World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 117
A build is somewhat extremely fat, but before actually obviously the fat handsome man does not move toward, although they experience to the Shen Xiang's strength, but they actually still do not fear, on his face is also having a very calm facial expression, he wears one white magnificent and expensive clothes. This person of name called Chang Xingyi, was Extreme Martial Province chamber of commerce union Association Master numerous son's in which one, in the family is wealthy, was on good terms with many families, had the commercial relation with many middle-and-small sect. Chang Xingyi puts out to carve the azure spirit pattern sword, although spirit pattern is tiny, but was poured into True Qi after by him, spirit pattern glittering has the beautiful light, seems such as Thunder Rufeng, this is 4th Stage spirit tool! Wind and Lightning Sword, the first place in 4th Stage spirit tool!” Wu Qianqian said with amazement that a face envies, regarding this beautiful spirit tool, the female also very likes. Wu Xiaodie at the same time is flat small mouth, whispering: Our Wu Qianqian big beautiful women had a liking for that repugnant Shen Xiang probably, this repugnant fellow so is how fierce, a person hit to fly four First Ranked Inner Courtyard people casually.” Wu Qianqian pretty face one red, is charmingly angry: little girl do not speak at a venture, the Shen Xiang person is good, only before blaming us, extremely proud and arrogant, does not understand the respect person, not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! He hits to awake ignorant me, moreover others win me not to want my True Elemental Dan.” Wu Xiaodie spits the tongue, no longer spoke, but looks in that Chang Xingyi hand beautiful spirit tool. Shen Xiang knows, this type in qualifying spirit tool, majority are expensive, even if itself not that value, but after taking away the auction, can curry favor with several million crystal stones. All around Chang Xingyi sees the envying look that throws, in the heart proud incomparable, to Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Before said rule time, had not said violates a regulation with spirit tool!” I heard that you obtained good spirit tool in Heavenly Dragon Treasure......”

Shen Xiang breaks him, said: Relax, I do not need that to cope your, you have not matched, if naturally you dare to carry on the life and death struggle, I will offer a sacrifice to the blade with your blood actually.” rampant brat, I well teach you today!” During the speeches, that Wind and Lightning Sword punctures, looks like such as the wind general elegant light and lively, but also is bringing thunder general might. This Chang Xingyi is wood attribute, can use wind attribute and lightning attribute, this is hard and soft strength, unifies together is formidable, Shen Xiang fully realizes this point. Beautiful Wind and Lightning Sword punctures like lightning, punctures to the Shen Xiang's left chest, but why actually does not know, Shen Xiang mysterious stretched out two fingers, closely grips sword tip. This gently clamps, making all people cannot help but stare, time that sword punctures, although elegant, but the might is to also be obvious to all, but Shen Xiang actually so relaxed grips. Sees only Shen Xiang lightly smiled, on two fingers overflows one light red Qi mist suddenly, the people sees the Shen Xiang's two fingers to resemble the scissors to be ordinary, that sword tip shear! This, making many people feel like a knife twisting in the heart, shocks incomparably! That is 4th Stage spirit tool, but is actually similar to the paper sticks, had been pinched easily-off by Shen Xiang, but this therefore was also ruined expensive Wind and Lightning Sword, making the person regret. Is Profound Aura Finger! That terrifying Earth Level Low-Grade martial arts, has not thought that his unexpectedly learned.” old man is startled to shout that this quick was spread, no one has thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly learned this type to be fierce martial arts that and difficult to study. Chang Xingyi a moment ago because have Wind and Lightning Sword, but vast haughty, but his complexion is actually now ugly, his corner of the eye in twitching, is looking on sword blade that slowly gloomy spirit pattern, so long as this spirit tool were destroyed a dot, quite in discarding.

Naturally, spirit tool is very firm, only if meets rank better spirit tool, otherwise is hard to damage, but he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly cultivates Profound Aura Finger this type can be called Divine Martial Skill martial arts, pinched-off precious Wind and Lightning Sword his. Chang Xingyi has the blood unable to spit at this time, he has sent out angry roaring, overran toward Shen Xiang, the double fist spout boundless azure True Qi, lightning is exploding dodges, at this time his on the fist condense two lifelike azure snake heads, are also spitting the snake apricot to hit toward the Shen Xiang bang. Fist from Shen Xiang also three feet times, Shen Xiang lays out a palm, on the palm is spurts to be thin similarly azure wind and thunder Qi Aura! This palm is quick, suddenly, after taking control, is sending out the invisible pressure, forms invisible giant palm, has covered toward Chang Xingyi! Entire First Ranked Inner Courtyard sends out violent shivering immediately, sees only that lands that Chang Xingyi is similar to the wave turns to well up generally, firm stone brick turns into the smashing suddenly, Chang Xingyi by that violent shakes strength to pour into within the body greatly, not only shakes the powder his body inside condense True Qi instantaneously completely, meanwhile shakes his whole body skeleton to present the fissure, the most meridians explode broken. A palm, Shen Xiang defeats Chang Xingyi, moreover severe wound! Is Shocking Heaven Palm!” Yun Xiaodao calls out in alarm, this martial arts he initially also had read, but is too difficult to study, he gave up decisively, now sees this might, he cannot help but secretly sucks the tongue. Profound Aura Finger and Shocking Heaven Palm that Shen Xiang displays are martial arts that difficult to study, requests to fleshly body extremely high, Shen Xiang can display now with ease, can explain that he completely grasped these two fierce martial arts, moreover his fleshly body is very formidable. Chang Xingyi lies in the ground, struggling, in the mouth is gushing out the blood unceasingly, that terrifying strength attacked in his body a moment ago, making him feel that own body probably must be disintegrated to be the same instantaneously, at this time he sees Shen Xiang to walk, cannot help but looks frightened.

Can Shen Xiang do? The people got the answer quickly, sees only Shen Xiang rave one, innumerable fist image flash before, bringing the powerful Qi Energy bang to hit! A pair of fist golden light sparkle, that frigid murderous aura along with his sincere bang hits dissipates, revolting, is only an instance, Shen Xiang makes hundred to come the fist on the bang, he utilizes metal attribute White Tiger True Qi, is bringing murdering wild Qi Aura, the sincere bang hits on the body of ground that Chang Xingyi, making that Chang Xingyi send out immediately calls out pitifully intermittently rendingly. The Shen Xiang's violent fist rapidness, letting the person is unable to prevent, when all people recover, that Chang Xingyi had been hit inlaying entered fully is the crushed stone ground, covered with blood mounting by Shen Xiang in crushed stone, but had not actually died! This bloody, cruel, terrifying and powerful attack, lets in most people heart the fear, at this time Shen Xiang in their eyes, is cruel Slaughter God! Shen Xiang, you......” Mo Yuwen look that combines together Chang Xingyi with the ground crushed stone, cannot help but swallows the saliva, this makes him feel the deep fear similarly. Next!” Shen Xiang gloomy and cold said that this sound made all people cannot help but hit one to tremble, can the next person also be hit not the turn into a human shape like Chang Xingyi?