World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 142
Three grains of Building Foundation Dan, bets?” Shen Xiang said: In the competition, whose position is higher than the opposite party, who wins!” But these three grains of Building Foundation Dan bright blind a moment ago the eyes of all people, this did unexpectedly only call the small gambling? Grain of Building Foundation Dan was very difficult to see, Shen Xiang unexpectedly all of a sudden was three grains, moreover brought to bet, this simply was the ruined family to the extreme, unexpectedly bet with this type of thing, many person cursed Shen Xiang. Elder Dan is also one startled, she sound transmission gives Shen Xiang immediately: Where lane are you?” Meanwhile, Lu Zhengnan also asked: Where this Building Foundation Dan do you come?” If Shen Xiang refines, Lu Zhengnan also bets. Where leave alone I come, do you dare to bet? Did not bet.” Shen Xiang indifferently said, the careful person can certainly be able to see these three grains of Building Foundation Dan, two grains of lusters are quite gloomy, but another grain is quite more gorgeous. Naturally, no one thinks that Shen Xiang can refine Building Foundation Dan, Elder Dan does not think Shen Xiang, in her opinion that to Shen Xiang too early, let alone Shen Xiang did not have Fire Spirit. Did not bet!” Shen Xiang receives Building Foundation Dan, is disappointed. Can Lu Zhengnan not bet? This will not only make him lose face, will make entire Lu Family be scoffed, he said: I do not have Building Foundation Dan now, but if I lost, within ten days, will offer three grains of Building Foundation Dan surely!” Shen Xiang has three grains of Building Foundation Dan, but has not actually eaten, the people guessed that Shen Xiang is preparing for entering into True Martial Realm, but this Xian Sha many people, unexpectedly has actually been able to prepare with three grains of Building Foundation Dan, the people foresaw, in the near future Shen Xiang will become True Martial Realm martial artist. On competition stage these old alchemy masters, can only in the heart sigh not that life darkly, but they actually do not think that their alchemy technique will lose to two young people.

Regarding the Shen Xiang Building Foundation Dan origin, everyone is curious, but Shen Xiang did not say, even if Elder Dan, Shen Xiang did not say where comes, this is makes Elder Dan depressed intentionally. Alchemy Competition is comprehensive, must refine some quite commonly used pills, the highest equivalent is High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, person but who attended the competition, possibly are most also can only refine Spirit Level middle-grade, is that Lu Zhengnan, because the 3rd Stage alchemy master needs to refine three Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan. The first competition, within half double-hour, refines Mortal Level low-grade Body Quenching Pill! Suddenly half double-hour passes by, first what refines to be successful is Lu Zhengnan, but Shen Xiang slows the tempo intentionally, is when is near the end to open alchemic furnace, he such does, to let Lu Zhengnan has a low opinion of the enemy, moreover can save the consumption, making him more relaxed. When Elder Dan saw the Shen Xiang's goal, Shen Xiang has refined Spirit Level low-grade True Qi Dan, was relaxed. Let alone this low level pills. First has five people not to meet the requirements, departure silently. Second is to refine Mortal Level middle-grade Baptizing Marrow Dan, third is Mortal Level High-Grade Dayuan pill, is the request completes within half double-hour! These two are still Lu Zhengnan first opens alchemic furnace, Shen Xiang still signs uncaps, this lets in the Lu Zhengnan heart secret haughty. After these two, in the field only then 60 people were continuing! Already noon, but competes is still continuing, the relaxation time is few, this is also testing the endurance of alchemy master, but person who watches also for a result, but continues to wait, but some impatient people early departed. Fourth is Spirit Level low-grade True Qi Dan, in a double-hour is completed!

This regarding the alchemy master under True Martial Realm is very high request, many people have not built up, went down., some have not prepared to have herbs, but majority think one could not meet the requirements In addition Shen Xiang, now only then 15 alchemy masters were continuing! True Qi Dan regarding Shen Xiang still simple, he usually must refine much eats to the Long Xueyi this small greedy Dragon Dangtang bean, but he still intentionally slows the tempo, when opens pill furnace the time to the last act, that Lu Zhengnan continues the high-sounding talk to get down, times first uncap, moreover rank is good. The time arrives, eight alchemy masters leave, now only remaining seven, regarding this result, Elder Dan satisfied nod, except Shen Xiang and that Lu Zhengnan, can have five Mortal Martial Realm alchemy masters to build up True Qi Dan in a double-hour, this was better than the former years on many, although the ages of these five alchemy masters were not small. In the afternoon, fierce positive in the sky, but now is actually the Alchemy Competition final tense time. Last, free display, the time is four double-hour, builds up you to refine most high rank pills to come, finally whose pills rank is high, who wins, can refine the probability that many pills raise wins.” Elder Dan shouted. The corners of the mouth of Lu Zhengnan go up slightly, because he knows that he must win above this competition without doubt, because he is the 3rd Stage alchemy master, he can refine three Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, he does not think other Shen Xiang and alchemy masters can, moreover he has confidence to build up that three types in four double-hour. Shen Xiang looks at Lu Zhengnan with a smile, said: Lu brother, look at you to be self-confident, thinks that had the steady victory assurance, if wanted added a gambling stake?” Shen Xiang unexpectedly must add gambling stake at this time, was thinking that the worried crowds like were hit the chicken blood immediately, adds the gambling stake again, if won, to gain turns? Under the stage many people were discussing with their gambling friend adds the gambling stake the matter, their also small gambling, but most people have detained Lu Zhengnan, after all jade token of his waist that 3rd Stage alchemy master has big prestigious strength. Elder Dan looked at be with smile on the face Shen Xiang, knows that Lu Zhengnan must have bad luck, previous time she like this loses to Shen Xiang's, although she made Shen Xiang enter Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Gamblers always in thinking when one have the assurance that wins steadily to increase the gambling stake, even presses all family belongings, Shen Xiang and Lu Zhengnan now are this, they think one win steadily, therefore increase gambling stake without hesitation. You leave many, I with many!” Lu Zhengnan said that on the face is self-confident, but other alchemy masters started alchemy, they do not accompany these two lunatics to be here insane. I heard that your Medicine King Mountain has Nine Sun Flame Fruit......” Shen Xiang laughed: I, if bets with this Hell Spirit Grass, you are willing to bet with that Nine Sun Flame Fruit?” A black Hell Spirit Grass appearance, the audience in an uproar, although only then the palm of the hand is big, but actually preciously, because this is can let saint medicine that the person brings back to life. But Nine Sun Flame Fruit also Profound Level High-Grade precious fire attribute herbs, mainly refines one type Profound Level High-Grade Dan that is called Black Sun Fire Pill, Black Sun Fire Pill has a very good effect, can make the person continually promote the flame of person, has very big help to the flame of alchemy master, this is only, but Su Meiyao that most people know tells him, this Black Sun Fire Pill feeds Fire Spirit best pills. Shen Xiang now could not have used, but after him, he is certainly useful, Su Meiyao has said that to walk with ease on the alchemy path, has Fire Spirit that is must. Good, I bet!” Lu Zhengnan clenched teeth, said. I worried that Lu brother cannot take responsibility, after all this is the Lu Family very precious thing.” Shen Xiang face said worriedly, if Lu Family does not give, he does not have the means that but Lu Family is carries on the back one to break a promise in the title of person at most. I was the Lord!” Lu Zhengnan earnestly said.