World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 141
Long Xueyi is only hee hee smiles, sees Shen Xiang that balsam pear face, she smiles happily, but Shen Xiang only wants to spank to spend now everywhere her. dragon brat, I decide to be hungry your ten days eight days!” Shen Xiang depresses the anger in heart, said with clenched jaws. Does not want, others crack a joke, said again your smelly men, is womanizer, I saying, haven't you who you want to say seen that Wu Qianqian is very happy? This is satisfies both sides!” Long Xueyi very proudly said. Luckily this Long Xueyi practical joke in front of Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue, if before other Elder Dan or fierce characters, Shen Xiang has ten lives insufficiently dead. Shen Xiang thinks that does not understand this just broke shell less than one year of Little Dragon, why that Ancient Spirit demon, and has the thinking pattern of adult. The next day is the alchemy big game, enters for has over a hundred people . Moreover the rule that competes is very strict, is working as front alchemy of many people, needs certain strength in meditation. alchemy master alchemy time usually in the secret room, is peaceful, but today's competition actually on a stage under center of attention, this needs certain bearing capacity at heart, moreover all around is noisy, very influence display, but this can actually test a level of alchemy master. Today, the person in plaza has been short, but on plaza stands fully, after all competes, everyone wants to come to see to watch the fun, moreover many people heard that Shen Xiang also attended the competition, they decided when the time comes must harass Shen Xiang outside, keeping him from calming the mind alchemy. Shen Xiang has not seen Yun Xiaodao they, Dean Gu Dongchen is not, this makes Shen Xiang despise Zhu Rong secretly they, must walk does not say a hello with him, but others Wu Qianqian told him, this let in his heart warm, regarding Wu Qianqian this number one beauty, in his heart did not reject, instead a little light liking. The competition of audience is supervises by Elder Dan, under the gaze of her flame eye, many alchemy master backs sends coolly, regarding Elder Dan that this is subject to changing moods mystically, everyone fears, if hot angry Elder Dan, Shen Xiang is their learning from another's mistakes. Although Elder Dan aims at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang is actually Extreme Dan King Courtyard, many people think that is Elder Dan makes him go in intentionally, can thus cope with him directly.

Shen Xiang, that Azure Profound Fruit Tree growth rate so is why fast, surpasses me to expect.” Elder Dan concentrates the silk thread the sound, passes to the Shen Xiang's ear. Does not know, no matter but is long quickly, with your No problem, this is I plants.” Shen Xiang also uses similar method response, but on the face actually full is the haughty smiling face. Snort, do you want that many Azure Profound Fruit to do? You do not understand the refinement!” Elder Dan coldly said. „Do I bring not to eat good? The thing is my, I think that what does, can you manage?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, seeing the Elder Dan air/Qi to result in the whole body to tremble slightly, in his heart blossomed happily, the corners of the mouth went up slightly, full was haughty. Alchemy Competition must start, if who cheats, or violates the rule, I pursue certainly Extreme Martial Sect him, hurries to choose the position!” Elder Dan coldly drinks, the intelligent dignified sound makes all person whole bodies shake, in plaza is also peaceful. Shen Xiang just must choose the position, only heard Elder Dan saying: Shen Xiang in my side alchemy, you are crafty, I worried that you method that uses some naked eyes unable to see cheats, how I want have a good look you to build up!” Others alchemy time, on a giant stage that plaza puts up, has the 1st Stage distance with the stage that Elder Dan stands, this makes people quite relaxed. If approaches the Elder Dan's words, gasps for breath is difficult, this is because Elder Dan gave frighteningly. Shen Xiang is only low coldly snorted, he does not fear Elder Dan, after all that is his Martial Nephew, moreover before her, has supervised his alchemy. At this time, roughly about 20, the naivete man walks toward the stage that Elder Dan was, surprisingly, this man, although an arrogance of face, but his waist that White Jade number and route plate made many people dumbfounded! The people immediately think that who this person was.

„Isn't this Medicine King Mountain Lu Family that 3rd Stage young alchemy master? I remember that his name was called Lu Zhengnan, young, the strength has not arrived at True Martial Realm, was the 3rd Stage alchemy master, it seems like from now on surely becomes the character who moved a side.” old man said. Shen Xiang listened to Wu Qianqian to say last night this person, this Medicine King Mountain Lu Family reputation he has also heard, that was one grasps the massive herbs families, even there is a Azure Profound Fruit this type of thing, but they did not sell, moreover Lu Family inside expert were also many, it is said also had Nirvana Realm old undying to exist. Disciple Lu Zhengnan pays a visit Elder Dan!” Lu Zhengnan very respectful salutes to Elder Dan, but in the facial expression is having still the arrogance. What matter do you have?” Elder Dan sees Lu Zhengnan that dirty look, in the heart to get angry secretly, but actually does not manifest suddenly, compares, she thought that Shen Xiang is more lovable compared with this Lu Zhengnan. Disciple has entered into True Martial Realm last night by luck, but I actually knew that True Martial Realm cannot attend the grand meeting, but I actually very much want to participate, because I want to dispute with Shen Xiang.” Lu Zhengnan looks at Shen Xiang, in the look full is a ray of provocation, moreover is bringing contemptuously, probably was saying that I now am the 3rd Stage alchemy master, moreover True Martial Realm, you were worse than me are far! Shen Xiang was sighing secretly, although he acknowledged that this Lu Zhengnan talent was good, but was actually too tender, he has been able to see this Lu Zhengnan to defeat in a complete mess. However this looks like in other disciples, was an explosive news, Lu Zhengnan unexpectedly has actually entered into True Martial Realm, he was only 21 years old, although compared with Yun Xiaodao also big two years old, but Lu Zhengnan was the alchemy master, therefore the people thought Lu Zhengnan compared with the Yun Xiaodao talent many. Is only the alchemy words, this does not have anything actually, I allow you to attend this competition, words that but contends in martial arts, you are intuition some!” Elder Dan is only indifferently said, she wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to be able to lose to this Lu Zhengnan finally. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Lu brother is the millennium rare talents, can compete with you are my good fortune, since Lu brother comes to me, then I am young gambling, active atmosphere!” Shen Xiang must bet, previous time he has won a True Martial Realm apprentice and enters the qualifications of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, what does this time he want to plan to bet?

Elder Dan also thinks at this time very interesting, although she everywhere aims at Shen Xiang, but she actually very cares to Shen Xiang, she goes out, first is inquired that what matter Shen Xiang made, Shen Xiang has not disappointed her, has made many big matters. Wishes for earnestly!” Lu Zhengnan smiles proudly, even if Shen Xiang does not raise, he must propose that he is True Martial Realm . Moreover the 3rd Stage alchemy master, this obtains the Danxiang Tower authentication, is representing one type to the high honor. Since were you said must first bet, what your gambling stake was?” Lu Zhengnan said that he knows Shen Xiang's background is very thick, the gambling stake is not certainly small, but he was actually not worried, because he thinks that he can win. Each gambler thinks. Shen Xiang smiles lightly, sees only his palm to turn, three grains are sparkling radiant azure glow and [gold/metal] pill pellet clamp in his fingers. Three grains of Building Foundation Dan of Shen Xiang unexpectedly on oneself brings to bet!