World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 125
Shen Xiang is also only 19 years old, can actually refine four Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan, if he tests Danxiang Tower was admitted to the alchemy master rank proof the time, certainly will daunt the person. The time passed by half a month, his wound was also only good little, after all the air/Qi of his within the body was dirty and meridians received very serious wound, now stands firm the injury, has not continued to worsen, only required the time to restore to come little. The Shen Xiang's goal is to refine Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, carries on alchemist assessment, now he actually decides, he must refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, becomes a 4th Stage alchemy master! Must know that his apprentice Yao Haisheng is also only the 3rd Stage alchemy master, although the 4th Stage alchemy master only misses 1st Stage with 3rd Stage, but is actually the day badly other, must refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, very awfully, is no one like Shen Xiang, refines several about 20 times, can grasp key. Shen Xiang heard, some alchemy masters when the study refines True Elemental Dan, failure several hundred times, this is the quite good situation, even some alchemy masters are broken to the world the life, is unable to refine True Elemental Dan. Suddenly, Shen Xiang healed from a wound to raise for two months, he has succeeded to refine Spirit Level middle-grade Exploding Qi Dan and Melting Poison Dan now! Exploding Qi Dan inside is containing massive wild True Qi, after the clothing/taking next, can release immediately, True Qi that releases is wild, in the human body flows will not make the person be injured, this is one type can by pills that oneself strengthen temporarily, is very popular, even if own True Qi consumes, clothing/taking next grain of Exploding Qi Dan, can release strong one move. In the fight, are many move of words, that result will be entirely different! Melting Poison Dan is disintoxicating class pills, can produce a special efficacy and True Qi, falls toxin fast in within the body, when turns into the urine or is the sweat lays out from the body, goes out captures and kills Demon Beast, will meet often some poisonous herbs or has acute poison Demon Beast, will take 12 grains of Melting Poison Dan to be also more relieved.

Refines these two Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, making him gain in richer alchemy experience, overcame to him refines the High-Grade Dan foundation. ...... Shen Xiang has been missing for two months, after he escapes, has not returned to Extreme Martial Sect, Extreme Martial Sect's Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming in secret sends for seeking for this Young Martial Uncle, although they somewhat are hard to accept their Young Martial Uncle are baby brat, but that after is own Martial Uncle, they settle on to the rank. This can brat die? If, or is the crazy old man knows by Master, perhaps will raise a rumpus!” A Wu Kaiming face said anxiously. The news that according to passing on, he escaped, but two months both disappear, have the possibility he therapy very much! Liao Shaoyun this little rascal, unexpectedly dares to make such matter to come, remembers for hundred years ago he had contradicted I, if not for you were blocking me at that time, I can hold to pat am rotten his mouth.” A Gu Dongchen face is angry, looks at his appearance, wishes one could to go to True Martial Sect to pat immediately Liao Shaoyun. Wu Kaiming said: Dean Boss, this Liao Shaoyun, but the True Martial Sect's treasure, is only 300 years old, arrived at Tempering Realm, starts Nirvana not long, but since when the time comes he has been eternal enters the Nirvana Realm character most quickly.” Was not of use, cannot deal with Nirvana Great Tribulation, again the talent was also the nonsense.” Gu Dongchen looks at out of the window, vision glittering: I must go to Beast Martial Sect, making that fellow post a reward to remove to Shen Xiang's, otherwise after brat, will have more suffering to eat.” Beast Martial Sect depended on new promote three Nirvana Realm martial artist, to our Extreme Martial Sect not satisfied with small gains, this matter was they had the mistake in first, unexpectedly also so posted a reward Shen Xiang!” Wu Kaiming resented that said.

They know that Nirvana Great Tribulation of our three people are not far, wants while us focuses on dealing with Nirvana Great Tribulation the time robs the Chen military first sect's position, but True Martial Sect is also probably ready to make trouble.” Gu Dongchen looks serious. Nirvana Realm has nine great tribulations, when the strength is increased to certain situation, great tribulation will come, every time crossed time great tribulation, can obtain stronger strength, similarly, future great tribulation will be also more terrorist, historically the famous talent in Nirvana Ninth Tribulation total die, has Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming this foundation vigorous old fellow can time and time again in great tribulation survives. Sister does not know where went, said closes up, but actually did not see her in Mysterious Realm, her entire Heavenly God mysterious secret, but Extreme Martial Sect for many years also has been to depend upon her builds up these many good pill to support.” But Gu Dongchen sighed, the splendid alchemy master was really too few. Yes, she had very big assurance into Dan King, who knows that was actually seriously injured under Nirvana Great Tribulation, causing her Purple Moon Fire Spirit to weaken, but she is unable to return to Purple Moon World now, cannot repair good Purple Moon Fire Spirit, is really regrettable!” Wu Kaiming sighed. Shen Xiang has thought Elder Dan is Dan King, but has not thought that actually with Su Meiyao same is only Dan Ancestor, but this also calculates that very has resulted. Hides in cave inside Shen Xiang does not know that is having several million people to look for him, these majority post a reward for that because they knew that Shen Xiang was seriously injured to escape, so long as catches the Shen Xiang's words, can obtain posting a reward of two hundred thousand crystal stones! Beast Martial Sect's posted a reward and increased, moreover this is after Gu Dongchen went to Beast Martial Sect increases, the goal is very obvious, is intentionally provocative Extreme Martial Sect, does not give the Gu Dongchen face intentionally. Beast Martial Sect and Extreme Martial Sect have come to have the big enmity, because Huang Jintian had killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean, this point, their hatreds are not only able to solve to result.

Gu Dongchen also says the ruthless words, said that so long as by strong Shen Xiang too many strengths Shen Xiang kills person, but receives an award, everybody will become Extreme Martial Sect's number one enemy, when the time comes Extreme Martial Sect's all elders will send out, will catch this person takes, suffers lethal! Extreme Martial Sect all elders, that is very formidable strength, but everyone knows that Gu Dongchen will not do idle talk, lives up to one's words! Others think that Gu Dongchen is encountering with Beast Martial Sect in secret, actually does not know that to let own Young Martial Uncle is safer. This for the past two months, Shen Xiang not only studies alchemy, he also built up many True Qi Dan, altogether 1000 grains, this is he plans to bring to sell, before he obtained has eaten to eat all one's food, he needed crystal stones to purchase massive High-Grade Spirit Level herbs to come alchemy, because he, when refined High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, failed completely! Now starts to build up Building Foundation Dan, the Building Foundation Dan difficulty is the same with High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, in your hand also does not have other High-Grade Spirit Level Dan herbs, goes to school to build up Building Foundation Dan, if successful, then you can enter True Martial Realm quickly!” Su Meiyao said. In the Shen Xiang heart moves, but actually somewhat does not give up, the Building Foundation Dan material is expensive, is defeated several times his heart to drop the blood. What fears? Thousand Year Beast Dan is not needs, if did not have, you hunt and kill Demon Beast, seeks to have demon core that's alright, demon core can also replace Thousand Year Beast Dan, as for other herbs, you have Dragon Saliva Art also to have anything to be good to fear.” Su Meiyao continues to say.