World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 119
Everybody throws a fresh flower, collects, thanks! Big First Ranked Inner Courtyard, in the short several instances, turns into stretch of ruins, that more than 10,000 people that threatened are also whinning, they also immerse in that fear, vigorous True Qi of Shen Xiang on oneself released a moment ago by Shocking Heaven Palm, the might is huger . Moreover the consecutively two palms, are always Brother Extreme Martial Sect's, is hard to resist this terrifying shock Qi Aura. This...... This fellow or person?” Inner Disciple looks at the present all, rubbed the eyes, has a lingering fear, if they continue to stop over there, perhaps must be affected. Rourou, this brat is fierce!” Zhu Rong has patted the head of that adorable young girl, saying with a smile of haughty. Is very fierce, the strength approaches in True Martial Realm.” Zhu Rourou looks at the Shen Xiang's back with that pair of limpid pupil, lightly smiled: Elder brother you have made an extraordinary friend.” That is natural, the brother!” Zhu Rong runs toward Shen Xiang. Yun Xiaodao has bought her elder sister Yun Suyi clothes: Big sister , he although was smaller than you, but Big Brother Shen should not mind this, has the opportunity I to let him and you meets.” Yun Suyi of maturity graceful bearing also immerses in shock that two waves shivered a moment ago fiercely at this time, her took a deep breath, said slightly: Ok, such person was too terrorist, I do not suit me!” Yun Xiaodao curls the lip, then ran toward Shen Xiang. Xu Weilong deeply had been subdued by the Shen Xiang's strength at this time, but he does not show weakness, saw only him to tow that corona dead past Yin Lin and Lei Chi, arrived at side Shen Xiang, said: These two fellows want to run, but was blocked by me, then had been thrown by me.” Hehe, does well.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, at this time he was tired, could see him to consume very greatly.

Yun Xiaodao walks, after trampling two foot that Yin Lin and Lei Chi, said while loudly laughing: Walks, drinks!” Although Shen Xiang is very exhausted, but after having eaten several grains of True Qi Dan, restored much, then they departs with Yun Xiaodao. „The Dean Boss, you looks!” A Wu Kaiming face forced smile: This brat has done anything, unexpectedly is so wild, has ruined First Ranked Inner Courtyard, the reconstruction words need many crystal stones, moreover some that many disciples are injured.” Gu Dongchen also smiles bitterly saying: How I want to take a look at this brat to be defeated, has not actually thought that his strength far exceeded me to imagine! The words in compensation, making these disciples leave that's it, the families of these fellows are rich flow the oil.” If not because Shen Xiang is their Young Martial Uncle, they are disinclined to come to see this fight, although in many disciple eyes, this fight shocks, but in these True Martial Realm eyes, but is the piece of cake, why this does not see the reason that True Martial Realm fights frequently, True Martial Realm must contend in martial arts, generally will go to the remote mountain open country, will otherwise affect many people. Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao they drink, is the night, he returns to lonely Extreme Dan King Courtyard, is resting in inside, he has put out a azure fruit, this is Azure Profound Fruit, in Building Foundation Dan rarest herbs, is hard to plant, only then meets condense to come out in some old trees. Azure Profound Fruit really type?” Shen Xiang suddenly has an idea, wants to use this Azure Profound Fruit type to set up. „Some spirit herb, only will then grow in the specific environment, for example Hell Spirit Grass, only then can appear in the death Qi extremely heavy place, but this Azure Profound Fruit is some old trees breeds, but actually need not the environment be specific, one special Spirit Qi that because the main element transforms through the old tree.” Su Meiyao said. If Shen Xiang wants to become builds up the Dan Ancestor master, must first have massive spirit herb, although he in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, but he is actually not able to obtain massive spirit herb to come alchemy, he can only depend upon itself. While enhancing own strength, he also needs to promote his alchemy technique, because later relied on the pills place is really too many, if can refine rare and precious pills, later can also win over many people, can many to work for him.

Shen Xiang these years occasionally meet condense to leave some dragon saliva to preserve, along with his strength promotion, that dragon saliva accelerate ripening ability also become fiercer, he collected five bottles now, making the plan be used to train one to be able these completely to give birth to the Azure Profound Fruit tree. Has rested a evening, Shen Xiang is full of vigor, restored in peak condition, he left Extreme Dan King Courtyard, arrived at new First Ranked Inner Courtyard! Martial Courtyard that No. 500 Martial Courtyard, the sign that but the entrance hangs was No. 16, Zhu Rong came very early in the morning, after his and the others was uneven, received the welfare on hastily together! The welfare of No. 16 inner courtyard is rich, one year of five grains of True Elemental Dan, one month of hundred True Qi Dan, ten thousand crystal stones, naturally, they also know that the duty will be arduous, but there is a Shen Xiang this anomaly, they will not be worried. From receiving that moment of welfare, the smiling face on Zhu Rong that fat face has not vanished, he appears very happy, because, he can receive hundred True Qi Dan every month! Xu Weilong and Yun Xiaodao are sincere, they know that this is the Shen Xiang's merit, therefore everyone has given Shen Xiang two grains of True Elemental Dan, but Zhu Rong has only given one grain. Junior Brother Shen, you are really God of Wealth, I hope more and more you can be my brother-in-law, Ha Ha, perhaps on that day I can be admitted to the big house that crystal stones makes.” Zhu Rong smiles grins with ear to ear: If there is a duty, Junior Brother Shen you handle should not to have the issue.” Dead fatty, your this fat many will not only be short, looked that you lazily become such, perhaps on that day met danger(ous), your this fat will certainly implicate your.” Yun Xiaodao snort|hum sound track. A Zhu Rong face does not care, says with a smile: little rascal Yun, my this meat is not has no merit to speak, had saved me several times, if I True Qi condense in the fat, others hit my time completely, I will not think the pain.” Big Brother Shen, punches his two fists to have a look.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile.

Zhu Rong hastily moves aside, said: Do not act unreasonably, the Shen Xiang's words, that was exempts.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your fellows are really, was right, did your elder sister younger sisters say? Is willing to serve me together?” Have not thought that my younger sister knew that you have a fiancee, decisively rejected.” Zhu Rong sighed that regarding this, in his heart also is very contradictory, although he knows that the man three wife four concubines are very normal, but his sister actually did not agree. My elder sister dislikes you to be too little, moreover said that you is a monster, I want definitely to be hopeless, she is really, wastes my good intention.” Yun Xiaodao also sighed. Shen Xiang smiled: That is good, if there is a duty to get down, you can do does, undoable after detaining, or first following, I must close up a period of time.” Xu Weilong said: I must close up, when went out, I will be aware to complete some tasks.” Yun Xiaodao curls the lip: We and Old Zhu have wound in the body, we must heal from a wound, wants a period of time.” Then, First Ranked Inner Courtyard everyone has the important matter, therefore these No. 16 Martial Courtyard was the same with former that No. 500 Martial Courtyard, was empty, but actually nobody again dares to ridicule inside person now!