World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 145
At the grand meeting, many True Martial Realm disciples were demonstrating that own strength and that formidable Divine Martial Skill, stir up many Mortal Martial Realm disciples to envy, this for them is also a drive, but the disciple who some year to year run around also puts out some strange things to make in the disciple open mind, some people stand on a table, boasts, mentions the past years powerful experience. Will have in this period also some small activities, can however many disciples through own wisdom or be the strength, won some pills and crystal stones in the small activity, for example answered some issues, guessed the riddle, wait / etc....... Shen Xiang has stayed in Extreme Dan King Courtyard expedites that Azure Profound Fruit Tree with dragon saliva, this picked up the result speed, Elder Dan also thought that this was very suspicious, but experienced she, thinks that does not understand so will be why quick! In the past five days, the Azure Profound Fruit Tree flower has wrapped, you congealment fruit, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly were also sighing with emotion, his hairstyle Azure Profound Fruit Tree does not need dragon saliva to come the accelerate ripening also to grow probably quickly. Azure Profound Fruit Tree is the essence of condense wood comes the result, but this tree stays in this Spirit Qi rich Mysterious Realm, absorbs the Spirit Qi speed to be quick, can transform Spirit Qi as the fruit fast.” Su Meiyao said that this is also only her guess. Now the invitational meet started, fights through many ratios, decides to mount the stage finally eight people, the person who attended the martial arts contest are many, the inner courtyard and outer court have, moreover was assigned to each Martial Courtyard carries on the invitational meet, every day can one large quantities of person be eliminated. In this invitational meet, everyone fears to meet Shen Xiang, because of Shen Xiang, but the inner courtyard first person, under True Martial Realm is invincible, but some young expert of many new promote were also ready to make trouble, wants to challenge Shen Xiang. In the process of budget match, Shen Xiang also calculates quite gently, defeats the opposite party with very temperate way, if he discovers others' insufficiency, will direct 12, because the grand meeting to let the disciple exchanges much, this won the respect of many people. Shen Xiang just watered that bead Azure Profound Fruit Tree, returns to the secret room, took five grains of True Elemental Dan, huge portion True Qi exploded to well up immediately in his within the body, he revolved Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, will build only up, turned into own True Qi, finally these True Qi transformation was Divine Sense, poured into his Sea of Consciousness, was feeding in Sea of Consciousness that Divine Dao Infant Soul. Only then expands this Divine Dao Infant Soul, he can start to practice Divine Dao, this was Long Xueyi says.

Unknowingly, Shen Xiang immerses in training the Divine Dao Infant Soul process, condense wholeheartedly leaves many Divine Sense to feed, to afterward him, although has not eaten True Elemental Dan, but he through Yin and Yang Divine Veins, can absorb massive Spirit Qi to practice. Elder Dan stands in a not far away roof, looks at Shen Xiang in the sky of that secret room, murmured: Really is Yin and Yang Veins, only then Yin and Yang Veins can have this type to absorb the Spirit Qi ability crazily, it seems like he is really same as Master Master Ancestor.” Shen Xiang in this Extreme Dan King Courtyard, continuously by the Elder Dan close light beam, but the Shen Xiang conduct is discrete, when uses dragon saliva not to discover, although he has not seen Elder Dan to stare at him in secret, but can actually guess. For three days, Shen Xiang is practicing, absorbs the Spirit Qi quantity not to reduce, instead are getting more and more, this may cause the shock of Elder Courtyard many person, because just has place Extreme Dan King Courtyard of matter, no one dares to go in casually nosing, can only wait and see in the distant place. Elder Dan coldly snorted and said: This can brat enter True Martial Realm? These three days he has not gone to attend the invitational meet, already lost the qualifications, but this likely is not his attitude, according to his disposition, said that must first take breaks through again!” In condition that Shen Xiang at this time in a thing I two forget, probably is newborn baby in the deep sleep, anything does not know, but actually unceasingly absorbs the massive nutrition. Shen Xiang's realizes completely in that Divine Dao Infant Soul, he only wants a bit faster to absorb massive Divine Sense to come by his adolescence to get up, what regarding outside is anything, any disturbs him not to know! Elder Sister Meiyao, I have made contribution, but is actually not able to awaken him, I look should better by him, awakens his words forcefully, will be very troublesome.” In the Long Xueyi fresh-faced sound full is helpless, because she knows that Shen Xiang is unable to win that hundred True Elemental Dan, this makes her love dearly secretly. The martial arts contest congress started, the people in Extreme Martial Sect are surprised, because Shen Xiang has not entered in that eight positions, before this is many people, matter that cannot guess correctly, from the Shen Xiang's strength, even if must take first is very relaxed.

After inquiring, the people know that Shen Xiang is because does not attend the invitational meet to be eliminated on time, moreover Shen Xiang had five days not to appear. Shen Xiang in practice, secretly is happy, because he saw that Divine Dao Infant Soul to grow up much, appearance that before was just born, but currently had a half years old this. Shen Xiang learned from Long Xueyi there that the Divine Soul adolescence speed is very slow, for example Long Xueyi, has bred in the dragon egg for a long time eight years old, to grow into a girl, her also need longer time, once is grown, she can show disdain for the myriad things the strength. Shen Xiang wakes up finally, just woke up in him, hears Long Xueyi that to have the life Qi/angry tender sweet sound: Shen Xiang, you have rested for five days, that 100 grains of True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones was finished completely.” Why don't you awaken me?” Shen Xiang leaves the secret room immediately, walks toward Extreme Martial plaza, in the heart is very annoying. Others called you, who knows that you practice earnestly, do not fill toward Infant Soul in all Divine Sense next time, otherwise you rested for ten years eight years are not the issue.” Long Xueyi urged him earnestly, expression was very serious, because after Shen Xiang fell asleep, she did not have the thing to eat. Shen Xiang wishes one could to oneself two palms of the hand, because of his negligence, actually causes him unable to attend this martial arts contest, making him lose hundred grains of True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones in vain! This lets his feeling like a knife twisting in the heart. Among plaza, gathers round many people, but on the faces of these Extreme Martial Sect disciples full is the color of anger, but Shen Xiang also sees on not far away that martial arts contest stage but actually several people.

What's the matter?” Shen Xiang was inquiring a middle-aged man. After this middle-aged man sees Shen Xiang, cannot help but one startled, but his surrounding person is also so, chaotically told Shen Xiang the matter. Quick, Shen Xiang had known the process of matter, he looked at this time to that stage that Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming are, pupil fierce contraction, because he saw a he very familiar face, that is a very handsome face, in the foreheads is having the faint trace arrogance, but is actually not that loathful. Sees this person, Shen Xiang to grip tightly the fist, fingertip deep pinching enters in the meat, this person Liao Shaoyun! Shen Xiang comes back after Fragrance City, understood that this Liao Shaoyun something, made him eat not small startled finally, he has not thought that this Liao Shaoyun unexpectedly was a True Martial Sect's elder, will be one will soon enter the Nirvana Realm young people, the talent was astonishing, was in True Martial Sect very important character. Now True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's elders lead the disciple of hanger-on to attend the Extreme Martial Sect's grand meeting, moreover proposed that compares notes by own hanger-on disciple and Extreme Martial Sect disciple, then the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple defeated completely.