World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 144
Shen Xiang stands up, stretched oneself, looks at Elder Dan, because Elder Dan supervises his person, only then Elder Dan spoke, can show that he refined these two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan. These two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan refines difficulty or price, by far surpasses in that Lu Zhengnan refinement three Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan! Elder Dan said: This is real, I witness his refinement process, processes herbs to congealing pill from him, I watch, he has not cheated, pills that he refines is also having warming up, the freshness can also look.” Lu Zhengnan is walking the brow, the complexion is ugly, walked quickly, some True Martial Realm alchemy masters also in abundance collect, because many True Martial Realm alchemy masters can also refine High-Grade Spirit Level Dan . Moreover the success ratio is very low. On a jade box thinks of the glittering and translucent carving powder, is sending out an afterheat, the rich medicine fragrance along with opening the lid breaks in the nose, after letting the person smells, is refreshing, this is the genuine goods at reasonable prices, quality excellent White Jade Powder! In another jade box, Jing Jing (quietly) lies down five grains of outer coverings to be glittering and translucent carving, the interior has one group of white fog Dan King, this is True Elemental Dan . Moreover the quality is very good, what is most shocking, a unexpectedly furnace builds up five grains! Looks in these two jade boxes fresh pills, Lu Zhengnan grips tightly the double fist, the fingernail deeply fell into the meat palm, his whole body is shivering, is sweating profusely, in the mouth muttered is saying: Is impossible, you are impossible to refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan to come, is impossible, impossible......” Let alone two High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, even if one type, Shen Xiang can win him! You were suspecting that I am disadvantageous to his inspector general?” Elder Dan coldly said. Lu Zhengnan swallows the saliva, at this time his arrogance does not know where fluttered to went, he made himself as far as possible calm: „It is not...... I do not dare to suspect Elder Dan, I thought that Shen Xiang is using some cheating methods, but has not made you look.”

Is! Shen Xiang is impossible to refine High-Grade Spirit Level Dan to come, is he used to refine? This needs many herbs support, let alone his missing that time still therapy, at that time he in Fragrance City, he can refine this pill, why did not inspect.” Under a person not awfully shouts that other people lose big person also to shout the quite with whom. Because most people detain Lu Zhengnan to win! Shen Xiang coldly smiled, before arriving at the stage, loud voice said: Right, refines herbs that these two pill need to be many, but do not forget me to obtain Metal Spirit Fruit and Thousand Vein Fruit in secular world, when enters Inner Sect to be informed and experienced also obtains Azure Profound Fruit, I sell out these, enough I buy massive herbs!” I at that time truly by the True Martial Sect's Liao Shaoyun severe wound, but I am bringing White Jade Powder along, the wound is much better, during that time I was missing for a long time am studying alchemy! If not believe that you can go to Danxiang Tower to ask Mrs. Li, I have purchased many herbs in her there!” Saying, Shen Xiang has put out jade token, on this jade token has four bronze inscription, the back has the signatures of 11 person blood carving, this is the certificate of 4th Stage alchemy master. I had to inspect at that time, this is my certificate!” Shen Xiang is raising in the hand that jade token, that 4th Stage shining trace sparkles at night, stabbing pain the both eyes of many people...... At this time under a peace, 4th Stage alchemy master! Shen Xiang also want compared with Lu Zhengnan young, but truly 4th Stage! Although he and Lu Zhengnan only differ 1st Stage, but this is actually the day badly leaves! People while shocking, criticizes Shen Xiang to be sinister, unexpectedly hides one's incompetence by remaining silent, has knocked Lu Zhengnan one maliciously! Lu Zhengnan is pointing at Shen Xiang with the hand of shivering: You...... Your unexpectedly...... unexpectedly......”

Puff, in Lu Zhengnan mouth a fierce blowout big blood, he suffers a more disastrous defeat, three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit! This is very big gambling stake, he was sure of success before, therefore dares such to bet, but this has not obtained the agreement of family, he knows that from now on he will be very troublesome. If you must suspect that the Danxiang Tower alchemy master authenticates the system, then I do not have the means! Admits defeat as you like, but if I cannot receive gambling stake, do not blame me to make any matter to come.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: Cannot bet carelessly with!” The Shen Xiang's gambling stake is own, but Lu Zhengnan is actually the family, light this point, could see among them the disparity! Lu Zhengnan stared Shen Xiang one, in the look has filled killing intent, the Shen Xiang complexion immediately one coldly, he can think that this Lu Zhengnan will have any thought! If there is killed the creditor, were in the debt not to use also! Under although many people want to scold Shen Xiang, but actually does not dare to scold, that is the 4th Stage alchemy master, Extreme Martial Sect, only then ten, must supply, the status is noble, if offends a competent alchemy master, then the consequence is very certainly miserable. Because Shen Xiang has practiced Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, can the reserved aura, therefore Elder Dan and Gu Dongchen these ancient times Big Shot are unable to see the Shen Xiang's strength, Elder Dan secretly suspected Shen Xiang has the True Martial Realm strength, but she sees Shen Xiang also to leave leeway three grains of Building Foundation Dan now, again had not suspected that she guessed Shen Xiang to the bottleneck. Lu Zhengnan was stirred up spits blood, this is also very rare time, it can be imagined, he is hate Shen Xiang how, but Shen Xiang truly has also occupied very big convenient, the relaxedness won that many good things, this strange Lu Zhengnan was too tender, liked making widely known to like showing off, the insufficient Shen Xiang low key was vicious, defeated such miserably. From the beginning, Lu Zhengnan showed own card in a hand, but also thinks that the unmanned energy enemy, increased the gambling stake with Shen Xiang, finally collapsed completely.

Shen Xiang...... I am waiting to me!” Lu Zhengnan roars sinister and ruthless lowly, fierce scratches the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, left here. Shen Xiang is only laughed, received hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones from Elder Dan there, then has the joyful mood to return to Extreme Dan King Courtyard. After obtaining 100 grains of True Elemental Dan, must go to ten grains by Long Xueyi this small greedy dragon immediately, this makes him somewhat grieved, but after Long Xueyi must go to these ten grains, later was difficult, because of Shen Xiang must in the above strict control, this True Elemental Dan likely not be True Qi Dan so is easy to refine. Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting from the beginning, consecutively two competitions had ended, the people of achievement are Shen Xiang, this are continually many True Martial Realm the disciples secretly to envy Shen Xiang, the thing that because Shen Xiang obtains in these two competitions makes the person be jealous, let alone Shen Xiang also three grains of Building Foundation Dan, this means that Shen Xiang might from now on very much becomes True Martial Realm martial artist. Shen Xiang already was True Martial Realm martial artist, but his routine concealed own strength. The third competition is the large-scale military training exercise, but must be ten days later starts, this is the Dean words, but these within ten days, are in the disciple exchange, as well as some True Martial Realm disciples pass on the experience publicly, or is the time that the Elder Courtyard elder teaches.