World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 118
Slaughtering Heart, is not only makes Shen Xiang release one type to absorb the person mind the fine Divine Power pressure, meanwhile can make him turn into one to murder the decisive person, lets him in the fight, does not worry, can display strength. Some many people in fight, because has too many extra worries, therefore cannot display the skill strength, but Shen Xiang does not have. I have not broken the rule, if you can, can discard me!” The Shen Xiang item contains to murder, 11 are staring at Mo Yuwen these four people. Chang Xingyi had been dug, that body was rotten can not be rotten, mixed together with the lime soil, looked like very disgusting, many people have been retching, a moment ago a handsome robust man, was only in the short time, turned so, Shen Xiang's strength already deep fear. „Does anyone of you get up? I will not be forgiving, I let almost not have, turns into one pile of rotten meat you who you admit defeat!” Shen Xiang that ice-cold sound is similar to Hell Evil Devil spreads over First Ranked Inner Courtyard generally, making people scared. In a moment ago, Mo Yuwen they truly had not paid attention to Shen Xiang, but they actually do not dare to come up to accept a challenge now, they knew about their strength very that they think where they strong to do not go compared with that Chang Xingyi, facing the Shen Xiang's time, may very much with the Chang Xingyi same fate. Mo Yuwen had considered prudently, at present suddenly one bright, said: I admit defeat!” Mo Yuwen admitted defeat unexpectedly, this makes Shen Xiang slightly surprised, other people also similarly so, this makes many females disappointed, in their mind, Mo Yuwen is invincible, although they deeply were shocked by the Shen Xiang's strength, but they will think Mo Yuwen certainly very attractive being defeated Shen Xiang. In this time, Yin Lin, Lei Chi and Lu Yongming in abundance admits defeat, independent combat words, their fates , was discarded, although they care about this First Ranked Inner Courtyard very much, but cares about own future, if were discarded, they will bog down very long a period of time. You had said before, so long as we have defeated, our behind people can enter the stage, right!” Mo Yuwen coldly smiled, sees only him to raise a hand, has made a hand signal, Qi Han who his behind over ten thousand people send out shock immediately, making entire Extreme Martial Sect be covered by this billowing roaring hiss. Zhu Rong is gripping tightly the fist: This fellow looks like refined, but actually so despicable!”

Yun Xiaodao ran up to side Zhu Rong, plans to participate in the fight. „The First Ranked Inner Courtyard disciple, works with concerted efforts by us today, the present person will defeat!” Mo Yuwen loudly shouted, raises the morale, this makes many people criticize him not to be concerned about face. Mo Yuwen they are secret haughty, because they think that Shen Xiang is absolutely impossible to defeat these over ten thousand people! What somewhat surprising is, Shen Xiang is only indifferently said: Mo Yuwen, you have not gotten with me, is somewhat regrettable? I permit you and they on together, together comes!” Shen Xiang was insane, this is the first ideas of all people, unexpectedly lets Mo Yuwen they with that 10,000 people on together, that does not clarify to look oppressively. Ha Ha...... Since your so good intention, I also embarrassed reject!” Mo Yuwen laughs: Everybody gives!” On character just fell, the Shen Xiang whole person is similar to escapes the profound arrow to fly to shoot, in an instant, appears before the body of that Mo Yuwen, Mo Yuwen one startled, hastily the True Qi reassignment of whole body, segregates energy shield to defend with most parts, meanwhile pours into enters the arm, turns into Qi Aura, the bang hits. When Mo Yuwen just found out the fist to striking, the Shen Xiang fierce yawn, blowout crazy fierce azure Qi Aura, turns into together the azure giant light beam together, not only attack maliciously on the body of Mo Yuwen, meanwhile attacks Mo Yuwen behind that group of always people, leaves together the deep trace in the ground, one group of people were hit by that azure Qi Aura light beam, erupt painful pitiful yells White Tiger Divine Fist, gives me dead!” Shen Xiang this moment murderous-looking, the double fist turns into two huge tiger head, is similar to the violent storm sprints generally, every fights with the fists, will erupt powerful storm, blows retreat all around person. White Tiger Divine Fist is similar to the raindrop hits crowded on the body of Mo Yuwen, each fist devour Mo Yuwen Life Force, Shen Xiang was pounding dozens fists, fell to the bang Mo Yuwen energy shield, defends to vanish, Mo Yuwen sent out a series of pitiful yells, Shen Xiang leaves the speed very rapidness of fist, can make over a hundred fists instantaneously, each fist implication strength wild incomparable.

Dragon Aura Fist!” The Shen Xiang's fist is similar to the gold is suddenly common, braves very terrifying Qi Aura: This fist is Zhu Rong.” The Shen Xiang's fist hits on the cheeks of Mo Yuwen, sticks out suddenly rumbled, sees only several teeth of Mo Yuwen to depart with a blood, at the same time the face fell completely. This is Xiaodao!” Shen Xiang is a fist, but Mo Yuwen has fainted at this time deadly in the past, bleeds profusely from the head, the whole body is bloody one piece. Before had said with you, I will not be forgiving!” Shen Xiang condense Dragon Aura, a foot holds on the Mo Yuwen abdomen, kicking, will hit above the Martial Courtyard fence. That Yin Lin, Lu Yongming and Lei Chi see Shen Xiang so savage, has not gotten rid master Mo Yuwen, instead makes a getaway, in hiding into crowd. Although Mo Yuwen was defeated, but behind that more than 10,000 people are actually similar to the tide generally rush Shen Xiang, in these person of hands unexpectedly is taking the sharp weapon. Can compel me to use the cruel methods to break is good?” Back of Shen Xiang braves red light, pair of huge fire wings appears, his bounces, leaps airborne, the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings flutter, is letting his float in the air, sees only his whole body to brave green lake light glow, true threatening heat as well as wild Qi Aura explode to well up from him. Shocking Heaven Palm!” Shen Xiang roared, divided a palm from upper air to the tread, invisible Qi Aura gushed out from the palm crazily, turns into a wild pressure to depress. Shen Xiang own Azure Dragon True Qi and Vermilion Bird True Qi release, is used to urge to send this Shocking Heaven Palm! In that instantaneous, big First Ranked Inner Courtyard crazy sways, plaza presented fissures, all houses collapse completely, that huge and smooth plaza, is similar to the Tsunami mighty waves fluctuates instantaneously, stands in the above person also by that powerful Qi Aura shaking, in the mouth spout an intermittent blood.

Shocking Heaven Palm!” Shen Xiang both eyes are red, the forehead is exploding the blue vein, the endless anger will release, exudes one to roar once more. But the person who these watch compared with fighting already crossed these collapses the tall wall, brings to shock with is far away from this place is apt to get into trouble frightened, when they hear Shen Xiang to release that terror incomparable Shocking Heaven Palm, in the heart cannot help but sighs with regret. Shen Xiang these time releases earth attribute Divine Elephant True Qi and metal attribute White Tiger True Qi completely, fuses together these two terrifying and vigorous True Qi, under the attack this First Ranked Inner Courtyard. hōng hōng hōng bang! Shen Xiang Shocking Heaven Palm chops, again makes following First Ranked Inner Courtyard have a violent vibration, below that 10,000 people collapsed at this time, there are much the soil are covered by that turns is welling up, entire First Ranked Inner Courtyard turned into stretch of ruins, this group of people send out intermittently pitiful **. Shen Xiang's Vermilion Bird True Qi almost uses up, how long the wing of Vermilion Bird could not support, he from airborne fell, goes to an entrance place, was digging the soil, „No. 16 iron sign looked for that looks at the rear that stretch of disorderly ruins, coldly snorted, then swaggered away! But in many person hearts shouted loudly is being impossible, in their opinion, this, only then True Martial Realm can accomplish, but Shen Xiang was actually not True Martial Realm!