World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 134
Who your is Master?” After old man took a deep breath, asked. In the sound unexpectedly is bringing respectfully, a face admiration looks at Shen Xiang, at this time they do not dare to despise Shen Xiang again, simultaneously to be looking down on the Shen Xiang's matter to be a moment ago ashamed. I am Extreme Martial Sect Extreme Dan King Courtyard, does not have Master, but Elder Dan will direct me once for a while.” Shen Xiang indifferently said, this makes the leg of that ten old man immediately one soft, was almost frightened to kneel. Extreme Dan King Courtyard! Although they have not seen, but actually likes thunder reverberating in one's ears, because that is the Extreme Martial Sect Dan King residence, only then obtains the person of Elder Dan approval to move, although Elder Dan is mystical, but her alchemy ability is actually in Chenwu Mainland illustrious. Many alchemy masters think that Elder Dan became Dan King, but did not have, is only poor. Shen Xiang was received the Extreme Dan King Courtyard matter by making an exception, Mrs. Li also early has hearing, at that time, Shen Xiang also accepted a 3rd Stage alchemy Master Wei apprentice, is that Yao Haisheng. The Chenwu Mainland alchemy master has two people wisely, one is Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, one is Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Dan, but these two people are also the most mystical duties! Shen Xiang obtains the Elder Dan direction, obviously Shen Xiang has the forte surely, will otherwise not settle on by Elder Dan. Shen Xiang refines White Jade Powder time is quicker . Moreover the component of refining are also many, once again is vibrating the hearts of these old man, this lets them is very shameful, what making them unable to gain ground, before they also looked down upon others. Shen Xiang has rested, then starts to refine Building Foundation Dan! Ten 4th Stage alchemy master eyes do not wink, looks at the Shen Xiang fast processing these herbs, that familiar technique, as well as reorganizes the herbs way, makes in their hearts shock secretly, they can see Shen Xiang to refine many times, are at least more than them, otherwise not so even assignment herbs. Now that ten old man looked that the Shen Xiang's look probably looks at the grandmaster to be the same, after all that refines Building Foundation Dan, let alone built up, even to look is also very rare, because the Building Foundation Dan material are too few.

They want to know how very much Shen Xiang gets so far as that many Azure Profound Fruit, they even think of a way, making Shen Xiang sell to their point. herbs processes, Shen Xiang starts one every kind to invest pill furnace, puts in pill furnace time also has the order, this by these old man 11 in heart. Shen Xiang closes the eye, both hands place by Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace the design enters the hot mouth place, starts to pour into the flame, is observing the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace internal change with Divine Sense, starts with the flame incinerator herbs in furnace. Then, that ten old man stubbornly are staring at that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, they except for inducing to the delicate change of temperature, other knowing nothing, do not know that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside time passed was very long. A double-hour passes by, the Shen Xiang fierce opening eye, said with a smile: Succeeded!” What? This succeeded! Although ten old man look at Shen Xiang to be motionless, but has not actually looked at satisfying, others have succeeded, is this is refining Building Foundation Dan? A double-hour has been solved, moreover looks at Shen Xiang that appearance, probably is makes the sweet dumplings to be equally simple with ease. Mrs. Li is also pressed the willow eyebrows, some do not believe walks, she turns on the pill furnace cover, immediately has called out in alarm one, because she saw two grains of Building Foundation Dan! unexpectedly is two grains of Building Foundation Dan!” Mrs. Li calls out in alarm. Generally can refine one grain to be good, but Shen Xiang actually built up two grains, this was really scary, even though the Mrs. Li training were very good, was startled rude. That ten old fellow were startled is growing up the mouth, almost frightens the tooth. „Is this Building Foundation Dan?” A old man sound is shivering.

Was Building Foundation Dan, above the record had written, the trace like Thousand Vein Fruit, has Metal Spirit Fruit golden light and Azure Profound Fruit azure glow!” Another old man was exclaiming in surprise said. Their moods were indescribable that envies and envies to hate, when they look at Shen Xiang, with one type look that is full of the worship, if Shen Xiang must accept the disciple, perhaps they will immediately kneel! Shen Xiang now is the 4th Stage alchemy master, but actually be fiercer than them, because Shen Xiang can refine Building Foundation Dan to come! Can refine Building Foundation Dan, not only represented Divine Sense to arrive at certain Realm, but True Qi also wanted certain standard! Ten old man and Mrs. Li cannot help but tremble, if Shen Xiang now is True Martial Realm, that simply is a anomaly! Shen Xiang obtained jade token, jade token above has four golden across to the grain, behind jade token also the blood and Divine Sense of 11 with the signature that carve, is his name, they are the people of inspector general Shen Xiang inspection! Two grains of Building Foundation Dan, Shen Xiang wants one grain, but Mrs. Li thought that somewhat felt sorry, independently decides to give Shen Xiang hundred thousand crystal stones, if were not Shen Xiang's Azure Profound Fruit, they are unable to see Building Foundation Dan with own eyes! Shen Xiang, how many True Martial Realm or I send escorts you to return to Extreme Martial Sect? You possibly can all the way very danger(ous).” Mrs. Li said. Many thanks madame's good intention, does not need!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, because Gu Dongchen has spoken, if the strength surpasses Shen Xiang too many people actually to grasp with him, then Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Courtyard will send out, no one dares to take risk, even if Nirvana Realm martial artist does not dare. Shen Xiang leaves Fragrance City, emits Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, flies to Extreme Martial Province! In order to assure the Shen Xiang's security, Mrs. Li and that ten 4th Stage alchemy masters have not passed on the Shen Xiang's matter, this is also Shen Xiang makes them keep secret. At this time, the Extreme Martial Sect disciple of going out, or is arranging the disciple to distant place, majority return, participates in Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting, ten years a time congress, witnesses the time of oneself strength promotion, witnesses the time that Extreme Martial Sect new generation outstanding disciple pill is born.

Shen Xiang flight in the air, very natural relaxed, this is the True Qi wings advantage. Older Brother Shen, tastes to others that Building Foundation Dan!” Long Xueyi tender dī dī said that after Shen Xiang goes out of Fragrance City, Long Xueyi has not stopped, has cheated Shen Xiang with various adorable tender sweet sounds, making him hand over Building Foundation Dan. „It is not good, I remain now am also using, when I have time collection uneven herbs to build up to you again.” Shen Xiang flatly refuses. Then licks to others always! Licks to others!” Long Xueyi pitifully was also whispering, that sound was very pleasing, but Shen Xiang has actually rejected her, to her mouth, that is the meat dumpling beats a dog, has not to return. This small greedy dragon is not very good to raise, moreover likes eating pills very much, the exceed of higher likes eating, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart the drop blood. Under flies in the upper air, Shen Xiang to hear suddenly broadcasts the sound, he lowers the head looked that is seeing one group of people to gather round a white clothing female, at this time he went to the place that Taoyuan Mainland and Extreme Martial Province meet to inlay, this is also the most chaotic region. Wu Qianqian! How can she here?” Shen Xiang dives immediately. Wu Qianqian is an arrogant female, but after afterward and Shen Xiang has hit one, realizes the very big problem, moreover starts to reform, this made Shen Xiang have very big new face to her but actually. A person makes a mistake is normal, but if cannot discover one are wrong, persist in your own wrong doings, then this person in the end only by own wrong destruction.