World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 123
You are Shen Xiang, right!” That paper of that middle-aged in the hand to Shen Xiang, above is drawing the Shen Xiang's appearance, draws very clearly, although Shen Xiang now simple has dressed up, but eye, facial features, nose and mouth ten phase splitting shapes. Before Shen Xiang, heard that Beast Martial Sect drew his portrait everywhere to distribute, this let in his heart the anger, because he just maintained life has killed the Beast Martial Sect's person, but actually encounters the Beast Martial Sect high quota to post a reward now, he set firm resolve at this time, some day, must look for Beast Martial Sect to calculate this account. You must massacre me, receives that hundred thousand crystal stones?” Shen Xiang grips tightly the fist, sinking sound is asking, Shen Xiang guessed that stared at his person a moment ago, should be at present this middle age sends. In the mountain valley this time several thousand people, majority are Mortal Martial Realm martial artist, they arrive, although had not found any treasure, but has actually met Shen Xiang, regarding hundred thousand crystal stones, here many people are hard to resist, but they do not have fight, is watching changes quietly, moreover they also know that Shen Xiang is not good to cope. Beast Martial Sect has said that so long as obtains your persons head can receive hundred thousand crystal stones, but if you are without a fight, I could take away to receive an award your entire corpse.” That middle-aged person coldly smiled, receives the portrait in hand. This middle-aged person wears the black clothed, whole body is lending an unusual True Qi aura, is entirely different from the surrounding person, moreover Shen Xiang also thought that this type of True Qi aura is somewhat familiar. „Are you 100 Poison Sect person?” Shen Xiang cold voice asked that 100 Poison Sect, one of the Five Great Devil Sects, let devil path sects that Chenwu Nine Provinces martial artist was panic at the news, because hundred toxins excelled with the toxin, can kill people in invisible, after some people were killed, has not known how one were dies. Really, hears 100 Poison Sect these three characters, the surrounding person complexion suddenly changes, moreover is far away from Shen Xiang in abundance they, has vacated more spaces, is waiting and seeing from afar, some the people of fearing death, are hastily are far away from this mountain valley. In that middle-aged man heart cannot help but one startled, said with a sneer: Worthily is the man of the hour of new generation, is really the good eye!”

Shen Xiang notes, distant place also several True Martial Realm is watching, but 100 Poison Sect righteous path sects has chased down, but these True Martial Realm martial artist have not gotten rid now. Could see that they are intend to watch the fun, even wants to wait for Shen Xiang to be killed, they get rid again, when the time comes also takes Shen Xiang receives hundred thousand crystal stones, hundred thousand crystal stones regarding True Martial Realm, was not few numbers. Posting a reward of hundred thousand crystal stones, I settled on!” That middle age grins fiendishly, fierce wields the palm, sees only the innumerable pintles to fly to Shen Xiang, on these pintles is also filling intermittent colorless tasteless poisonous Qi. After Shen Xiang sees the opposite party is the 100 Poison Sect disciple, with rapt attention alerts, emits Divine Sense, because 100 Poison Sect is good at using the concealed or hidden weapon, if cannot discover that this concealed or hidden weapon attacks, then must die without doubt. Sees only on Shen Xiang suddenly use 1st Stage light black Qi, black Qi turns into the limpid water instantaneously, turns into a guard shield, is wrapping Shen Xiang, these Poison Needle burrs came, to dig in that Water Qi cover, immediately in Qi Aura by water was given. This is one powerful and gentle defense martial arts that Shen Xiang just learned, named Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, do not look at that is only temperate Water Qi cover, but can actually resist very formidable strength, even if ten Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer people strikes fully, reluctantly destroys this energy shield, but inside person does not have the matter. After holding the acute poison pintle pricks Water Qi cover, is melted without a trace, disappears including a shadow, this makes that middle-aged man dumbfounded, he is also Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, Poison Needle that he swayed a moment ago used ten tenths strength, once over a hundred Mortal Martial Realm 9th level and 10-layer martial artist was killed on this move, but Shen Xiang actually easily pale. The Black Tortoise Divine Art striking power is not strong, but defensive power actually powerful incomparable, consumes True Qi to be few, after this is Shen Xiang enters Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, learns, he like this makes this Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover continue to protect his body, then flies to leap up toward that middle-aged man.

100 Poison Sect martial arts is not strong, what is strong is only the toxin and concealed or hidden weapon, the Shen Xiang's attack is quick, let alone that middle-aged man, even if watching the person in distant place has not responded, before Shen Xiang arrives at that middle-aged man body. A Shen Xiang palm lays out, ground fierce shakes, immediately cracks, gets rid is fierce Earth Level Low-Grade martial arts, Shocking Heaven Palm, holds the strength to have the fierce shake, pours into the body of that middle-aged man powerful True Qi, was shaken instantaneously then spouts blood fog. That middle-aged man can feel clearly in own body looks like sets off the firecrackers to be the same, the skeleton meridians inch is torn to pieces broken, only then had been hit by Shen Xiang the person, can the deep feeling Shen Xiang that overbearing strength, otherwise no one believes that this is strength that Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer can release! Shen Xiang gloomy and cold smiles, looks at that whole face pain, lies down the middle-aged man in ground, he just wants cutting to kill in the past, actually saw that middle-aged suddenly to put out a jet black bow crossbow, can clear seeing, then projected together the black light arrow the jet black bow crossbow, straight thrust his atrium. Quite quick! Shen Xiang strengthens the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover defensive power subconsciously, the jet black crossbow arrow shoots, only hears Bang, Shen Xiang energy shield explodes immediately, but a finger of long short crossbow arrow also float in front of the Shen Xiang's chest. that was close, was almost penetrated the heart!” Shen Xiang moves sideways, jump arrives airborne, that middle-aged man to tread pats a palm, a big palm appearance of azure True Qi condense, the fierce pressure on the body of that middle-aged man, the pressure will crush, flesh and blood splash. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, remembered that to be quick a moment ago and ruthless crossbow arrow, he had a lingering fear, he could see that crossbow arrow is True Qi condense, was overbearing, otherwise is unable to break his fierce Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover. Shen Xiang takes that the black bow crossbow from that hashed meat, the water used clean is clean, then pours into True Qi, sees only on this bow crossbow condense to leave a short black arrow immediately.

„Is this Demanding Life Devil Bow that in 7th Stage spirit tool is listed third?” The distant place broadcasts together the sound, this causes the stir in the crowd, 7th Stage spirit tool is unusual, majority are the True Martial Realm person can have, but ranks tenth, that was fiercer. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, this Demanding Life Devil Bow is very easy-to-use, this absolutely is excellent spirit tool of cloudy person, when he must receive, a strong air wave from air pressure. This is powerful True Qi, as if mountain fierce crash, pounding maliciously on Shen Xiang's, that instantaneous, Shen Xiang only felt that the air/Qi of own within the body pushes in the same place dirty, then explodes completely, this makes him spout a big blood, poured in the ground. Some people attack him, moreover True Martial Realm! Shen Xiang thinks immediately that this people want certainly to obtain that Demanding Life Devil Bow.