World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 126
The Shen Xiang's heart thump thump jumps, he in considering if wanted is starting to refine, Thousand Vein Fruit, Metal Spirit Fruit and Azure Profound Fruit his more than 20, suffice to build up more than 20 times, but Thousand Year Beast Dan inside life element sufficient about 15 times, as for other assistance spirit herb, he do not lack, like any Purple Spirit Fruit, Thousand Year Old Ginseng, Blood Ginseng, Blood Spirit Grass, Radix, Earth Spirit Grass wait / etc., these is he obtains in that medicine garden, has not used up. Shen Xiang also knows, now he only then enters True Martial Realm, can have the strength of self-preservation, otherwise by staring above True Martial Realm on, he was wanted distressedly ran away, even might also be killed. Builds up with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, because this really requires the time, many 1-2 months, little also ten days eight days, can these herbs with the high temperature burning down herbal powder, let all herbal Spirit Qi fusions time are to need a lot of time and spirits.” Su Meiyao has thought that also said. Shen Xiang nodded, puts out these to refine Building Foundation Dan herbs, he hides in mountain side, to assure own security, he dug passage to lead to mountain side from the river bottom, making people be hard to seek for him. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also come out, the cave was illuminated by some luminous stones, the environment is not too bad, moreover there is a Tanshui. Each herbs even is divided into four!” Su Meiyao looked at these to send out various unusual Spirit Qi spirit herb. What four?” Shen Xiang does not understand, asks. Slivers four Metal Spirit Fruit, Azure Profound Fruit slivers four...... Now understood? A Building Foundation Dan material originally, is divided into four to refine! Your these herbs Spirit Qi are very sufficient, such will do will not have anything to damage, even if will be defeated will not be grieved.” The Su Meiyao chuckle was saying that simultaneously puts out a short sword, cuts Metal Spirit Fruit. Shen Xiang understood, he has also thought before such does, but these herbs not excellent, moreover after cutting, will diverge not long many Spirit Qi.

For does not make herbs inside Spirit Qi diverge, Su Meiyao makes Shen Xiang dilute dragon saliva to the water, then cutting spirit herb immersion, such one, Spirit Qi not only will not diverge, will also increase. Sister Meiyao, has not thought you are not only so attractive, but also is so intelligent, any chest does not have the brain greatly, this purely is the bullshit.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was patting the Su Meiyao's flatter superficially. My Junior Sister he not intelligent words, does not become that strong, does not become a fierce alchemy master!” Bai Youyou said. Su Meiyao spat tenderly: Good brat, you to think that before I and Sister Youyou chest don't have the brain greatly?” Shen Xiang sees the Bai Youyou over the face cold frost, cannot help but looked at Bai Youyou that chest proudly, his hurriedly said: Sister Meiyao, why you must pull Sister Youyou...... I to crack a joke a moment ago.” The luster of the skin of these two beautiful women he has looked, this Shen Xiang will never forget that Bai Youyou with Su Meiyao is also same, they are the women, takes to heart to this matter, therefore they frequent thinks, but they know that Shen Xiang has no recourse, moreover at that time had given back to they very high hope. Now two beautiful women remember initially Shen Xiang to see their perfect jade bodies matters, the cheek cannot help but is red, Shen Xiang is cutting herbs with single-hearted devotion, has not noted, otherwise he certainly will also look. Shen Xiang has cut one first, then sorts other auxiliary herbs, materials of even coordinate these cutting, will otherwise affect alchemy, this is very important, Shen Xiang alchemy also had for a long time, therefore he was also clear the ratio share is many, that was a very subtle feeling, this was the feeling that the alchemy master must have.

Sister Youyou, Sister Meiyao, do you have the man who oneself like? Your strength in the peak, there are man to anticipate you?” Shen Xiang asked curiously, like female who these two gods had generally, he hit to go through many historic information not to seek, he suspected that this they come from other Mortal Martial World, for example that Elder Dan. Although I run into many powerful men, but has not actually liked anyone, I will not have for a lifetime this feeling, Lord cultivation technique named Ruthless Devil Art that because I practice.” Bai Youyou coldly said: Some people anticipate me, but they have not defeated me, I have for this reason rejected them.” Bai Youyou said truthfully that this makes Shen Xiang somewhat surprised but actually, what makes him have doubts, he looks to the Su Meiyao's time, in the Su Meiyao look full is one type worried that probably was worrying Bai Youyou is the same. Sister Meiyao, you?” Shen Xiang asked that Shen Xiang and they were getting more and more familiar, sometimes also will ask some criterion quite big questions. I want to look for a good man actually, but this was too difficult, my Master sufficed fiercely, but is unable to us the biggest protection, otherwise we will not have such fate.” Su Meiyao Youyou said that then smiles one tenderly: Do not look at my this, actually pursues my person one not to have, because I am the alchemy master, others cannot seek friendships, let alone my reputation be roguer than Senior Sister.” Such caresses flatters the moving spirit, unexpectedly has a rogue reputation! Shen Xiang is somewhat unbelievable. Shen Xiang can affirm that these two women have a lot to conceal him, even something also to his have lied, he started to suspect that these two women are not Mortal Martial World, but is went to that Heaven World, otherwise their enemies will not be formidable. However will the Heaven World's person appear in Mortal World? That is only then three realms node connection time, they may arrive at Mortal World!

They are the hundred thousand years ago when three realms great war arrives at Mortal Martial World?” In the Shen Xiang heart is shocking secretly, but also immediately denied, because of the three realms fusion, Heaven World and Mortal World separates. Do not think anything, you go on living well, if you can display peak Yin and Yang Divine Veins, can perhaps exceed me and Senior Sister, I may consider when the time comes that makes you be my man.” The Su Meiyao coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, tender dī dī said with a smile, making Shen Xiang immediately the mind confused. cough cough, I had Xianxian!” Shen Xiang said. What does this have? If I am willing to be your woman, I also do care about that many?” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile, touches the Shen Xiang's cheek, Shen Xiang looks like a shy young girl is the same at this time, face red heart jumps. herbs reorganized, Shen Xiang starts to refine Building Foundation Dan, he plans to taste trial to make first several times, then inquired some Su Meiyao difficulties. He had 15 herbs, but after cutting, actually turned into 60, he believes that he is defeated absolutely not over 50 times! Refines Building Foundation Dan with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, unexpectedly also needs more than double-hour, this has cut herbs, moreover failed in the midway.