World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 136
Wu Qianqian sees the Shen Xiang's back is grasps the mark, she rebukes oneself very much, is very grieved, her guilty tunnel: Sorry, I help you process now.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: No problem, small wound.” Although he said that but Wu Qianqian made him fall face down, then put out a very cool liquid, smudged, in these of his back grasped on the mark, the white hands were rubbing his back gently, making him feel very comfortably. Wu Miss, you knows that thing that you fuse what is?” Shen Xiang asked. The Wu Qianqian's face is feeling hot, because she is first time such and a man contacts intimately, let alone her heart has very good feeling to this man, she said in a soft voice: Does not know that Young Master Shen is experienced, should know! After Young Master Shen, shouted me Qianqian that's alright.” Shen Xiang laughed: I remember your first time sees my time, has the imposing manner very much, now how like the young miss! Later you shouted that I Shen Xiang that's alright, left any Young Master.” Wu Qianqian um has complied with one micro red, pretty face: Shen Xiang, I sat the well view day before, does not know own tiny, moreover thinks own a little talent on proud and arrogant, your previous time reminds me, I have not possibly known the correction. This will make me make more mistakes on the path that later cultivates. Said, since contends in martial arts after with you, I have promoted in mood, this made me break through the bottleneck.” Shen Xiang smiled: Now you did not break through a least bit, you are True Martial Realm martial artist, moreover is so young, was right, you this year how many years?” At this time Wu Qianqian no longer is also cautious, because she knows that this man is easy getting along with, so long as you respect him, he respects you similarly, and is very frank. She spits the tongue, said with a smile lightly: You do not know that girl's age is a secret? However I only told you, I this year 28!” Ah!, Sister!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, will not reject with beautiful woman together Shen Xiang, let alone The first of the top ten beauties. After Wu Qianqian since had been attacked by Shen Xiang, becomes very much does not have the confidence, but she has entered into True Martial Realm now, restored once more self-confidently, but no longer is beforehand that proud and arrogant she, before this time she compares, is more beautiful, maturity, has the makings.

Shen Xiang, you know what I fuse is what thing?” Wu Qianqian smiles , to continue to stroke the grasping mark of Shen Xiang's back, but these grasped the mark also become pale. That is called Blue Star Fire Spirit, that is special and rare Martial Spirit, in brief this thing can make you release the out of the ordinary flame, but this type of flame is belongs to origin fire seed, has very big advantage regarding alchemy!” Shen Xiang said that a face envies: This thing is fierce, reason that Elder Dan has such achievement, many reasons are because she also has Fire Spirit!” Martial Spirit Wu Qianqian has heard actually, but Fire Spirit her first listening, knew that she obtained so supreme treasure, in her heart is also excited, naturally, she knows , if no Shen Xiang's words, she perhaps already by that Blue Star Fire Spirit destroying. Shen Xiang, my also alchemy, I was just came back from Fragrance City, I now am a 2nd Stage alchemy master, hopes, you can direct me 12.” The Wu Qianqian draw calms the mind the excitement, has shown the charming smile. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: Certain meeting, present you my first time meets your time are more attractive, sometimes genuine beautiful may not depend on the cheek, wants heart beautiful woman beautiful!” Wu Qianqian red red painted-face, dangles to come to say in a low voice: Um, thanks the instruction.” The grasping mark of Shen Xiang back vanished, he knows therapy liquid medicines that this Wu Qianqian refine, the effect is good. Was bad, the Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting also eight days started, we miss now!” Wu Qianqian suddenly calls out in alarm. Fears anything!” Shen Xiang laughs, saw only his back to present pair of fire wings. Wu Qianqian lowers the head shyly, she knows that and other must have the intimate contact with Shen Xiang, but she is secret the anticipation.

Shen Xiang is hugging her, spread the wings Gao Fei, quick has flown on the clouds, frightened Wu Qianqian beautiful face changing colors, but she adapted quickly. Qianqian, I pass to your cultivation technique you do not tell others, I believe that you teach this martial arts for your, do not disappoint me.” Shen Xiang face seriously said. Um, I promise you, does not pass on!” Wu Qianqian nodded, closely is holding the Shen Xiang solid waist, but Shen Xiang is also hugging her gentle and charming barbarian waist with an arm, their very ambiguous. Has used for three days, Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian arrived at Tianmen City, here is lively, these three days, Wu Qianqian holds Shen Xiang to fly, remembers that feeling, in her heart, thought that warmly that is very romantic matter. Qianqian, haven't you acknowledged as teacher? I introduced you to Elder Dan, she lacked a haughty apprentice probably very much.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, this made Wu Qianqian somewhat surprised, because in the hearsay, Elder Dan wished one could to kill Shen Xiang, but looking back now, Shen Xiang and Elder Dan's relationship is probably good. For these days, Shen Xiang also knew that Wu Qianqian's many matters, he has not thought that Wu Qianqian unexpectedly is the ordinary families family background, really had the good talent, because of so, her was enrolled Peerless Martial Sect, mixed together in with some powerful official juniors all day, gradually became is also same as these people, but she can have today, was she step by step walks, this but actually was also a talent character. Um.” Wu Qianqian nodded happily, can do obeisance Elder Dan for the master, this truly is a good matter, but Elder Dan mysteriously appears and disappears, has closed up for almost three years. Returns to Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian this pair of good-looking man beautiful woman walks on the road, is very noticeable, Wu Qianqian is many people knew that after all that is The first of the top ten beauties, naturally, knew that the Shen Xiang's person are more, he is not only famous in Extreme Martial Sect, now the entire Chenwu Mainland's people know his head value three hundred thousand crystal stones. No. 16 Martial Courtyard, is that lonely, Shen Xiang brings Wu Qianqian to walk, on the same day Wu Qianqian and Shen Xiang contend in martial arts in this inside, at that time here fifth hundred Martial Courtyard, have not thought fled all of a sudden front. Qianqian, you look for Elder Wu to arrange you first, but you now True Martial Realm cultivation base, this anything First Ranked Inner Courtyard in your eyes is the floating clouds.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Wu Qianqian currently really has the proud capital, 30 did not arrive has entered into True Martial Realm, and had Fire Spirit.

But after Wu Qianqian contacts Shen Xiang, had very big change, she said: Later can I with you in Martial Courtyard? Although I am the True Martial Realm strength, but I thought that can learn many things with your together, at least present I am because you change.” Shen Xiang thinks that somewhat awkwardly said: I worried that my fiancee will be jealous!” He thinks of Xue Xianxian, he thinks after Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting, looks for Xue Xianxian. In the Wu Qianqian heart shakes, bites the lip tightly, in the look is filling to lose with the grief: „Did you have the fiancee? Is she also Extreme Martial Sect's?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „It is not, she became engaged with me in secular world, she called Xue Xianxian, in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire!” unexpectedly is Xue Xianxian! Wu Qianqian was shocked, she understands why other beautiful females of Shen Xiang to Extreme Martial Sect is not interested, has such a fiancee, truly does not need to pay attention to other women! Wu Qianqian lowers the head, she is very uncomfortable. Your chest is very big, hugs you to have the feeling very much!” Long Xueyi imitated the Shen Xiang's sound to say at this time that this let Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian is shocked.