World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 135
On the Wu Qianqian's arm has the bloodstain, on the beautiful cheeks also has brings the sword mark of blood together, in her hand 3rd Stage spirit tool succeeded in giving up two sections, she gathered round by more than 20 men, but her face is strong at this time, the appearance that has not flinched, looked the facial expression that her face is unafraid of death, knows she has planned to go all out. Woman, obediently hands over that treasure, we can forgive your life!” Handsome male coldly said, although Wu Qianqian is very beautiful, but in Wu Qianqian has the thing that he cares about. I die not to you!” In the Wu Qianqian hand suddenly presented a blue bead, she opens the small mouth, swallows in the bead the entrance fast. slut, your unexpectedly dares to eat this treasure!” That handsome man roars, then flushed. After Wu Qianqian swallowed that blue bead, whole body stabbing pain, but she is important the mandibular joint, is enduring the severe pain, but she whole body has been incapable now, saw that handsome man the time that takes a sword to puncture, raids scalding hot, sees only one group of flame to airborne to pound down, violent collision on the body of that handsome man, making it send out a pitiful yell. Wu Qianqian only sees a big form to appear in front of her . Moreover the back also has the giant wing that pair of flame concentrates! Shen Xiang! Wu Qianqian remembers that Shen Xiang has such pair of huge fire wings, why does not know, seeing Shen Xiang to appear, Wu Qianqian thought one were safe, she sits down exhausted in the ground, is enduring the stabbing pain, while said difficultly: Many thanks rescues.” Shen Xiang's huge fire wings is very famous, these attacked Wu Qianqian's person unexpectedly to endure. Ha Ha...... unexpectedly is Shen Xiang, three hundred thousand crystal stones!” A guy said with a smile, but his laughter actually quickly vanished, because he saw Shen Xiang under foot the head of that handsome man to be stepped on gets sucked into the ground, unexpectedly was stamped by Shen Xiang while still alive. They are the True Martial Sect's people, grain of precious pearl that my accident obtains, was actually seen by them, they must rob my, they chased down my ten days!” Wu Qianqian clenches teeth saying that at this time her body hurts very much.

Shen Xiang coldly snorted: „The True Martial Sect's person, was really good, unexpectedly dares such to bully my Extreme Martial Sect disciple!” Shen Xiang, do you also want to make our True Martial Sect issue a warrant for arrest you?” The guy voice said gloomy. Has to plant comes!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, invisible True Qi spouts from his mouth suddenly, hits on the body of that guy, sees only that guy to spurt a blood greatly, within the body explosive a sound of skeleton disruption! Is killed violently instantaneously! That group of True Martial Sect's disciples stare immediately, on the face full is the color of fear, during the speeches can kill people in invisible, what strength is this? Goes back to tell Liao Shaoyun, making him not die is so quick, I met certainly after the wedding the handle he to butcher!” Shen Xiang said solemnly, a invisible pressure covers in these people immediately, sees only them to kneel, the mouth is spitting the blood, on the face full is the color of person pain, some even fainted deadly in the past. Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, sees only these people simultaneously to spout a big blood, then the pressure vanished, Shen Xiang do not kill them, otherwise they already died a moment ago. Now Shen Xiang is the True Martial Realm 1st Stage strength, Mortal Martial Realm in his eyes is the ants, so long as he wants, can these to unravel instantaneously at present. Assays the purity of silver to look clear in Shen Xiang behind Wu Qianqian, regarding Shen Xiang this strength she also is very surprised, although she is not first time sees Shen Xiang to get rid! Seeing Shen Xiang can come back safely, in her heart relaxed secretly, in her heart has been worrying about Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang turns around to hold Wu Qianqian, emits Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, has flown from instantaneously same place, these True Martial Sect's disciples relaxed, as if must die in them a moment ago was the same, although in their hearts hates Shen Xiang, but cannot help but was actually given to subdue by the Shen Xiang's strength, they in front of Shen Xiang, are quite common in the ants!

Shen Xiang is holding the Wu Qianqian tender body, he only felt that this gentle and charming body is shivering, moreover is very hot, he can certainly see a pain of Wu Qianqian face. What you eat is what thing?” Shen Xiang descends on a mountain peak, grips the Wu Qianqian's wrist|skill, investigates the situation in within the body, unexpectedly was discovering with amazement her within the body presents one group of blue flame, this group of flame spout powerful heat, probably is building up to melt True Qi and her meridians of Wu Qianqian within the body. I do not know that in brief in that precious pearl contains very many fire attribute Spirit Qi!” Wu Qianqian clenches teeth saying that even if she is very painful, but she has not called, she does not want to display in this man at present very weakly. Looks at the Wu Qianqian pain the appearance, Shen Xiang also feels helpless. Is Blue Star Fire Spirit, 72 Blue Star drops from the clouds, falls on Mortal World, is to become Fire Spirit, this is the spark, breeds some blue plants the fires of origin.” Long Xueyi said that in the sound is also bringing surprisedly. Fire Spirit! unexpectedly is Fire Spirit, this was including the thing of Immortal envy, unexpectedly is obtained by Wu Qianqian! Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also very surprised, after they have not thought of Elder Dan, person who unexpectedly witnesses one to have Fire Spirit. Has Fire Spirit, alchemy time will be handier, is in the alchemy Master Yan sacred thing! Bears, you must fuse this thing!” Shen Xiang holds Wu Qianqian in the bosom, is encouraging her in a soft voice. Wu Qianqian nodded, does not know strength where comes, revolves martial arts that she cultivates, compresses True Qi that in the dantian is exploding to well up unceasingly.

The incomparable ache suffers Wu Qianqian to live to might as well die, her by in the Shen Xiang's chest, both hands is holding the Shen Xiang's waist, hurts unknowingly makes her grab the Shen Xiang's back with the nail, grasped bloodstains, although Shen Xiang was somewhat sore, but actually kept silent, handled gently is caressing back of Wu Qianqian's. „It is not good, her internal strength sutra too low level, was unable to suppress Blue Star Fire Spirit to take to her massive Spirit Qi fast, teaches Vermilion Bird Divine Art to her, her perception should be good, will otherwise not practice this situation with this inferior internal strength sutra.” Su Meiyao said that she also wants to have a look at a person to fuse the Fire Spirit process to be what kind. In the Shen Xiang mouth was reading some chant gently, first reads 1st Stage, then explained that after enduring severe pain Wu Qianqian is hearing, in the heart is extremely grateful, moreover she also knows that Shen Xiang taught to her martial arts is extraordinary, she according to Shen Xiang's chant revolution True Qi, the pain was weakening slowly...... Three days pass by, Wu Qianqian has opened the eye, she sees to lie down during a warm bosom, pretty face cannot help but one red, but Shen Xiang actually with a smile visits her: Congratulations, you became True Martial Realm martial artist!” Wu Qianqian one startled, left the Shen Xiang's bosom, at this time she truly feels True Qi in within the body to be vigorous, moreover True Qi turned into the pure blue color, her within the body also two Vermilion Bird general beast image. Thank you!” Wu Qianqian lowers the head saying that at this time she also can only say thanks, she does not know that should be used to thank Shen Xiang, at this time she saw in her nail full is the bloodstain, suddenly before thinking, when bore the pain, grabs the Shen Xiang's back. You are all right! Makes me have a look quickly!” Wu Qianqian hurriedly said, on the beautiful face full is guilty.