World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 139
We now are No. 15 Martial Courtyard, is higher than Big Brother Shen keeps off!” In the Yun Xiaodao heart somewhat is also regrettable, but his actually very haughty, surmounts the goal that Shen Xiang is he has come now. How do you obtain that many Building Foundation Dan?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. I pick, Old Zhu draws me to go to the previous time my simple True Elemental Dan place, we looked for three months there, finally had found one box of Building Foundation Dan, inside has eight grains, our two grains, two grains to you!” Xu Weilong said superficially. Unexpectedly picks! In the Shen Xiang heart wondered, this Xu Weilong luck was also too good, but if no clinging to for dear life of Zhu Rong to hit rottenly, their three will not dig in a place for three months. Zhu Rong haughty said with a smile: I also suffice the loyalty, takes away! Six hundred thousand crystal stones, this was floor price.” Snort, I lost everything, have paid seven hundred thousand crystal stones to him!” Yun Xiaodao scolded lowly. Does not have the means that this is mainly my merit, you acknowledged.” Zhu Rong shakes the head smiles. Before Shen Xiang, thinks that this Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong very much suffice the loyalty, but has not thought or received money, he has ridiculed one: Material I have, Elder Dan also complied to help me refine.” Lao Xu, we take away the auction!” Zhu Rong curls the lip, hastily receives to be good that two grains of Building Foundation Dan. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I had saying that I didn't want? However first is owing, when I obtain these True Elemental Dan, I pay money again.” Takes away auction words, the price will be also higher, Shen Xiang can also gain one, because he now is True Martial Realm, no longer needs Building Foundation Dan! Zhu Rong also knows that takes away to sell to sell many crystal stones, but Shen Xiang is his friend, therefore he can only endure suffering to give Shen Xiang, let alone they think that Shen Xiang has not entered True Martial Realm.

But Zhu Rong now is rich flows oil, spring breeze haughty of face, therefore Shen Xiang they have eaten and drunk for day in the hotel a night, to have eaten the good dish nice wine of entire hotel, until being sick of eating they received the hand. Zhu Rong pays a bill is a face meat pain, complained incessantly, he guessed correctly that Yun Xiaodao they definitely maliciously will butcher his, but has not thought that will suppress situation not awfully. Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting is the grand meeting under True Martial Realm, the disciple above True Martial Realm at this grand meeting, but is responsible for other work, naturally, above True Martial Realm also has their congresses, but that is other Chenwu Mainland sect's competes, that scene called magnificently. Today, on entire Tianmen City avenue empty, because and other competition must pass through Tianmen City, who in the words that on the avenue shakes randomly, is surely bad luck. In Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen stands in a plaza stage, at the back of both hands, is taking a fast look around below several hundred thousand disciples, after this is also he goes out, first time with the gate in these many disciples meets. Gu Dongchen first rubbish the matter that Peerless Martial Sect integrated, said the words that anything lives together in peace and harmony and so on, then also praised to enter into the True Martial Realm disciple recently, gave Wu Qianqian, Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong rich reward at the scene, this made many people envy, to people very big drive. Following Gu Dongchen unexpectedly is criticizing Shen Xiang wantonly, said that any Shen Xiang has made many losses to Extreme Martial Sect, when competes for First Ranked Inner Courtyard also to create the destruction and massive disciples of big area is injured, but also has stirred up many disturbances. Shen Xiang is despising this Martial Nephew secretly, this obvious uses one's office to redress personal grievances, but he does not care, no matter how to say again that Gu Dongchen must shout him for Martial Uncle. After rubbish, Gu Dongchen announced Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting to start, then held the first contest! First is the specific speed, a day compares, the content plaza from Extreme Martial Sect's, brings back together the Extreme Martial token to the spiral summit outside Tianmen City another end city on, who returns most quickly who wins. According to over the years the quickest speed, is six double-hour can back and forth, the distance is truly far, needs unceasing running, so long as stops the rest, will immediately be surmounted, the endurance and True Qi of this test person vigorous degree.

In process of race, does not allow to have the conflict, once were discovered that will decide will process severely! Everybody is ready.” Elder Wu high shouted. Many disciples are first participation, therefore is excited, moreover thinks one can obtain first! Three hundred thousand people attended this race, is biggest in the front person superiority, originally Shen Xiang in front, who knows that he was actually entrained by Gu Dongchen to most afterward admonished, nothing but is talks incessantly something. Shen Xiang, you can certainly obtain first!” Wu Qianqian has also seen through at this time, the smile looks at Shen Xiang, she will discover and Shen Xiang together will always have an inexplicable joy. Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao they are thinking secretly something, they have not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly and Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty did, secretly was despising Shen Xiang, if beforehand Wu Qianqian has not entered into True Martial Realm, had a liking for Shen Xiang that to be passable, but now Wu Qianqian is True Martial Realm, pursued her True Martial Realm to have plenty of such people, but saw her and Elder Dan walks very much enters, the beautiful woman dares to have her idea. That is natural, I have registered three competition, Hehe!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Gu Dongchen and Wu Qianqian complexion slightly changes, if Shen Xiang takes first, that big good luck all was embraced by him? The Wu Kaiming clear and resonant voice said: One, two, three...... Starts!” Shen Xiang they only see the front troop person to run swiftly immediately crazily, was crying out dashing about wildly, making entire Tianmen City slightly shiver, probably was one flock of wild animals is dashing about wildly. At this time, Shen Xiang start ran, entered in mist and dust billowing plaza. suddenly, a scalding hot air wave raids, Gu Dongchen Yun Xiaodao they stare immediately, they have thought of anything immediately! Bastard! This brat moon!” Zhu Rong scolded immediately, saw only Shen Xiang to present in the air, the flutter pair of huge fire wings, flew toward the front.

Was too deceitful, is unfair, hurries!” Some True Martial Realm shouted, although they do not participate, but their apprentices participated. Big Brother Shen, your this is not too right, hurries!” Yun Xiaodao secretly is also envying, Shen Xiang with this True Qi fire wings words, is truly relaxed can obtain first. Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, because on the rule had not said that is impossible to fly. Shen Xiang slowly in the above of that group of people, quick had been discovered by the following person, many people look up, immediately crack cursed, bad language serial . Moreover the big bunch of smelly shoes, the brick throws to the sky. Pounds this bastard, this is unfair, we also run an egg!” A person gets angry shouted. Shen Xiang looks other shoes, bricks and junks that the following these fly, laugh immediately: Second third has the reward, you focus in this, otherwise your wool does not have.” After laughs, Shen Xiang flutter Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, has flown the front distant place instantaneously, below scolded overturned the heavens, but actually does not help matters, they can only in the heart despise Shen Xiang secretly.