World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 127
To the new book list, asked the fresh flower, sought the collection, thanks! First time refines Building Foundation Dan time, Shen Xiang failed, but he actually discovered that this Building Foundation Dan refinement difficulty is truly same as High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, before he has refined ten True Elemental Dan and ten White Jade Powder, although is defeated completely, but actually accumulated has handled the experience of this high rank spirit herb, had the substantial experiences to the controls in various aspects, otherwise he is unable to refine more than double-hour with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, that quite Yu Lian arrived at half. If others, when has not refined High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, will be will not taste trial to make Building Foundation Dan absolutely, even if must refine Building Foundation Dan, will refine Low-Grade Profound Level Dan first, if these alchemy masters know that Shen Xiang starts to come the ruined family with these many Building Foundation Dan herbs now, certainly will scold dead Shen Xiang's. Regarding these materials, Shen Xiang can say that does not lack, so long as gives him the time, wants many to have many, so long as he leaves behind a seed, can plant one big piece through Dragon Saliva Art, takes that Azure Profound Fruit, his less than one month, planted more than 20! Shen Xiang in refines Building Foundation Dan besides the daily study, but also condense dragon saliva, because he worried that his present material insufficiently he refines Building Foundation Dan. The time passed by little, suddenly passed by for more than 20 days, Shen Xiang, when refines Building Foundation Dan, failed more than 50 times, he now only remaining eight herbs. Building Foundation Dan compared with White Jade Powder and True Elemental Dan on difficult, I felt that I almost must succeed!” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited at this time, after multiple failure, he grasped a point anything finally, was that subtle feeling. Before, Su Meiyao passed on own experience to Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang pay attention to some quite important aspect, can ask him little to leave many tortuous paths! In this case, the Shen Xiang distance succeeds more and more near, he only misses that to congeal now finally pill's key one step, he is confident, if he refines this Building Foundation Dan successfully, he will refine True Elemental Dan and White Jade Powder will again be handier. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is sparkling red blood light, once for a while emits heat, Shen Xiang both hands according to specially place of independently by the valuable furnace, is makes the alchemy master pour into the flame, True Qi and Divine Sense place.

In Shen Xiang this time mind is piece of sea of fire, many spirit herb in inside by various temperature different flame incinerators, were turning into the powder slowly, overflows colorful Spirit Qi, Spirit Qi scatters in the crown, tyrannical, but muddy, was extruded together by Shen Xiang with Divine Sense, fusion, depuration! Meanwhile he must these turn into the powder herbs to conform with together sea of fire, cannot make a wee bit be burnt down, will otherwise fall short, this is the test on alchemy master Divine Sense. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside has burnt down for ten days ten nights, but outside also passed more than half double-hour, even if this, these herbs completely have not fused! Along with the time lapse, Shen Xiang being sweating profusely whole body has soaked, his True Qi is vigorous, therefore does not need to be worried about the consumption in True Qi aspect, but his Divine Sense actually consumes now fiercely, because his Divine Sense must give dual attention to many smiles the powder, but must comfort many wild herbal Spirit Qi to fuse together! The powder that many herbs turn into was pushed with Divine Sense by Shen Xiang finally completely together, colorful tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi is tranquil, fusion gradually, this time to most essential one step, this must form a coherent whole, lets herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion, then regelation pill, the process cannot have a mistake, if Spirit Qi is insufficient, or will make a wee bit herbal powder disperse that to be defeated. Shen Xiang repeatedly is the failure on this! herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion, herbal powder slowly becomes grain of pill pellet with Divine Sense congealing by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang dripped into drop of dragon saliva at this time toward inside, started to enter concentrates pill's final step, he had more than ten times to explode in this final moment. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is shivering slightly, the perspiration on Shen Xiang face is similar to rains same drops, his forehead is tightening, Building Foundation Dan that some complexion blanches, he can in clear visible Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that grain soon form at this time is swaying violently, momentarily will explode. The Su Meiyao's white hands closely are tearing the silk handkerchief, purses the lips, a face looks at Shen Xiang anxiously, Bai Youyou also stares greatly that pair of ice-cold and bright beautiful eyes, in the look fills to encourage to look at Shen Xiang!

Can be defeated? This situation had more than ten times, is this my bottleneck? From spiritual bottleneck! My Divine Sense is insufficient, I need to break through!” In Shen Xiang is thinking, at this time his Divine Sense already almost withered, but he actually must continue. In usually, Divine Sense also has the pivotal status, for example some martial arts request extremely to be high to Divine Sense, needs with Divine Sense being assigned away from the capital True Qi condense gets up, otherwise True Qi will disperse, but in this case, Divine Sense is sufficient, but when refiner alchemy, the alchemy master refines some equivalent quite high pills, when or is spirit pattern quite many spirit tool, Divine Sense is insufficient, that will cause to fall short! Words that martial artist Divine Sense consumes, for example a physical strength abundant guy does not have the spirit to be the same, is unable to display that strength! Even will fall into a murky condition, Shen Xiang present Divine Sense consumes the limit, does not know that he can support by anything! When thought one must drop down, Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, is controlling within the body vigorous True Qi, making these True Qi attack the meridians of his within the body crazily, lets his whole body severe pain, letting him to maintain sober, the same fortune merit True Qi and spiritual fusion, is fast concise Divine Sense! Shen Xiang's fleshly body was suffered the overflow blood thread by him, mixes together with his sweat, is sending out intermittently different smelly, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou know reason that Shen Xiang such makes. Don't reluctantly oneself! Gives up!” Su Meiyao Youyou sighed, said in a soft voice that she did not endure to see Shen Xiang to continue the autonomy. Gives up? Shen Xiang knows that this time is not successful, not only on refining Building Foundation Dan is defeated, but also is unable to break through own bottleneck! Remembers that Elder Dan to aim at him with unsurpassed strength, making him not have the strength of revolt, remembers that Liao Shaoyun humiliation he, tramples his dignity, he told himself, in any event must support, he wanted become stronger! He must refine Building Foundation Dan to come, this is can enable his short time to promote the True Martial Realm only way!

Now Shen Xiang not only perspires, but also is bleeding, to maintain sober by oneself, his unceasing stabbing pain own body! Shen Xiang was tactful gradually the consciousness, but in his subconscious, unceasingly is concise Divine Sense, Building Foundation Dan that in unceasing suppressed Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that moves restlessly. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang suddenly thought that own body lost the feeling, whatever autonomy, is unable to make him feel the pain, Shen Xiang awakens suddenly, but actually discovered one in being full of the space of white light, what making him shock, he also sees baby in this space, slightly is very very small, looks like baby that type just made noise, this small baby closes one's eyes tightly, is very adorable. Suddenly, baby has opened the eye fiercely, Shen Xiang shakes, the thing that because the eye of this baby sees he can also see! baby smiled to him, at this time, Shen Xiang also left this strange space, returned to under the alchemy condition once more, he discovered with amazement that his Divine Sense unexpectedly is abundant, moreover was more formidable than many times before, as if will have not to consume to be the same. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also think somewhat strangely, they think Shen Xiang must give up, but actually sees the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth to raise, has shown a self-confident smiling face. The passing moment, Shen Xiang has opened the eye, raises head to laugh wildly: Ha Ha...... I built up Building Foundation Dan!”