World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 124
The handsome youth who wears the blue color to take care magnificently descends from the sky slowly, stands, in lying to pour in front of place Shen Xiang, he stretches out the palm, to that Demanding Life Devil Bow, is seeing only demon crossbow raising slowly, had been inhaled in the palm by him. Shen Xiang gained ground, is looking angrily at this youth, both eyes torching, he that appearance deep ironing in own mind, so long as his undying, he must from this youth ten times, hundred times ask. Sees anger dreadful Shen Xiang, that youth lightly smiled: Shen Xiang, value hundred thousand crystal stones Mortal Martial Realm martial artist! Present Mortal Martial Realm was also too valuable, such brat unexpectedly can have this sale price! This Demanding Life Devil Bow I wanted, is not I must rob your, because this is devil tool, with will only be harmed the entire martial arts world by you in the hand.” Why? If must confiscate, is not one's turn you! At least our Extreme Martial Sect's Dean has not spoken!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth to say. Depends on me now to step in your body!” The youth contemptuously smiles, a foot steps on the Shen Xiang's head, making his face fall into the soil. In the Shen Xiang heart the drop blood, he is unknown with this youth, because actually the opposite party has the powerful strength, was stepped on by him in the under foot, was trampled the dignity by him, Mortal Martial Realm in front of True Martial Realm, is similar to the ants! Shen Xiang is seriously injured at this time, but his double fist actually stubbornly grabs soil, his gaining ground of furiously, looks at that youth, clenches teeth to ask, the sound is full of resenting: „Do you name?” True Martial Sect, Liao Shaoyun! What's wrong, wants to revenge? Perhaps you did not have that opportunity, I will deliver to Beast Martial Sect to receive an award you!” Liao Shaoyun jokes, vigorous steps on Shen Xiang's. In this instantaneous, inexhaustible hate wells up the Shen Xiang's heart, he once to defend the dignity of ants, did not hesitate all, did not submit Elder Dan, although that time he has succeeded, but that established, in Elder Dan did not have in the situation of heavy hand! Without the strength, discussed what dignity? Having the strength can have all, can not be trampled the dignity by others, can not need to be worried frequently own poor life discards! I must become stronger! This is the Shen Xiang only thought that he must take revenge!

Also does not know strength that which Shen Xiang comes, he gained ground, that both hands grab turned into the powder the soil, on his double fist is exploding the blue vein, his face is fierce, the character character such as the blade said: Liao Shaoyun, my Shen Xiang and you do not have the enmity without the injustice, you so to me, I pledged now, so long as my Shen Xiang undying, I with your irreconcilable, I take hundred times of thousand times to ask for! I not only need extinguish you, I must extinguish your back True Martial Sect!” The sound is having the boundless hatred, with that dreadful murderous aura that on him releases, making the person cannot help but balls tremble! Snort, you did not have that opportunity!” Liao Shaoyun just said that complexion fierce changes, under the Shen Xiang's body suddenly presented big booth water, Shen Xiang submerged in the water. People sucked in a cold breath, Shen Xiang unexpectedly escaped, regarding ruthless words that Shen Xiang says, they believe in firmly, so long as gives the Shen Xiang time, then from now on True Martial Sect certainly greatly troublesome. Shen Xiang displayed Water Escape to escape, but Liao Shaoyun also hastily rumbled several palms, divided to hit in the ground, rumbled huge deep hole, but has not actually seen the Shen Xiang's trace. Beast Martial Sect, True Martial Sect! You are waiting to me!” Shen Xiang in a riverside, is gripping tightly the fist, said wickedly. Oh, you heal from a wound well!” Su Meiyao does not know that should say anything. A bit faster enters True Martial Realm, when the time comes I teach my unsurpassed devil art to you, making these affectedly virtuous fellows suffer loss, making them live to might as well die, making them regret to arrive in this world!” The Bai Youyou's sound fills murderous aura, cold and gloomy incomparable, could see that she is angry for Shen Xiang, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart one warm. I disappointed you.” Shen Xiang crawls the ashore, has put out one box of White Jade Powder, swallows in the entrance, his present internal injury is very serious, needs a period of time to recuperate. What this does not have, comes out to mix, who hasn't come across this matter? You have not died well, depending on your qualification, so long as there is an enough time, I and Junior Sister will certainly train matchless expert you!” Bai Youyou said that the sound is resounding, she is encouraging Shen Xiang.

Um!” Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, is recuperating injury, took one box of White Jade Powder, making him better. That Liao Shaoyun strength is very intrepid, the strength approaches in Nirvana Realm, should be Tempering Realm middle stage!” Su Meiyao said. True Martial Realm has 9th Stage, crossed True Martial Realm to enter into Three Extreme Great Realms. Three Extreme Great Realms is Spirit Martial Realm, Divine Sense arrives at peak respectively! Soul Martial Realm, after Divine Sense peak, breeds Martial Spirit to come, then makes Martial Spirit arrive at peak! Tempering Realm, fleshly body is repeatedly tempered, arrives at peak, this is most difficult one step, because body cultivation is not easy, once Tempering Realm Completion, can bring in Nirvana Great Tribulation, after crossing Nirvana Tribulation, can enter into Nirvana Realm! Nirvana Realm is also in mortal world Realm of most peak! Shen Xiang has a lingering fear, he in front of that Liao Shaoyun, truly did not have including the strength to hit back a moment ago, if only True Martial Realm, how he said that so will not be distressed. Builds up your Immortal Devil Body, Tempering Realm simply is a piece of cake!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang, has two boxes of White Jade Powder, this is the High-Grade Spirit Level curing medicine, had very remarkable effect to Mortal Martial Realm martial artist, Shen Xiang recuperated for day, restored most probably. He in a cave of riverside not far away, this cave is he uses Profound Aura Finger to open now, the time of digging looks like digs the silt, is fast. At this time Shen Xiang is healing from a wound, needs a period of time to restore, he hides in the cave, put out his father to give his inferior pill furnace, started to study to refine other Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan.

Shen Xiang in Danxiang Tower, has bought many Spirit Level Dans herbs, least also has the ten points, most expensive, when is White Jade Powder herbs, two thousand crystal stones, he has bought ten, True Elemental Dan herbs is 1500 hundred crystal stones one, he has also bought ten, these two pills are in High-Grade Spirit Level Dan compares the sale. Then is Spirit Level low-grade Martial Element Dan, Gathering Spirit Powder and Spirit Level middle-grade Melting Poison Dan and Exploding Qi Dan, respectively 20, he has to refine the True Qi Dan solid foundation and rich experience, he believes that must refine other Spirit Level Dans not to be difficult, is only failure are at most more. Gathering Spirit Powder is a clear powder, can the flushing water take, this is also Shen Xiang first time refines herbal powder, this is pill is easy to refine, because this does not need to congeal pill. Was defeated eight times, Shen Xiang has refined, has used four days, moreover refined with that inferior pill furnace. Then is Martial Element Dan! Martial Element Dan is implication wild element pills, therefore refines very difficultly, is more difficult than to refine True Qi Dan, Shen Xiang has used ten days, failed 15 times to refine successfully, after he changed to Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, failed three times, but afterward twice had not been defeated. Three commonly used pill of Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan quite difficult refinement was grasped by Shen Xiang, other Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan at this time are also easy. For example name Confusing Spirit Powder the Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan medicine, Shen Xiang is the disposable success, this medicine scatters, can look to confuse others' mind, lets the person in a period of time, unconscious, drowsy, is a cloudy person or copes with the Demon Beast marvelous medicine.