World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 129
Two beautiful women both depend side Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang now impolite sucks in their bodies to be fragrant, enjoys the ice cool feeling on the Bai Youyou white hands transmitting, he hopes that this feeling can continue for a long time. After the moment, Bai Youyou held breath to shine, received the hand, nodded to Su Meiyao: Real, I saw that baby!” Su Meiyao is surprised micro Zhang Xiaozui, then also uses both hands according to the Shen Xiang's two sides cheeks, closes the eye. Shen Xiang short distance looks that Su Meiyao that caresses flatters myriad moving cheeks, the line of sight cannot help but slowly under moves, then seeing lets the thing that he restlesses, the deep gully that is pushed by two groups of snow white soft meat, beautiful must to wish one could to nip one gently. What this is baby?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked. Su Meiyao has pinched his cheek, flatters to say with a smile: This was your childhood appearance, but was your Divine Sense condition, was similar to the soul same thing, but this called Divine Soul, the mixture of Divine Sense and soul.” „Is this very fierce?” Shen Xiang sees Su Meiyao to smile that happily, knows that this certainly is not the simple thing. Is very fierce, you have entered into Divine Dao 1st Stage!” Bai Youyou nodded to him: Hopes that you a moment ago to my commitment were not an empty talk.” Divine Dao? Shen Xiang is confused, but he sees Bai Youyou to visit him with a strange gentle look, he knows one obtained the Bai Youyou's approval, this makes him somewhat excited, with such that Su Meiyao said that he truly quite likes Bai Youyou, why he does not know, always thought that Bai Youyou this iceberg beautiful woman makes the person love tenderly very much. Divine Dao becomes a lay priest by the god, is Divine Sense one practice way! Different with Martial Dao, what Martial Dao mainly releases strength is fleshly body, but Divine Dao is actually Divine Soul, if you practice certain situation, you can Divine Soul departs from the body, wander each world, invisible do not have condition, but also has destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength. This is the goal that many expert are broken to the world the life pursue.” A Bai Youyou face yearns said that in her look also brings to wipe reluctantly, because she has practiced Ruthless Devil Art, if, does not diverge, person who will turn into one not to have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, although she will be very when the time comes strong.

Considers you to sit at home, then your Divine Soul can actually flutter in the world, ascends the sky into, omnipotent, is not weak in physical strength, is this how fierce? So long as you need, you can give itself to mold fleshly body with world Spirit Qi.” Su Meiyao is very excited, on pretty face full is the tender and beautiful smiling face, she yearns for this Realm. undying Indestructible!” In Shen Xiang heart panic-stricken incomparable, murmured. Right, to enter into Divine Dao, the beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people are indispensable, you have achieved, that baby is your Divine Soul newborn condition, after being grown, that baby will be exactly the same as you.” Bai Youyou said. Later you only needed to practice Divine Sense that's alright, how to practice Divine Dao specifically I and Senior Sister is not clear, I want not to have many to know personally, because such person were too few.” Su Meiyao is somewhat regrettable. Shen Xiang the mood is excellent at this time, not only can refine Building Foundation Dan, Divine Sense advanced by leaps and bounds, but also has entered into Divine Dao, naturally, what most makes his happy is, Bai Youyou this iceberg beautiful woman was better to his manner. This is two elder sisters encourages my, although you at that time called me to give up, but I actually know that your heart hopes I succeeded, moreover I do not want to disappoint you, therefore I unceasingly broke through the Divine Sense limit.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, superficial was patting the flatters of two beautiful women. You continue alchemy, a bit faster enters True Martial Realm!” Bai Youyou said that then one side arrives. Su Meiyao arrives at side Bai Youyou, abuts on her body, hugs her slender waist, on the face is having the anxious look. Shen Xiang also seven herbs, he now restored now, makes the best use of the time alchemy! Three days pass by, the Shen Xiang success refines four grains of Building Foundation Dan, although failed three times, but he is very satisfied!

Shen Xiang looks at five grains of Building Foundation Dan, cannot help but is sighing with emotion, he heard that this is value several hundred thousand crystal stones one grains, does not have a standard pricetag, generally sells through the way of auction. Shen Xiang has eaten up one grain, starts to practice, compresses True Qi completely in his within the body these beast image inside true element grains...... Unknowingly, Shen Xiang is missing had eight months, these days, enough he returned to Extreme Martial Sect to avoid, but Extreme Martial Sect same did not have his news. Many people guessed that after Shen Xiang possibly is the severe wound runs away, cannot cure, dies outside the wilderness, was eaten by Demon Beast. Shen Xiang has hidden in mountain side cultivates, he has eaten that five grains of Building Foundation Dan completely, True Qi that Building Foundation Dan inside contains and is also above his expectation, unexpectedly so many, causing him to require the time to build up. Night, after a heavy snow, entire mountain scene forest snow white, the silver moon/month hangs in the air, is illuminating the white snow, in mountain forest that the cold wind howls, presented one man who wears the black vigor to install, he is displaying tall Jue movement technique, is treading the leaf, top to graze in the forest, speed very rapidness, moreover does not leave the trace in the white snow! Shen Xiang is dashing about wildly at this time heartily, is divulging the excitement in heart, he was constrained in that mountain side is so long, now finally breaks through True Martial Realm, becomes in history youngest True Martial Realm martial artist, he dashes now, loud voice roared, the sound reverberation in silent mountain forest, shook the leaf to shiver. In five beast image of Shen Xiang within the body, that seven grains of true element grains become bright incomparable, on Azure Dragon beast image has three grains of brightly true element grains, this is Building Foundation Dan True Qi are extremely many, makes his condense come out, when his five beast image all condense leave ten grains of bright true element grains, he enters into True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, now he is only 1st Stage, but the strength actually surpasses the same rank True Martial Realm many. Shen Xiang must hurry to leave to return to Fragrance City, he must purchase massive White Jade Powder and True Elemental Dan material, after refining is successful, he can be admitted to the 4th Stage alchemy master, when the time comes he returns to Extreme Martial Sect again. All the way, Shen Xiang ejects grain of True Qi Dan once for a while, then catches to play with the mouth, True Qi Dan in his eyes is also only between -meal snack.

„The True Martial Realm strength is different, I feel me to be able casual to be able mountain Hongdiao.” Shen Xiang excitedly said, the yawn meets that to be thrown into airborne True Qi Dan by him. suddenly, he sees airborne to flash through a spoken parts shade, that grain of True Qi Dan was robbed by any thing! „His mother egg, unexpectedly dares to steal my thing to eat!” But Shen Xiang now strength nowhere causes, his present is happy, who annoys his words, only will become his object of practicing acquiring a skill. Shen Xiang Divine Sense puts, quick induces to having any thing correct use very quick speed is fleeing, his hastily has emitted Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, pursued, because that speed is not he uses the foot to overtake. What thing is? unexpectedly is so quick!” Shen Xiang cannot help but surprised, but he now True Martial Realm strength, but has the thing also to run quickly compared with him, if with the wing, he is not hard to overtake. Quick, Shen Xiang on visible below trees , the white squirrel correct use one type is about much the speed to fly to leap up on the tree. This unexpectedly is speed extremely quick Demon Beast! „It is not ordinary Demon Beast, you have been careful, this speed is very fearful!” The Su Meiyao urging said.