce, should vomit several two blood to be right, but he does not wrinkle the brow now. That four attack the Shen Xiang's person is startled, because after they use the formidable Qi Aura attack, actually resembles in that sword vigorous insertion water to be the same, does not have mighty waves, the one who most makes them shock, their hands and feet were stuck to Shen Xiang's, True Qi in within the body is unable to transfer! When people doubts are shocking, Shen Xiang moved! His fierce fist rumbles, hits before his body on that person, looks like ordinary fights with the fists, actually instantaneously hits to depart hundred zhang (3.33 m) that person, flies while to spurt the blood, finally hits fully is on the roof of tile. Mediocre!” Shen Xiang is sneering, sends out sonic boom to drink, sees only the clothes of his upper body to turn into the smashing immediately, has revealed the Naqu line perfect vigorous and healthy muscle, at the same time, on his skin spout fiery red Qi mist, an uncomfortable and scalding hot invisible air wave rushes all around. At this time, stepped in the body, with two people behind him sent out a pitiful yell, in the mouth spout the blood, the face and twisted by the pain frightened fiercely incomparable. Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, qi wave is exploding from him, that three people by this qi wave shaking, the mouth welled up the blood to fly. Shen Xiang not their severe wound, but lets their enduring hardship head, keeping them from fighting again. Your five either admit defeat, either fights with me! In the process of fight, I will not show mercy absolutely, I may, no matter you come how noblly!” Shen Xiang unemotionally said that is full of the angry words shake in Extreme Martial Sect.

This time Shen Xiang is very earnest, is most fearful! Defeats four First Ranked Inner Courtyard members instantaneously, this strength truly makes the person balls tremble! Some Wu Kaiming said worriedly of distant place: „The Dean Boss, does if wanted prevent this brat? I am worried about him to be able under to hate hand, makes the human life!” Do not go, this brat starts to have the discretion, has abandoned at most that several fellows, you had also said with me before that several fellows have handled matter, this is they must undertake the punishment.” Gu Dongchen said that shoulders both hands, complexion somewhat dignifiedly looks at Shen Xiang: A moment ago what this brat used was Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, Master had used that move to me, only then in True Qi of match differed in many situations to be effective.” It seems like he truly obtains the inheritance of that crazy old fellow, he is the Yin-Yang......” Wu Kaiming speaks of here, the eye stares perfectly round, a face is panic-stricken. Gu Dongchen nodded: Should be, heard that he can use many attribute True Qi.” The Shen Xiang whole body braves the flame, the flame is similar to the anger in his heart, flaming is burning, looks like Fire God that looks like getting angry. „Does anyone of you come? One-to-one!” Shen Xiang narrows the eyes to focus, is taking a fast look around the opposite that five handsome men, they are the juniors of Extreme Martial Province famous family.