World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 122
80,000!” Shen Xiang said a very just price, that Mrs. Li nodded, puts out a hand to revolve the jade bracelet in that fair wrist|skill, storage pouch appears. This is eight ten thousand crystal stones, Young Master takes inventory.” Mrs. Li lightly smiled. Shen Xiang Divine Sense sweeps, quick was clear, truly is 80,000 cutting neat middle-grade crystal stones, inside is containing rich Spirit Qi, usually can also be used to practice, is many floor martial artist the matter that likes handling, but most sect are used to arrange some large-scale formation, or is the crustification on spirit tool...... Use very broad. Madame, I want to you to inquire that a matter, whether you know for four years ago who sends secular world to be responsible for that Danxiang Herbal Manor female is?” Shen Xiang asked. Mrs. Li shakes the head: Does not know that is a Dean arrangement, the time that the time of going to and comes back we are not very clear, moreover goes only to use Hua Yueyun this name to there.” Shen Xiang sighed one lightly. If I meet Dean, I for Young Master will inquire that hopes after Young Master, can often come.” Mrs. Li said with a smile. Shen Xiang nodded grateful, he had hundred thousand crystal stones at this time, this is not a small number, he is strolling in Danxiang Tower, seeks spirit herb that must purchase. Danxiang Taoyuan and Icewind Valley's Dean is mystical, little participates in some serious matters, therefore little falls the surface, but Shen Xiang actually knows that Danxiang Taoyuan and Icewind Valley's Dean female, from Danxiang Herbal Manor and Danxiang Tower effective person is female, Shen Xiang can determine this point. Danxiang Herbal Manor Dean, Elder Dan, can they have relationship?” Shen Xiang is suspecting intensely. Shen Xiang must purchase now refines spirit tool Low-Grade Dan and Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan herbs massively.

He must learn to refine two Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan now first, one name named Gathering Spirit Powder, this was the Spiritual Vein bad person most loved, after clothing/taking next, can make Spiritual Vein improve temporarily, can has the good Spiritual Vein person to absorb Spirit Qi equally fast, Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan that quite sold. Another one name named Martial Element Dan, was containing wild True Qi, after eating up, will allow the person to enter a wild condition, True Qi strength of release meets the amplification, but will have the side effect, if ate continuously, will also have the harm to the body of person, but this was actually pills that the martial artist affections of many Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer ate, because when with Demon Beast fought, so long as strength so is little, can defeat, careful ate, is will not have many big matters. Then is Spirit Level middle-grade Exploding Qi Dan and Melting Poison Dan, this is he plans to refine. Martial Element Dan and Gathering Spirit Powder are good to refine to True Qi Dan . Moreover the price is not too expensive, is one type can hit good pills the foundation. Grain of Martial Element Dan can buy three hundred crystal stones, Gathering Spirit Powder can buy 400, but herbs is also the similar price, because of words of herbs furnace, can build up at least four grains, after succeeding, has to gain. Shen Xiang has bought 20 respectively, then left Danxiang Tower, because he discovered that he stared, he comes out, knows that he issued a warrant for arrest by Beast Martial Sect, posts a reward by hundred thousand crystal stones in the entire Chen military state. This hundred thousand crystal stones in the Shen Xiang eye is not anything, but in many person eyes is a big number, because this can purchase many True Elemental Dan or is True Qi Dan, can promote many strengths. Goes out of Danxiang Tower, Shen Xiang walks toward Fragrance City outside, he must stare at his person to direct outside the city that several, if they are the intention are illegal, Shen Xiang also facilitates to get rid. Person who so long as does not meet the True Martial Realm rank, Shen Xiang does not fear, even if the person are many. In Shen Xiang sees the city gate of distant place, actually suddenly hears the dragon roar sound to transmit from the distant place together, this sound suddenly, the deafening, entire Fragrance City people can clear hearing, moreover this dragon roar sound also lets shake slightly the tympanum of person feels pain, very shocks.

Shen Xiang looks up, sees only the city gate direction far spatial above, presented red clouds, turn into dragon shape gradually, but appeared shortly, vanished corpulently. This phenomenon is Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, that incisive dragon roar slightly trembles the earthquake, the fish in river is seething, perches bird also dense and numerous the flying upper air in Fragrance City these trees, was frightened. Shen Xiang told Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou this situation immediately, they in also heard that to say the dragon roar sound a moment ago, when they after Shen Xiang there learned far presented the dragon shape cloud spatially, cannot help but called out in alarm. Had the dragon born!” Su Meiyao is excited, but some fears said that the dragon appears in Mortal World, that is disadvantageous to Mortal World, if this dragon adolescence gets up, then to Mortal World absolutely is the giant disaster. How to have the dragon birth?” The Shen Xiang half step goes out of the city, regarding this he is unbelievable. „It is not clear, our Master had told us, Dragon Danpo Shell time, the sky can present the dragon shape cloud, will follow dragon roar, a young dragon like this is born.” The Bai Youyou face darken, she is worried about anything. If this dragon were subdued by some evil people, that troubled!” Su Meiyao is wrinkling the willow eyebrows, caresses on the face that flatters to turn white slightly: Shen Xiang, you a bit faster pass, can perhaps find that dragon, you have studied Dragon Martial Technique, should be able very relaxed subdues this dragon.” Subdues a dragon! Crack a joke! Shen Xiang does not believe one can achieve, moreover currently had large quantities of people to overtake in that direction. Also is gawking doing, hurries!” Bai Youyou drank one coldly, Shen Xiang also ran swiftly, mixed in the crowd, he planned flew with Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, but was actually worried that here had Beast Martial Sect's True Martial Realm, when the time comes sneak attacked him below, that was the gain does not equal the loss. In the process of running swiftly, Shen Xiang feels the aura fluctuations of several True Martial Realm martial artist, moreover is more and more, their speed very rapidness, even some stand in their spirit tool above low-altitude flying.

Pours into True Qi spirit tool, controls the fluctuation of True Qi through Divine Sense again, can make spirit tool fly, but this can only the low-altitude flying, once flew high, suddenly had other conditions, will fall, moreover this also only then 7th Stage above spirit tool can achieve. In the short time, Shen Xiang had discovered martial artist of more than 30 True Martial Realm strengths, this is rich in the pills place really to attract many expert. A troop person is presenting the place that red Dragon clouds to dash toward that most people think that presented certainly the rare treasure in that place, will otherwise be impossible to have this phenomenon. Only then Shen Xiang knows that the phenomenon that a young dragon is born that is causes! More than double-hour pass by, people arrived at a very greatly very big mountain valley, above this time of this mountain valley also has big light red fog, when this was congealed a moment ago the turn into dragon shape stayed behind. The people are seeking for the giant mountain valley, but has not actually discovered other any things, but has a width to reach one zhang (3.33 m) many big hole in the mountain valleys, like has any thing that explodes from below. Shen Xiang!” Person suddenly shouted one, people fierce one startled, so long as comes out to mix frequently, has listened to the Shen Xiang's name, that is the value hundred thousand crystal stones person! Shen Xiang has not responded immediately, but actually wears the middle age of black clothed, is grasping a paper, walks toward him slowly.