World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 121
Shen Xiang was happy that jumped, on the face full is the excited smiling face, if possible, he will certainly laugh, but he actually low-key, otherwise by the Elder Courtyard person is known is not good. He uses the quickest speed, picks that 20 Azure Profound Fruit, this enough he used to be very long, but words that this tree continued to grow, met the result, possibly this was first Azure Profound Fruit Tree in history! Does not know that I go to some death Qi very heavy places, can expedite Hell Spirit Grass?” Shen Xiang lies on the bed, is thinking secretly excitedly, simultaneously told Su Meiyao this idea. I have not tried, Hell Spirit Grass rank is hard to locate, moreover rare incomparable, I had not met before, if there is an opportunity, you can try.” Su Meiyao said. Hell Spirit Grass is therapy pills that is used to refine is fierce, mostly is above Profound Level middle-grade! If makes others know that the Shen Xiang 20 days plant 20 Azure Profound Fruit, certainly will envy to go crazy, this is the Shen Xiang biggest secret. Left Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Shen Xiang arrived in Martial Courtyard, he has not seen Yun Xiaodao they, he inquired, knew that above has not provided any duty to get down. I must go to Danxiang Taoyuan one to be good, tests 3rd Stage Alchemist!” Shen Xiang has left behind a note, said one went to Danxiang Taoyuan to be admitted to the qualifications proof of 3rd Stage Alchemist. 3rd Stage Alchemist, needs to understand refines two Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, the refinement time, within the time and failure are stipulating, very tests the person, Shen Xiang wants this name, to let others dreads him, do not come to look for his trouble. Danxiang Taoyuan in the haven state, has the 1st Stage distance from Extreme Martial Sect, if the ordinary carriage, at least takes one month to go. But Shen Xiang has Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, he estimated that so long as ten days can go! Danxiang Taoyuan has a spirit in you.” Su Meiyao teased.

Hua Yueyun, Shen Xiang had not certainly forgotten that this once again and again tempted his woman, remembers this woman, his unexpectedly has inexplicable moving restlessly. This spirit had not said own real name didn't call Hua Yueyun? This is not good to look, is very disappointed?” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. If she is Danxiang Taoyuan's, I think that should not be difficult.” Shen Xiang touches the nose, went out of Tianmen City, arrives at the suburb, emits Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, flies above the clouds, is at the place that to fly toward the haven state. Fragrance City, this is away from a Danxiang Taoyuan recent city, is a Taoyuan Mainland biggest city, Shen Xiang arrives at the inside of this city, can smell all kinds of fragrances, moreover in this can see the trees and flowers and plants in full bloom beautiful flowers in all directions, this is a very beautiful city. Shen Xiang flew for ten days, passed through a big piece of danger(ous) heavily mountain range, goes to this beautiful place, he sits in a riverside now, is feeling the cool breeze, looks that riverside these are in full bloom the trees of purple flowers, in the heart comfortable. Here Danxiang Tower, that is the Danxiang Taoyuan's industry, very large-scale, is not only sell many spirit herb, has including High-Grade Spirit Level Dan and Middle-Grade Dan sells, but is very expensive. Shen Xiang inquired in the city, finally had found Danxiang Tower is, that unexpectedly is one reaches as high as twenty layers giant tall tower, occupies a land area of area big, the width reaches the thousand feet (333 m) square shape great tower, rises straight from the ground in the Fragrance City middle, after approaching the city center, is very easy to see. This tower looks like ancient, but great changes, above many flower canes, are in full bloom the colorful flowers, once for a while one flock of spirit birds from flying to fall in spending Fujiyuki on tower, appears is very warm beautiful. Worthily is Fragrance City, in all directions is that fragrant, Hua Yueyun this spirit whole body so is no wonder fragrant.” Shen Xiang murmured, remembered him partly visible once looked at Hua Yueyun that check person to seize the soul the luster of the skin, in the heart cannot help but, his suddenly wants to see this spirit. Walked into Danxiang Tower first layer, Shen Xiang saw many transparent cabinets, inside placed the small jade bottles or is being the jade box, on the jade bottle is pasting the label, indicated the pills name. Inside person, majority are Mortal Martial Realm 9th level and 10-layer person, but Shen Xiang actually induces to many True Qi good Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, he guessed that these guard here guard.

Shen Xiang finds from beautiful shopping guide female there that in this Danxiang Tower twenty layers, following five sell pills specially, six arrive at nine layers to be used to refine pills, ten layers is the alchemist assessment place, as for 11 arrives at twenty layers, that is used to plant spirit herb or lives to some staff. I, if must sell spirit herb, which level can go to?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice, he planned to sell quite expensive spirit herb, the person who he definitely when the time comes traded certainly was in Danxiang Taoyuan the quite important character, he can inquire Hua Yueyun at that time while convenient. What rank Young Master can you sell spirit herb?” That beautiful woman asked sweetly. Metal Spirit Fruit!” Shen Xiang lowers the sound saying that this makes that beautiful woman be startled immediately. She sees Shen Xiang is not cracking a joke likely, moreover nobody dares to play the Danxiang Tower joke, then whispered: Young Master please come with me.” Even if Metal Spirit Fruit in Danxiang Taoyuan is not too many, some people sell, they are glad to accept, therefore Shen Xiang came to a VIP suite quickly. Shen Xiang is drinking high grade spiritual tea, the feeling sighed one: Has the skill is the master!” Comes out with Shen Xiang discussion unexpectedly is a middle-aged woman, although her appearance is ordinary, but she has one noble makings, among the manners completely reveals noble aura, to person very good impression. Shen Xiang stands hastily, the smile salutes, after all the opposite party was also his elder. Although this middle-aged woman wears the pale blue simple dress, but noble aura is threatening, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat cautious, moreover he cannot completely understand the strength of this middle-aged woman. Does not need to be polite, I am also one effective, Young Master at will that's alright!” The middle-aged woman smiles lightly, gentle voice said that is very amiable.

Shen Xiang can affirm that this middle-aged woman certainly is True Martial Realm martial artist, this Danxiang Tower sends such a character to guard unexpectedly! Shouted that I Mrs. Li that's alright, can I have a look at Young Master Metal Spirit Fruit?” Mrs. Li said with a smile. Shen Xiang slightly one startled, said: Is it possible that is madame's husband Fragrance City Lord Li Shao?” „, It seems like Young Master just came Fragrance City, our husband and wife is Danxiang Taoyuan's True Disciple.” Mrs. Li said. Shen Xiang has put out Metal Spirit Fruit, he comes time also slightly understood that this Fragrance City, the City Lord husband and wife strength is True Martial Realm, but is only City Lord is also quite famous. Young Master plan how many sells to us?” Mrs. Li looked at one, knows this Metal Spirit Fruit real, moreover is good to be long very well, inside these Metal Spirit Fruit unique Spirit Qi are very green. Shen Xiang comes time has understood the price, this Metal Spirit Fruit probably in 70,000 middle-grade crystal stones this, although refines Azure Profound Fruit herbs similarly, but the price actually lowered ten times to continue, if were Azure Profound Fruit, took away the auction, can sell high.