World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 131
Practices Divine Dao person very little and very few, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not know that who cultivates Divine Dao, if nobody instructs, the practice, is very carelessly easy to have problems. Sees this Long Xueyi to turn into small squirrel, Shen Xiang believes what she said is real, because this, only then invisible does not have condition Divine Soul can achieve. My this is called 72 Transformations! Is Divine Ability, only then cultivates Divine Dao to use, this is I break the shell the time knows that should be my parents gives birth to me to inherit to me, they teach my many things, in my brain.” Long Xueyi was saying with that sound haughty fresh-faced tenderly sweetly. Has Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, asks. Naturally has.” Long Xueyi said with that sound tenderly sweetly. Then you did comply to cooperate with me?” Um, although you are not the good person, but is not too bad, I reluctantly comply.” Long Xueyi was saying, stretched out that fresh-faced adorable pinky: Draws the hook quickly, after having drawn the hook, we later cannot renege on a promise.” The acrobatics of this child made Shen Xiang smile secretly, but he stretched out the pinky to draw the hook, who knows time that he and Long Xueyi's pinky cancelled, actually sent out a bright. Was good, this is the contract of our Dragon Clan and humanity, if later you want to strike a vicious blow to me, you will be very certainly painful.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, extends that small white hands to beg True Qi Dan. Shen Xiang present True Qi Dan truly looks like the sugar bean, was treated as between -meal snack to eat by this Little Dragon Girl. little girl, you later like this with me? Or you go in that ring!” Shen Xiang said that he also planned makes this powder toot toot the adorable girl accompany Su Meiyao they to play.

Long Xueyi is shaking the head the small head, said: „It is not good, I cannot enter these storage equipment inside spaces, is influential to me, because I practice Divine Dao.” Shen Xiang cannot certainly always make this little girl follow side him, did not say facilitates, said that safe is a very major problem. You felt relieved that I have the means!” Long Xueyi said with a smile, sees only her to turn into together white cloud suddenly, shot on the Shen Xiang's arm, Shen Xiang only thought that arm one warm, simultaneously felt that above has formidable strength. He is shocked, that warm current spreads over his left arm with the left chest, his hastily takes off the clothes, only sees in these places of his left arm connection left chest, has a lifelikeness, making threatening gestures White Dragon, looks like with an unusual method mark is the same on his arm, is sending out the white light, is beautiful. White Dragon Tattoo, is coordinating Shen Xiang that vigorous and healthy muscle, making him seem is emitting a strange charm! Naturally, what Shen Xiang is most shocking is this Long Xueyi's strength, he can very clear feeling her strength, unexpectedly be more formidable than him! I am formidable, I am not in the way with you like this.” Long Xueyi said tenderly sweetly that her sound unexpectedly can pass on clearly, seems probably is Shen Xiang is the same in the speech. Has other people, when do not speak at a venture!” The Shen Xiang urging said that simultaneously somewhat was worried, this Female Dragon girl is somewhat mischievous, and is very sly. Knows, others do not have you to be so stupid, my human younger brother!” Long Xueyi smiles was saying that at this time she said with Divine Sense. Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, then runs swiftly, goes to Fragrance City.

Not long, Long Xueyi they chatted on chirp and Su Meiyao, this was Shen Xiang knew after Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, first time saw them and others talks, naturally, this also because of Long Xueyi with the Shen Xiang's reason. Fragrance City, even if when the white snow covers, is similarly beautiful, Mancheng is scattering one type thoroughly the delicate fragrance of will of the people spleen, making the person be refreshing. After Shen Xiang previous time sells out that Metal Spirit Fruit, crystal stones did not remain many, but the refinement Building Foundation Dan material his only remaining one, after that was used for him, takes the seed. He has refined many True Qi Dan luckily, he put out 200 grains to sell, other gave Long Xueyi to eat. Grain of five hundred crystal stones, 200 grains are hundred thousand, Shen Xiang are take away Danxiang Tower to sell, this time that Mrs. Li is responsible, but this Mrs. Li this time has recognized Shen Xiang, she was City Lord, Shen Xiang's paints a portrait she to look at many times. Shen Xiang is missing near Fragrance City throughout, very cares certainly about this matter as City Lord, because Extreme Martial Sect's Dean looks for him personally, making him help to seek for Shen Xiang. Mrs. Li, I came, 200 grains of True Qi Dan!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „Are you Shen Xiang, Young Master Shen?” Mrs. Li asked that in the look was bringing surprisedly, because in the hearsay Shen Xiang died, but has not thought of him, as soon as appeared puts out 200 grains of True Qi Dan to sell . Moreover the facial expression was very good, does not want to be the severely wounded appearance. Shen Xiang arrives at Fragrance City to directly soar Danxiang Tower, the matter when does not have to understand this has, along with his strength and Divine Sense promotion, he can see this Mrs. Li strength, unexpectedly is True Martial Realm 2nd Stage martial artist! Mrs. Li unexpectedly knows brat, is really honored!” In Shen Xiang heart slightly one startled, said with a smile.

If wants not to know that you are very difficult, now Beast Martial Sect posts a reward you with three hundred thousand crystal stones, many people to look for you, inside or outside the city leafed through.” Mrs. Li said after a sigh. Shen Xiang frowned, low coldly snorted: Wants with my persons head changes the crystal stones fellow, has to plant comes! Comes many dead many!” During the speeches, murderous aura fills the air, let Mrs. Li retreat several steps, in eyes full was frightened, she has not thought of such young people, murderous aura unexpectedly such heaviness, if were the average person, surely frightening to faint by this murderous aura. But the Shen Xiang's strength also makes Mrs. Li have doubts, although she cannot see Shen Xiang's cultivation base, but she thought that Shen Xiang was fiercer than before! This is hundred thousand crystal stones! Right, the person who the Young Master previous time must find I inquired to Dean, if you want to see her to be able first here dull a period of time, your stay here will be safer, Danxiang Taoyuan and Extreme Martial Sect's relationship is very good, our Dean have the words, if you make me detain you again as far as possible.” Mrs. Li restored, said slowly that at this time she understands finally, Shen Xiang will be worth Extreme Martial Sect's Dean going into action personally! Shen Xiang nodded, says with a smile: Then many thanks, I have bought to select herbs first, if that asked the Hua Yueyun woman to look for me, called that's alright me directly, does not need to be worried that can disturb me.” 20 White Jade Powder herbs, four ten thousand crystal stones, 20 True Elemental Dan herbs, three ten thousand crystal stones, one used most probably, but Shen Xiang believed this time him certainly to be able very smooth refined into these two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan. Shen Xiang unexpectedly was arranged in twenty layers, it is said can live in this person is very noble, is not some outstanding alchemy masters, is martial artist of Mrs. Li this rank. This makes Shen Xiang feel extremely flattered, but in his heart is also very steadfast, is very at least safe.