World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 120
Shen Xiang returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he has dug a pit in an inside yard, buries Azure Profound Fruit, then starts to drop dragon saliva toward above! These five bottles of dragon saliva enough accelerate ripening Metal Spirit Fruit Tree, at least can obtain ten Metal Spirit Fruit, is Shen Xiang in the two years collects, if not successful, that this dragon saliva wasted! Shen Xiang dropped one bottle quickly, was investigating this Azure Profound Fruit with Divine Sense, discovered that Azure Profound Fruit was digesting unusual Spirit Qi that these dragon saliva were releasing slowly, he knew this need process. Shen Xiang returns to the room, has put out that ten grains of True Elemental Dan, although this True Elemental Dan is High-Grade Spirit Level, but present him does not have the big effect, what he needs is Building Foundation Dan! However he has eaten up, he one time eats up three grains, then starts to build up the efficacy...... A grain of True Elemental Dan price is True Qi Dan ten times, can buy five thousand crystal stones, crystal stones that ordinary Inner Disciple one year receives also only then 3000, obviously this True Elemental Dan is very expensive, moreover is sect must have, because this can make the hanger-on disciple promote rapidly, encourages the one good prize of disciple. In an instant passed for ten days, Shen Xiang compressed True Qi that these ten grains of True Elemental Dan obtained completely in White Tiger beast image, but also can only make inside there true element grains brightly so little, can ignore, obviously entered True Qi that True Martial Realm needs to compress is how huge, Shen Xiang absorbed two years of Spirit Qi in that Spirit Qi rich Mysterious Realm, made two grains of true element grains shine to the limit, that was with the help of Huang Jintian this crazy Immortal, if he cultivated outside, at least needed ten years the bright grain. He has Yin and Yang Divine Veins, practice is also Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, absorbs Spirit Qi time on does not have the several fold compared with the common person quickly, but he must enter True Martial Realm at least to require many time, if others, under not having the help of pills, over a hundred years are hard to arrive. Shen Xiang understands now, why as numerous as the hairs of an ox of Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, but True Martial Realm so is scarce, he had also heard many young arrives at the Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer talent, but majority are unable to enter True Martial Realm finally, finally passes away in Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer! No wonder Xiaodao and Old Zhu had not attached great importance to by the family, because they enter True Martial Realm 10-layer are very uncertain! If illuminates me now this progress, I at least need 15 years to enter True Martial Realm, this was too long! Xianxian this little girl has entered into True Martial Realm before more than two years, what Immortal Dan this has little girl eaten?” In Shen Xiang is regarding in the dantian that three grains of gloomy true element grains, thought aloud that said.

I suspected that Xue Xianxian is also Divine Veins, practice is also divine art, moreover she is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire Dean apprentice, Building Foundation Dan anything will not be surely few, therefore she can promote that quickly.” Su Meiyao said. News that in the two years, Shen Xiang obtains is, Xue Xianxian has been closing up, Icewind Valley's Leng Youlan also densely accepts the secret instruction in Icewind Valley's, is hard to relate on. Does not know when Dao Pill elder barbaric woman goes out, wants to make her help me really build up two furnace Building Foundation Dan.” Shen Xiang sighed lightly that his suddenly somewhat thought of this bewildered woman. Before, Shen Xiang inquired that pills above Extreme Martial Sect Profound Level was very deficient, there are many not to have, because spirit herb was scarce . Moreover the Profound Level Dan refinement difficulty was very high, was easy to be defeated, even if collected herbs laboriously, because of being defeated to cause herbs to vanish into thin air. Therefore, many sect's martial artist, once saves to massive crystal stones, will go to Danxiang Taoyuan, there is the agglomeration of alchemy master, the Profound Level Dan medicine there , although is expensive, but has much, even can also entrust some fame very high alchemy masters to come alchemy there, the failure rate is extremely low, this is also the reason that Danxiang Taoyuan receives many sect respect. Shen Xiang arrives in the small courtyard distressfully, actually suddenly sees that ground to have a very tiny tooth to brave from the soil surfaced road! Ha Ha...... Has succeeded, father prepared to have many Azure Profound Fruit!” Shen Xiang laughs excitedly. Low key!” Su Meiyao lightly snorted, Shen Xiang also hastily closes the mouth. Shen Xiang used one bottle of dragon saliva, made that Azure Profound Fruit germinate, he currently also has four bottles.

Has put out one bottle of dragon saliva, dropping of Shen Xiang cautious and solemn on that bud seedling, simultaneously is peeping at the situation of bud seedling with Divine Sense, how having a look at this bud seedling to absorb the dragon saliva speed. The speed unexpectedly very rapidness, is only the short half double-hour, has absorbed entire bottle of dragon saliva, before that Azure Profound Fruit had used for ten days! dragon saliva special strength makes that bud seedling absorb in this Mysterious Realm rich Spirit Qi crazily, is speeding up the growth, half double-hour passes by, the bud seedling turned into the small seedling. Shen Xiang is excited at this time, once he can have massive Azure Profound Fruit, he can sell out one, then purchases other herbs with these crystal stones, making him study to refine a higher equivalent pills. Su Meiyao has said that refines the minimum requirement of Building Foundation Dan, at least must be able to refine High-Grade Spirit Level! The Building Foundation Dan refinement difficulty is not high, but has very good effect, moreover herbs is extremely rare, becomes Low-Grade Profound Level Dan. Also is half double-hour passes, Shen Xiang used one bottle of dragon saliva, that young tree already long to his waist, this tree above leaf was the circular, leaf above has the clear vein, inside was flowing azure Spirit Qi. To the evening, Shen Xiang has used up all dragon saliva, but that tree two are also high, Su Meiyao teaches some spirit tree, spirit flower and spirit grass(es) knowledge to Shen Xiang frequently, in the Shen Xiang's impression, little has such big spirit tree, but majority is a person of high young tree. Was seen to trouble by Elder Dan.” Shen Xiang starts to think how to have deceived that Elder Dan, after all this tree looked that is not simple, is only that unusual Spirit Qi, is noticeable. Azure Profound Fruit Tree did not have the result, Shen Xiang must continue to collect dragon saliva, he does not practice now, day in day out focuses on, is used for condense dragon saliva!

Before he under that big hole, because Huang Jintian supervised him to practice all day, therefore he used for two years to collect five bottles, but is now different, his revolution Dragon Saliva Art, came condense dragon saliva wholeheartedly, moreover he now is Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer cultivation base, condense very many, short five days had one bottle, but actually all of a sudden used up. Ten days pass by, Shen Xiang used one bottle on that Azure Profound Fruit Tree, on Azure Profound Fruit Tree blossomed, that was a azure light glittering big flower, was beautiful, especially in the night. This makes Shen Xiang excited, he believes not long, he can welcome the bumper crop, although has 20, but was enough. Shen Xiang is estimating secretly, his dragon saliva will at least make this Azure Profound Fruit Tree add fast-growth to grow in 3000 about! Another bottle of dragon saliva, flowers had wrapped at this time, the congealment fruit, Spirit Qi of this tree absorption are also getting more and more! Five days pass by, Shen Xiang condense leaves one bottle of dragon saliva, at this time his hand somewhat shivers, after he this bottle of dragon saliva drip into on this tree, was gaining ground, fills with excitedly looks on the tree these like azure lantern the flowers. The time passes little, Shen Xiang is staring at the branch, are similar to azure gem Azure Profound Fruit appears, during the night, in the star compared with sky is dazzling.