World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 151
Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian somewhat are accidental, they have not thought that Elder Dan unexpectedly dares to bet. Refined Building Foundation Dan regarding Shen Xiang already is very relaxed matter, he had succeeded before many times, thinks one can see this Elder Dan's true colors quickly, in his heart was secretly excited, when the time comes he not only sees the Elder Dan's true colors, but can also see a beautiful luster of the skin...... Shen Xiang is curious regarding Elder Dan, because he always thought that this Elder Dan is a he very familiar person, anyone but who actually does not know. Elder Dan, I except for other Azure Profound Fruit materials, have not given me several days of time to collect now.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, a face badly bad facial expression, looks in the Elder Dan heart secret tenderly to scold. Here has, I sold to you!” Elder Dan has put out a bulk material, had Thousand Vein Fruit, Metal Spirit Fruit and grain of life element to use most demon core, as well as other thousand year above auxiliary herbs. Shen Xiang said with a smile: crystal stones I am owing first, if I refine successfully, that has also exempted these herbs crystal stones.” Ok, but if you cannot refine, you must concede, in two double-hour are completed, start!” Elder Dan by sat down in Azure Profound Fruit Tree, waves to hint Wu Qianqian in the past, sat side her. Wu Qianqian whispered: Elder Dan, how you can be so rash, if lost......” Elder Dan lightly snorted and said: Stripping off clothes looks to him? This has anything! If there is won, I can also profit!” In Wu Qianqian heart speechless, pretty face is glowing red, she has not thought that this Elder Dan unexpectedly can let loose, did not mind that others look at her body. Elder Dan could see that Wu Qianqian is thinking anything, her feeble voice adds: Looks to him does not have anything but actually, other person of I will not bet......”

Said here, the Elder Dan hastily silent, she detected that she was the explanation, was easier to misunderstand. Wu Qianqian suddenly thought that this Elder Dan is not the surface such hates Shen Xiang likely, moreover she also thought that Elder Dan has a special sentiment to Shen Xiang probably, this is the woman special feeling, if will be Shen Xiang absolutely does not think. „Does Elder Dan, why look to me does not have what actually?” The Shen Xiang's ear is very sharp, even if, when he chooses herbs attentively, can hear all around weak sound. Regarding this, Shen Xiang is curious. Do not ask that builds up your pill! Also, this matter cannot the to divulge to an outsider.” Elder Dan coldly said, then looked at Wu Qianqian, Wu Qianqian nodded. Shen Xiang has chosen herbs, then takes off Azure Profound Fruit, Spirit Qi that in this Azure Profound Fruit contains also and previous these are equally many, but the Elder Dan's herbs quality is not very good, therefore cannot make his furnace refine four grains! Three grains should!” Shen Xiang has estimated that previous time he when Danxiang Tower test, because of other herbs quality talents, causes him only to refine two grains. Furnace four grains of Building Foundation Dan! Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian have not heard, in them to the Building Foundation Dan cognition, two grains is the limit, but Elder Dan can achieve. Shen Xiang wants to refine four grains, therefore he increased a herbs quantity, this for does not waste that Azure Profound Fruit, good of use, Azure Profound Fruit of this high quality can refine four grains! Snort, choosing that many herbs to do? Are you first refinement? You meet explode pill furnace!” Elder Dan said with a sneer, Shen Xiang's every action and every movement cannot escape her eye, she worried that can lose Azure Profound Fruit, reminded Shen Xiang's.

Shen Xiang white her eyes: You waited to escape clothes that's alright there, rubbish, lost is also my matter.” The Elder Dan whole body trembles, Wu Qianqian also has a big shock, she was worried frequently Shen Xiang will be killed by Elder Dan! Shen Xiang does not fear Elder Dan now, he is Elder Dan's Young Martial Uncle, so long as is not too excessive, was scolded several at most, let alone he thought that sexually harasses Elder Dan this female Martial Nephew is very interesting, however he has a very crisp superiority feeling. Elder Dan sees Shen Xiang decent processing these herbs, is secretly surprised, she saw that Shen Xiang is not first time refines Building Foundation Dan, she starts a little to worry that can lose. The Shen Xiang first time anomalous refines Building Foundation Dan, he independently decided to increase some herbs, was in order to refines four grains, in his heart also lacked self-confidence, if were defeated had not feared, because when the time comes he also had the time from refine newly, if can succeed, that was should better, four grains of Building Foundation Dan, that was a big wealth. Processes the herbs process is very tasteful, if nobody instructs, is very difficult perfect processes other impurities in herbs, especially the high level pill medicine, outside the work to furnace attaches great importance, if a little makes a mistake, will cause the failure. Is possibly difficult regarding other people, but Shen Xiang is relaxed, sees only his both hands to overflow flame of not being able to see, is stroking herbs with the hand slowly, the herbs surface and internal some impurities burning down, this tests Divine Sense of alchemy master very and controls the hot ability. Wu Qianqian looks secretly sucks the tongue, she is the first time sees others to refine Building Foundation Dan, moreover own one's beloved concentrates on alchemy, looks that Shen Xiang that earnest wood has, the Wu Qianqian's face is slightly red, because man earnest time , is also the most attractive time. Quick, Shen Xiang completed outside furnace to work, started orderly herbs 11 invests in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then poured into the flame toward pill furnace, a furnace refined four grains of Building Foundation Dan, for him was also a very big challenge! Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian do not know the alchemic furnace internal situation, but actually felt that the change of flame temperature, can see Shen Xiang alchemy with total concentration, for all that but made them feel surprisedly, because Shen Xiang has refined Building Foundation Dan , will otherwise not carry on that smoothly.

Among Elder Dan suddenly has gripped Wu Qianqian's, grasps tightly is very very tight, can see her in anxiously, Wu Qianqian felt that was gripped by this snow tender hand, face cannot help but red, she understands certainly Elder Dan in anxious anything, let alone Elder Dan, she is anxious for Elder Dan, because Elder Dan lost, must strip off the clothes to Shen Xiang looks! Half double-hour passes by, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace starts violently sways, Shen Xiang is also sweating profusely, Elder Dan that grasped the Wu Qianqian's white hands to be also looser, she and Wu Qianqian's hand full were the sweat, at this time she thinks that Shen Xiang wanted explode pill furnace. Shen Xiang is making that very rich and tyrannical variable herbal Spirit Qi fuses together, will cause Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to shiver, herbs turned into herbal powder, successful integration together, was divided into the even four piles by Shen Xiang with Divine Sense. Also passed the less than half double-hour, Elder Dan starts to be anxious, because Shen Xiang that was similar to alchemic furnace that the ruby vulture cast becomes tranquil, in other words, Shen Xiang stepped over a ridge! Shen Xiang fused together many characteristics different herbal Spirit Qi, now starts to be divided into four herbal Spirit Qi, will melt then with that herbal powder. The process of fusion is very unstable, moreover Shen Xiang also in consuming massive Divine Sense, before luckily him, has practiced that Divine Dao Infant Soul, otherwise his Divine Sense already consumed, must refine four grains of Building Foundation Dan, imagines him is more difficult than! alchemic furnace shivers once more violently, once for a while spout a scalding hot air wave, Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian Jing Jing (quietly) looks, in heart anxious, Shen Xiang is the Wu Qianqian's one's beloved, she does not certainly think that her one's beloved looks at the body of somebody else woman, therefore she now is very contradictory, she hopes that Shen Xiang can refine successfully, but some do not hope. The night, unknowingly, Shen Xiang has refined -and-a-half double-hour, pill furnace suddenly that sways violently is tranquil, but the Shen Xiang's complexion somewhat is pale, the whole body was soaked by the sweat, he has opened the eye, long implored the one breath, lightly smiled: Succeeded!”