World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 149
Shen Xiang is also standing of being sweating profusely there, although Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming also get rid, but ran away with not well-known means by that Liao Shaoyun. This should be Space Divine Martial Skill! Can make him surmount several thousand li (0.5km) distance to escape all of a sudden.” Wu Kaiming coldly snorted and said, then coldly looks to that Beast Martial Sect's elder. Detains him!” The Elder Dan's words fall, see only nine shadow suddenly to appear in the side of that Beast Martial Sect elder, these nine person suddenly appear, makes the people one startled, everyone can feel that terrifying murderous aura from them. Shen Xiang retreat several steps, because these nine people gave his feeling are really too danger(ous), appearance unexpectedly of these nine people were the same with Elder Dan, wears the black robe, was bringing the mask, could see is the Elder Dan's subordinate. At this time Shen Xiang from newly estimated that Extreme Martial Sect's strength, the Extreme Martial Sect overall strength like that was not small and weak like the outside guess, especially that mysterious zero number Elder Courtyard, as well as that was always emptying No. 1 Martial Courtyard, moreover two to No. 10 Martial Courtyard person little appeared in Extreme Martial Sect! Entire Extreme Martial Sect's high-level strength, is filling fog, making the person unable to completely understand! Liao Shaoyun should be injured, we go back to meet first, everybody waits for the duty, True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect goes too far, my Extreme Martial Sect cannot, whatever they so insult!” Wu Kaiming said that matter that today Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect handle, but encroaches upon the entire Extreme Martial Sect's dignity! Although all disciples keep silent, but is actually filled with warm-blooded, wishes one could immediately and Beast Martial Sect True Martial Sect goes all out one! Shen Xiang also obtained that hundred True Elemental Dan and reward of hundred thousand crystal stones at this time, in this time, his merit is not small, even if Elder Dan has to acknowledge that the expression also became polite.

Where Shen Xiang received him to promote the reward of True Martial Realm from Elder Dan, they were same as Yun Xiaodao, hundred True Elemental Dan, five ten thousand crystal stones, tattered 3rd Stage spirit tool! Naturally, this promotes the reward, every year welfare, hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones! This can be said as very rich, but Shen Xiang now is rich flows the oil, he altogether obtains five hundred True Elemental Dan at this grand meeting, 45 ten thousand crystal stones, but he used hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones has bought three grains of True Elemental Dan from Zhu Rong there, calculates that has gained much. Moreover he through with the Lu Zhengnan gambling war, won three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit, Shen Xiang sleeps now will smile to awake, is only short ten days, he obtains that many. Those who make him somewhat depressed is, that small greedy dragon is keeping thinking about his True Elemental Dan and Building Foundation Dan all day, he does not lack True Elemental Dan luckily now, therefore mood good time also will give her 12 grains. Extreme Martial Sect was enraged, ripped open the face with Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect, Danxiang Taoyuan has supported Extreme Martial Sect immediately, but Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Icewind Valley, Lotus Island and Proud Sword Sect were the neutralities, no one supported. Because had such matter, leading the young True Martial Realm disciple Gu Dongchen also hastily that goes out to exchange to return, was discussing how to deal with all sorts of matters that then possibly can present. Regarding this matter, Shen Xiang naturally cannot worry, he thought that his three Martial Nephew can handle, now he just and Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, Xu Weilong and Wu Qianqian drinks to eat meal in the hotel. Big Brother Shen, this food the account wants you to pay, your this fellow has gained that many unexpectedly! Moreover is the 4th Stage alchemy master, tut tut!” Yun Xiaodao sighs with emotion was saying, if were young True Martial Realm, but also the 4th Stage alchemy master, in population several billions Chenwu Mainland was also hard to discover second.

Wu Qianqian sits side Shen Xiang's, has smiled faintly wear a look, drinks some fruit juice, Shen Xiang can bring her, this makes her very happy, although there are such peerless beautiful woman in side, but Yun Xiaodao they have not restrained, moreover they and Gu Dongchen go out, is also very familiar with Wu Qianqian, but also knows Wu Qianqian to the Shen Xiang's sentiment. Junior Brother Shen, is not I and you blows, my Old Zhu obtains the praise of Dean! Although said that is goes out to exchange martial arts anything, but is fights actually, I punch a Danxiang Taoyuan's fellow beg for mercy.” Zhu Rong haughty vast said with a smile. „, This has anything, I heard that others Danxiang Taoyuan's person martial arts is not very strong, mainly places the alchemy aspect! Moreover the personal connection of each alchemy master is very broad, if others need, called 45 True Martial Realm hit you are not the issue.” Xu Weilong contemptuously said. Wu Qianqian nodded earnestly, said: Xu Weilong said well, although we can fully win the Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple, but if fights truly, they by personal connection, we definitely are not the matches.” Yun Xiaodao some do not approve, curl the lip saying: Do not despise me, but I the double Heaven Veins person, a top three are not the issue, moreover I now am True Martial Realm, can display fierce of my pair of Heaven Veins, Big Brother Shen is not my match.” Wu Qianqian heard some people saying that the strength of one's beloved was very weak, she did not have life Qi/angry, was only beautiful smile: „Do you dare to bet one with Shen Xiang?” Yun Xiaodao looked at with a smile Shen Xiang, lacked self-confidence at heart, although he has the self-confidence to his present strength very much, but faces the Shen Xiang's words...... Simple gambling, if I won have paid a bill by you, if I lost, in following one year, coming to here to drink to eat meal is I treats!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Good, bets? You said!” Yun Xiaodao has been enthusiastic, lost in any case is only a liquor money for vegetables. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, looks at a spatial wine class, invisible colorless Universe True Qi was released instantaneously by him, wraps on that wine class, making the wine class float, simultaneously controls Universe True Qi with huge Divine Sense again, powerful Divine Sense and True Qi fuse, turn into invisible strength, can make Shen Xiang control at will. That small wine class on such float in Yun Xiaodao, motionless. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You can move this wine class slightly, even if I lost, otherwise is I wins! Moreover there is a time limit, arrives at the darkness.” The present was in the evening, sometime on the darkness, Yun Xiaodao saw the wine class to be hanging, but thinks that this was Shen Xiang with that formidable Divine Sense made the wine class float the simple trick, in his heart was disdaining secretly, then put out a hand to hold the wine class, he can bump into the wine class, what made his heart startled was, that wine class probably stubbornly was been same there by crustification, is unable to move! Shen Xiang brow micro wrinkle, could see that he is also very earnest, because this is Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou teaches his one special method of using True Qi and Divine Sense. Wu Qianqian, Xu Weilong and Zhu Rong see also to think very strangely, Yun Xiaodao welled up nursing strength, but is actually not able to move that wine class.