World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 148
The black arrow penetrated the Shen Xiang's body, making Shen Xiang's body exploding suddenly open, in that instantaneous, all people are growing up the mouth, a face does not believe looks that Shen Xiang was exploded the place that vanishes! Elder Dan and sound of Wu Kaiming head also cannot help but bang, the Elder Dan's body gently sways, can look at Shen Xiang's dead to her attack is big! Zhao Cheng also face haughty, said with a sneer: Also mediocre!” Just fell in his sound, Shen Xiang suddenly appears behind him, how a giant long blade does not know, pricked in that Zhao Cheng's dantian, passes the body, simultaneously punctures that spirit talisman, sees only Zhao Cheng's body fiercely explodes gushes out an powerful True Qi aura! In a moment ago, Shen Xiang molded a virtual image on the fast water used, this is Water Mirror Art in Black Tortoise Divine Art! Then uses way of high-speed migration, simultaneously restrains the aura, in that Zhao Cheng's back rapid traverse, was taking advantage of Zhao Cheng to be unprepared finally, has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, flew rush over toward Zhao Cheng, from making Zhao Cheng's back pricked the dantian. Somewhat depressed numerous Extreme Martial Sect disciple, had tarried at this moment completely, they think that what method unclear Shen Xiang did use to make that? Does he have the clone technique? Shen Xiang pulls out the blade fast, carries over a series of blood, sees only his fist such as [gold/metal] Zhu, presses makes strength that the person is hard to pant for breath sweep across the four directions. Dragon Aura Fist! True Martial Realm Shen Xiang, coordinates that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, displays incisively this Dragon Martial Technique, simulates lifelike that threatening Dragon Power, deters many people, this pressure makes people feel one are similar to front of Shen Xiang the ants is the same! The fist such as the lightning common bang hits, earth violent, a Shen Xiang fist the True Qi bang Zhao Cheng Within the body is then loose, simultaneously totally destroys his five main internal organs (entrails)! He discarded a True Martial Realm person. The Liao Shaoyun body trembles slightly, the complexion becomes very ugly, he looks that Shen Xiang takes away that Demanding Life Devil Bow lecture once more, in the heart hates to drop the blood, a moment ago that Zhao Cheng, was his apprentice, therefore he gave Zhao Cheng Demanding Life Devil Bow, but now Zhao Cheng actually by Shen Xiang abandoning. What Shen Xiang uses is True Martial Realm strength!” True Martial Realm martial artist calls out in alarm, in crowd that surrounds , many True Martial Realm, had suspected a moment ago in them, but now is more definite! Did Shen Xiang enter into True Martial Realm?

These five days is he attacking the bottleneck? This was really too astonishing, he was not only the 4th Stage alchemy master, was True Martial Realm!” Oh, this fellow estimate was in history one of the most talent, that anything Lu Zhengnan and he, as soon as compared, anything was not!” 20-year-old True Martial Realm, misses compared with that Yun Xiaodao for one year, but he is actually the 4th Stage alchemy master!” „......” This news travelled in the crowd, making entire plaza blast out the pot, this was really too astonishing, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has entered into True Martial Realm! That Niu Hao and Zhao Cheng are also True Martial Realm, otherwise they were already killed by Shen Xiang! Person who has True Martial Realm, can resist the Shen Xiang's attack!” Another True Martial Realm disciple said that in the sound is having an anger. True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's disciple unexpectedly comes Extreme Martial Sect to wreck the event by the True Martial Realm strength, but also has injured their Extreme Martial Sect's many people, this cheats radically, hitting of True Martial Realm and Mortal Martial Realm, what is this? Clarified has caused trouble intentionally! Hundreds of thousands Extreme Martial Sect disciples were cursing angrily True Martial Realm immediately, requesting True Martial Sect to give an explanation! Three hundred thousand post a reward not to be good to take!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, looks afterward to Liao Shaoyun, loudly shouted: Two disciples who True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect come both are True Martial Realm, can visit them intentionally to conceal the strength to stir up trouble, Elder Wu, Elder Dan, you said how should process?” True Martial Realm pretends to be Mortal Martial Realm to challenge our Extreme Martial Sect's Mortal Martial Realm disciple, but also severely wounded many people! Has not thought that these two sect imagine me is more despicable than!” The Shen Xiang's sound spreads over Extreme Martial Sect each corner, making all Extreme Martial Sect disciples be filled with righteous indignation, cursed these two sect.

On the Elder Wu face the kind smiling face vanished, he at this time unemotionally, this complexion is very rare, once he has this complexion, explained that he moved the real anger. Although Elder Dan is bringing a mask, that constriction that but she releases, making the entire plaza people peaceful, calm calm Liao Shaoyun, at this time also full Tou is the perspiration, stands may early enter Nirvana Realm old fellow in his side two, although he must enter into Nirvana Realm, but he before them is still only the ants. Can let the entire Extreme Martial Sect satisfactory explanation to one, otherwise makes your Dean come you to take away!” The Elder Wu sound ice-cold said. The Beast Martial Sect's elder has not entered into Nirvana Realm, with that Liao Shaoyun similar strength, they facing Nirvana Realm of two genuine goods at reasonable prices, does not have the strength to hit back! suddenly, a Shen Xiang leap, grabs Zhao Cheng jump to come Shen Xiang do you do!” Liao Shaoyun drinks suddenly, on the face full is angry! But Elder Dan moved sideways to arrive around Shen Xiang's, this lets Liao Shaoyun complexion sank. I do not want you to eliminate a potential informant! I must make him say honestly, whose scheme this is!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, he saw a moment ago Liao Shaoyun was finding the way to kill this disciple to eliminate a potential informant, Liao Shaoyun was close Nirvana Realm, must make a petty action that simply is too easy. Where if Liao Shaoyun the charge that Zhao Cheng's body, that is a mistake of Zhao Cheng person, but if some people pull strings, that matter was serious...... Shen Xiang with the Bai Youyou's means that hand according to that Zhao Cheng's head, letting Divine Sense in an unusual way in Zhao Cheng's head China Mobile. „Does Zhao Cheng, Liao Shaoyun know that you did enter True Martial Realm?” Shen Xiang asked coldly.

Knows.” Zhao Cheng's voice replied emptily. plaza is very peaceful at this time, moreover martial artist each one senses of hearing in plaza are keen, can clear hearing, this make entire plaza surge a tumult! Was enough on this simple reply, showed sufficiently Liao Shaoyun they stir up trouble intentionally! What words did you have to say?” The Elder Wu sound is having an anger, he has not thought that Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect unexpectedly bullied the family like this, swaggering came Extreme Martial Sect to make such matter, did not pay attention to Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Courtyard simply. Starting today, Extreme Martial Sect and True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect are unable to co-exist! Today starts to exterminate in Extreme Martial Province Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect's disciple!” Elder Dan loudly said, is having the murderous aura sound deafening sound in Extreme Martial Sect, can see in her heart angry incomparable. Snort, the position of Chenwu Mainland first big faction should trade, you just wait!” During speeches, body of Liao Shaoyun gradually then empty, but Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan simultaneously lay out a palm, their palm seems like light, moreover is slow, but after taking control, entire Extreme Martial Sect's surrounding area thousand li(500 km) violent sways, the beast bird sounds together, as if day ta extinguishes general. Entire Extreme Martial Sect also in violent swaying, many person cannot help but both legs becomes tender, sits down exhausted in the place, this stands in the strength of Mortal World peak! unexpectedly is so terrorist!