World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 147
Beast Martial Sect's that elder is sweating profusely immediately, he can feel Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming anger, but this elder is also old fellow, immediately said solemnly: Niu Hao is no wonder self-confident, actually he entered True Martial Realm, although this is the good matter, but he has actually concealed us, goes back us to meet the heavy fine he!” A Beast Martial Sect's elder such saying, with his No problem, is the Niu Hao mistake, but Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming do not believe. „Does if wanted suspend contending in martial arts?” That Liao Shaoyun is very calm, indifferently said. Does not use, looks at the Shen Xiang's appearance, concealed has promoted the True Martial Realm matter, I think that he broke through in these days!” Wu Kaiming is light smiles, because he could see that Shen Xiang makes that Niu Hao give oneself away intentionally, he and Elder Dan are curious, why Shen Xiang can see through the Niu Hao strength. The Beast Martial Sect's elder whole body trembles, the complexion big change, stern-faced looks at the martial arts contest stage, if Shen Xiang also entered True Martial Realm, then the result of this martial arts contest was hard to expect, moreover this was the life and death struggle! such insignificant ability, gives me dead!” Niu Hao was made to choke with rage by Shen Xiang, he explodes to drink, on that thick arm reappears immediately a huge golden ox head, the ox head that Qi Aura concentrates is lifelike, above has pair of sharp steep. Although Niu Hao looks like very bulk, but his speed is not slow, his swift and violent waves that giant arm, rumbles a crazy fierce fist toward Shen Xiang, saw when that to the buffalo and cow horns must the Shen Xiang's body top two holes, but Shen Xiang actually suddenly disappears! However the people can actually see on the stage to transmit the intermittent Shen Xiang's aura, Shen Xiang dash about wildly on the stage with an extremely quick speed, moreover in does not make slightly the sound. Shen Xiang has shunted a fist of Niu Hao with the way of high-speed migration, simultaneously hides own whereabouts, Niu Hao can distinguish the direction that Shen Xiang is at through the Shen Xiang's aura, but the Shen Xiang's traveling speed is too fast, right now left, making him be hard to determine where Shen Xiang will attack. This speed must make Niu Hao secretly panic-stricken quickly, now he suspected that Shen Xiang is also True Martial Realm martial artist!

Since is life and death struggle . Moreover the opposite party also that wants to kill him, Shen Xiang will certainly not keep the hand! All person Jing Jing (quietly) look at martial arts contest stage, waits for Shen Xiang to attack, at this time the atmosphere is very depressing, because nobody knows that which direction Shen Xiang from will attack. suddenly, Shen Xiang appeared, but swoops the direction that comes Niu Hao also catch to Shen Xiang, hastily turns around is a fist, but Shen Xiang actually dexterous shunts that Niu Hao crazy fierce and terrifying biangular ox head fist. Shen Xiang like the pointed cone, above is winding around light True Qi, but the aura is actually so overbearing, he while avoiding Niu Hao that fist, pricked the heart of Niu Hao such as the palm of pointed cone! Profound Aura Finger! Eyesight good person eyes then can recognize, this is can be similar to fierce martial arts of Divine Weapon sharp weapon by own hand! Previous Shen Xiang used this Profound Aura Finger to pinch-off famous spirit tool. Shen Xiang's penetrated the body of Niu Hao, passes the back, then fierce pulls out, being ready laying out of Zuo Zhangmeng, the bang hits above the Niu Hao dantian. Bang crack, the entire martial arts contest stage collapses immediately, the stone four on flies! This unexpectedly was Shocking Heaven Palm, Shen Xiang's this palm uses his many strength, moreover hit above that Niu Hao dantian, he hit the past time, can explode spout massive True Qi catch to the Niu Hao dantian that instantaneous. The mist and dust was emitted gust to blow off by Shen Xiang, the martial arts contest stage the available vehicle one pile of scattered in disorder crushed stones, in the Niu Hao mouth unceasingly spout the blood, the person were actually losing the consciousness.

Shen Xiang drinks one lowly, a foot kicks in the waist of Niu Hao, Qi Energy blows out from his foot, flies to Liao Shaoyun! The True Martial Sect's elder the whole body is shivering at this time, he is inspecting the Niu Hao injury, although Shen Xiang has not killed Niu Hao, but has actually abandoned Niu Hao, moreover Niu Hao not together good place. I have won the Beast Martial Sect's disciple, next should be True Martial Sect's!” Shen Xiang looks that stands the delicate man side Liao Shaoyun, loudly said. At this time Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming determined that Shen Xiang has entered into Mortal Martial Realm, Liao Shaoyun and Beast Martial Sect's elder has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly in this short in five day breaks through, but Shen Xiang has not divulged them to make True Martial Realm martial artist pretend to be Mortal Martial Realm now. Since Shen Xiang must hit, that Liao Shaoyun also accompanies, said with his side that delicate man several, saw only in that delicate male hand to present a black crossbow trigger mechanism, this is the same day Shen Xiang kills Demanding Life Devil Bow that the 100 Poison Sect person obtained! This matter everyone knows that was Liao Shaoyun has robbed the Shen Xiang's spoils of war! Life and death struggle!” That delicate male floating body arrives around Shen Xiang, the sound does not have the sentiment to say. Good!” Shen Xiang looks at that Demanding Life Devil Bow, this is his thing, today he must recapture. Wu Kaiming indifferently said: Liao Shaoyun, this Demanding Life Devil Bow is Shen Xiang obtains, why can you snatch on the same day his? After they compare, you can me a satisfactory answer, you make these matters to Shen Xiang on the same day, I will also investigate!”

The body of Liao Shaoyun shakes slightly, on the same day he thinks that Shen Xiang is the Mortal Martial Realm ants, killed has killed, Extreme Martial Sect will not manage anything, but Shen Xiang has entered into True Martial Realm now, was a 4th Stage alchemy master, depended on his such talent, which big sect went, has attached great importance. Young people, leave are too wild! You were too tender!” Elder Dan coldly said, Shen Xiang is her Young Martial Uncle, she naturally must help Shen Xiang, although she and Shen Xiang see only have the contradiction. The hand with Demanding Life Devil Bow delicate male named Zhao Cheng, initially enters True Martial Realm, had injured a moment ago also several Extreme Martial Sect's disciples, but his present unexpectedly is taking the spirit tool martial arts contest, this makes many people despise him secretly. The Extreme Martial Sect's disciple has not known the disciple who Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect send is True Martial Realm pretends, otherwise they were already reviled the sound submerging. Takes Demanding Life Devil Bow so to be spirited, don't you think very laughable?” Shen Xiang jokes, although in the martial arts contest had not said that does not allow to use spirit tool, but many people at the martial arts contest, will not use, this can appear own real strength. Liao Shaoyun only thinks that Niu Hao was Shen Xiang bumps into, burns down has concealed cultivation base spirit talisman to be revealed that therefore he had not been worried, so long as Zhao Cheng were not discovered that that did not have relationship with him. Starts!” Also is Liao Shaoyun shouted. The sound falls, Demanding Life Devil Bow in Zhao Cheng hand flies to project a black arrow immediately, everyone can see that black arrow to inject the Shen Xiang's body, making in many person hearts tremble, thinks that Shen Xiang ended!