World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 143
Shen Xiang smiles, nodded, smiles gloomy and cold, if Lu Family does not give, he makes Lu Family attractive! Shen Xiang starts to be earnest, Elder Dan is inspecting his alchemic furnace carefully, in order to avoid he cheats, at this time all people very earnest looks at these two young people alchemy. The people think the probability that Shen Xiang's wins is not high, first, Shen Xiang refines under the Elder Dan's supervision, second, Shen Xiang behind does not have one to have the pills aristocratic family of vigorous resources like Lu Family, third, Shen Xiang does not have the grade number and route plate of alchemy master. Shen Xiang starts to process pills, the rule of this also competition, herbs must start to process at the competition, if before is, processed, was treated as contrary. Elder Dan is fixing the eyes on Shen Xiang, after she sees Shen Xiang takes a white grass, in the heart shakes! That white grass looks like ten scanning white bone same shapes, moreover is glittering and translucent carving, Bai Rumei the jade, is very beautiful, this called the White Jade bone grass, refines White Jade Powder main material! But White Jade Powder High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, with the True Elemental Dan same rank, generally only then the 4th Stage alchemy master can refine, but in Extreme Martial Sect's Extreme Pill Courtyard, 4th Stage alchemy master only ten, therefore Extreme Martial Sect is deficient in the True Elemental Dan above supply, must go to the Danxiang Taoyuan purchase, but Danxiang Taoyuan gives the Extreme Martial Sect's price is very low, therefore Extreme Martial Sect and Danxiang Taoyuan's relationship is very good. Elder Dan despises Shen Xiang secretly, the unexpectedly deep conceal is not revealing, play the pig to eat the tiger, since she sees Shen Xiang to put out White Jade Powder that moment, she knows that Lu Zhengnan lost. You did not think that you do do this somewhat shameless?” Elder Dan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. This has anything, this is the matter that your sentiment I hope, let alone this is gambling, moreover open and aboveboard, I was disinclined saying that boasted own high energy built up any pill, was the opposite party underestimates me to cause him to be defeated, if he were not so arrogant, did not attach importance to face, definitely will not lose that miserably.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Snort.” Elder Dan is only coldly snorted, she cannot say that anything, she thought Shen Xiang was too deceitful, after she decided that against, so as to avoid being sold by Shen Xiang must also help him count money. Lu Zhengnan has the 1st Stage distance from Shen Xiang, he cannot see Shen Xiang to refine any pills, does not have to pay attention, but is wholly absorbed alchemy, but Shen Xiang actually could see him to put out Spirit Level middle-grade Martial Element Dan herbs a moment ago.

Shen Xiang invests in own herbs Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then dripped into the Bailing fluid, this also refines White Jade Powder main material, he leisurely refinement White Jade Powder, while is processing another pills material. Profound True Grass, ten thousand spirit fruit, Spirit Crystal Milk and Grand Elemental Nut, it seems like you had understood that refined True Elemental Dan!” Elder Dan took a deep breath, in the sound full is surprised, she has not thought that the short three years do not see Shen Xiang, he promotes to this situation! unexpectedly can refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan! Small Martial Nephew, I am not casual can make your Martial Uncle, I am a little foundation.” Shen Xiang haughty smiles, the response said. Then, were you 4th Stage alchemy master?” Elder Dan immediately heart startled, asked. Naturally is, but that jade token is a little big, moreover behind writes the character of too many belt blood, is somewhat ugly, therefore I have not hung like that Lu Zhengnan in the waist.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. 20 years old, on the 4th Stage alchemy master, Elder Dan, even if again repugnant Shen Xiang, cannot help but admires Shen Xiang, she thorough was now speechless, what can she also say? Elder Dan, you and Danxiang Taoyuan's does Dean have relationship?” Shen Xiang asked that he was alchemy, while talked with Divine Sense and Elder Dan. The Elder Dan's body trembles slightly: I can not reply you!” Casual, in brief I will sooner or later defeat you, then makes you my woman, when the time comes I can know.” Shen Xiang badly said with a smile. Snort!” Elder Dan is sneering: Also, perhaps when the time comes I was entering Heaven World!”

This really very much has the possibility, Elder Dan is Nirvana Realm, stands in the Mortal World peak, moreover is the alchemy master, must promote truly quickly. Shen Xiang no longer spoke with her, earnest alchemy. Five double-hour, this will continue at night, but can remain now is some compulsive gamblers, they have detained more or less some crystal stones, they are waiting for the result. Shen Xiang does not want too to attack Lu Zhengnan, therefore he builds up intentionally for a long time, his double-hour can stop work for the day, but he actually worried that Lu Zhengnan will not when the time comes be able to accept to make any crazy action. Elder Dan, you have not received Wu Qianqian for the disciple fortunately, otherwise, she must shout me the Martial Uncle ancestor.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, at this time he built up similarly. „The Qianqian talent is very high, I will cultivate vigorously her, I must make her exceed you! You may other haughty.” Elder Dan said self-confident. That is good.” Shen Xiang ambiguous smiles, but in the look somewhat is complex. Thank you cultivates my future wife, Wu Qianqian is doomed is my woman.” Long Xueyi pretends to be Shen Xiang once more, gives Elder Dan sound transmission with Divine Sense. Shen Xiang back one cool, but he has to admire this Long Xueyi to utilize so wisely to Divine Sense, unexpectedly has not made this Elder Dan discover, but actually harmed to be miserable he, he on thousand bit ten thousand to enjoin this mischievous Female Dragon before not to play in front of Elder Dan noisily, that is greatly troublesome. What?” Elder Dan sound one cold, she knows certainly Wu Qianqian to the Shen Xiang's thoughts, moreover she also knows that Shen Xiang has given the Wu Qianqian very big help and encouragement, but she actually does not think Wu Qianqian and Shen Xiang together. „Her and Dean met with young outstanding of other sect and family, she will certainly transform the regard, are many man who you were more outstanding than is!” Elder Dan coldly said.

Shen Xiang suddenly somewhat refuses to accept: Real? Waits!” Finished from five double-hour also has the less than half double-hour, but Lu Zhengnan actually excited standing up, said while loudly laughing: Shen Xiang you lost, I refined three Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan!” The True Martial Realm alchemy master who is responsible for supervising nodded, said: Lu Zhengnan refines Melting Poison Dan, Martial Element Dan and Exploding Qi Dan, is Spirit Level middle-grade, in the quality excellent!” Although is at midnight, but had waited for the result people actually make the sound that cheers intermittently, they think that Lu Zhengnan won, young can refine three Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, this is really the 3rd Stage alchemy master! Shen Xiang smiles, said: Do not be unhappy, I have not refined!” „Is that also what kind of? Can you refine four Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan to come?” Lu Zhengnan said with a sneer, he saw himself to obtain that Hell Spirit Grass and three grains of Building Foundation Dan now. Five double-hour ended, Shen Xiang turned on the pill furnace cover slowly, indifferently said: I refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, separately is White Jade Powder and True Elemental Dan!” Thinks one won the person in gambling house, the smiling face on face coagulates immediately, because these detain Shen Xiang to lose, but annoying person, at this time some do not believe! Is impossible!” Lu Zhengnan has bellowed immediately.