World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 152
Sits Elder Dan under Azure Profound Fruit Tree fierce bounces, arrived at side Shen Xiang rapidly, if she has not brought the mask, certainly can see on her face that to have various expressions complexions. Wu Qianqian is also slightly runs over, complexion is very complex, what are more shocks and worship, the Shen Xiang age is smaller than her, but actually refines Building Foundation Dan! Shen Xiang, did you build up really?” Wu Qianqian some do not believe. Elder Dan is also so: This is impossible!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Why doesn't open comes to see? You have inspected pill furnace, moreover Building Foundation Dan that draws a charge freshly you should also know is what kind of!” Stands in Elder Dan of Mortal World peak, her body unexpectedly shivers slightly, she puts out a hand to turn on that pill furnace cover! Nearby Wu Qianqian is also staring, in the heart extremely anticipated. The cover opens, azure and ray of golden mix erupts immediately, in that instantaneous, Elder Dan sent out a surprised tenderness to shout, this made the Shen Xiang brow wrinkle immediately, because this sound made him somewhat familiar. Wu Qianqian is actually growing up that attractive cherry small mouth, surprised looks in alchemic furnace that four grains full is pill pellet of leading colored light mark, this truly is Building Foundation Dan, moreover is four grains! Are Building Foundation Dan most is not a furnace can only leave two grains? But Shen Xiang this is actually four grains, this is simply shocking, incredible, gradually Pill Dao many years of Elder Dan is hard to accept this fact, therefore she exuded one startled to shout! Elder Dan shakes the head, looks at alchemic furnace that four grains of Building Foundation Dan, retreat, while said: This impossible...... Four grains of Building Foundation Dan...... this links me unable to achieve!” Shen Xiang is very satisfied this Elder Dan present performance, he said with a smile: „Do you have to do?” Elder Dan shook the head subconsciously: No, because there are compared with I more splendid alchemy master has tried, but failed repeatedly, therefore......” Therefore in thinking impossible situation, nobody attempts, gradually, many people think that a furnace can only leave two grains!” Shen Xiang says with a smile. Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian nodded, alchemy must consume many spirit herb, the words of attempt only will waste carelessly herbs!

You lost! Wish the gambling to concede!” Shen Xiang has hit a yawn lazy, he is somewhat tired, but thinks that must think this Elder Dan's does not put on the appearance of clothes, he was immediately energetic. Elder Dan deeply has attracted several tones, said: You already can refine Building Foundation Dan, right?” Shen Xiang nodded. „Do you enter into True Martial Realm to go to the Danxiang Tower inspection?” Elder Dan also asked that she guessed Shen Xiang refines Building Foundation Dan at that time, and ate. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I can not reply you!” Snort, is who teaches you alchemy? You are impossible to be self-taught!” Elder Dan more and more simple Shen Xiang's is deceitful, very early in the morning has entered into True Martial Realm, moreover does not utter a word participated in the Extreme Martial empathize to fish the biggest advantage, moreover made the person think that he broke through on several days. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Is a woman teaches me! Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean!” Is impossible!” Elder Dan very affirmative saying. How Oh? you know not possibly, do you know her?” Shen Xiang even more thought that this Elder Dan and Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean has any shameful relationship. I can not reply you! But is not Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean teaches your alchemy technique absolutely, teaches you alchemy who is? Can teach your such person, is very certainly famous!” Elder Dan compels to ask, she is truly curious. Shen Xiang said with a smile: „A woman, is more attractive than many time of women you!” Elder Dan coldly snorted and said: You have not seen me, how you can say that she is more attractive than me.” Shen Xiang sighed: You in my eyes is a disfigured, therefore she is certainly more attractive than you, teaches me the alchemy woman you not to ask that regarding that later will have the opportunity you to know.” Hurries to take off the clothes, solemn can Elder Dan loaf inadequately?” Shen Xiang said with a smile evilly, was full of the evil looking look to take a fast look around Elder Dan that was having concave-convex to the body with that pair.

Wu Qianqian is tactful very much gets out of the way, although she also wants to have a look at the Elder Dan's true appearance...... Qianqian you remain!” Elder Dan suddenly stops by calling her: Must have a person to show that I have not acted shamelessly!” Wu Qianqian pretty face one red, shot a look at Shen Xiang one, the nod should say: Yes!” Qianqian, favored carefully! Has a look at her stature to compare hello.” Shen Xiang rubs hands happily said with a smile. Wu Qianqian tenderly snorted, the face became redder. Elder Dan is taking off the clothes, Shen Xiang is gazing at with rapt attention, the eye does not wink, who he must have a look at this Elder Dan is! That black Chinese-style gown was used very beautiful stance to take off by her slowly, inside is a snow white long skirt, Elder Dan now unexpectedly is not tense, slowly escapes inside white skirt, the stance is caressing flatters to arouse, lets the person scant of breath, at this time the Shen Xiang's heart mentioned the throat. white skirt takes off, Shen Xiang fierce swallows the saliva, Shen Xiang is having to acknowledge that this Elder Dan's stature is good, the barbarian waist that general that Ruxue Bai Meiyu carves, grasps gracefully will make the person want to rush to embrace very much...... Chest and sexy that collar bone the slender solid snow white beautiful leg, stands tall and erect...... On this woman each hooks the Shen Xiang's soul, each sends out intoxicant caressing to flatter, each keeps the man from extricating oneself, is hard to resist! But at once criticizes, because the Elder Dan's chest and waist have one group of purple mist, place that man most anticipates covering. Even if, Shen Xiang whole body is so dry and hot at this time, has to suppress the combustion in within the body forcefully evil fire! Although Wu Qianqian is a woman, but actually also cannot help but appreciates, she also looks at pretty face to be red, whole person by that luster of the skin faintly charming! She has not thought that Elder Dan so will be smart, unexpectedly releases the purple fog to cover the most essential place, such one, is makes the person want to stop but cannot! Elder Dan has taken off the mask, but on face also same has the purple fog to wind around, is unable to see clearly her face. Shen Xiang forgives this beautiful threatening luster of the skin to transfer the circle, but cannot see the thing that he wants to look. Taikeng father! What is your this?” Shen Xiang scolded immediately, simultaneously a palm laid out, emits light breeze, wants to sweep that purple smoke, but was useless.

Your request is to strip off clothes, takes off the mask, I achieved!” Elder Dan indifferently said, in the sound is also having the stiff happy expression. You are really sinister!” Shen Xiang hates the tooth to be itchy. And you too!” Elder Dan leisurely said, sees Shen Xiang this appearance, in her heart secretly is also happy. The Wu Qianqian also sweet and delicate voice lowly spat: Shen Xiang, Elder Dan fulfilled pledges.” She thinks that Elder Dan can achieve this to be good, Shen Xiang can see Elder Dan this charming body, should be content. Ok!” Shen Xiang annoying sitting in underground, receives that four grains of Building Foundation Dan, then jump, takes off Azure Profound Fruit, places in the mouth to chew. „Do you do!” Elder Dan hastily shouted, Wu Qianqian is also startled, they have not thought that unexpectedly will have this idiot, ate Azure Profound Fruit directly. Attaches to white Female Dragon on Shen Xiang arm also envies is mumbling: Before you added that anything must be used for alchemy, eats directly is the waste, now you eat...... Others must eat, I must eat, I must eat......” Shen Xiang does not pay attention to this small greedy dragon to act like a spoiled brat, life Qi/angry has nipped that Azure Profound Fruit. This is lets Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian stamps the feet anxiously, Azure Profound Fruit such has ruined, this is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products! Shen Xiang, you......” Wu Qianqian are biting the lip, saying of life Qi/angry. The Elder Dan air/Qi results in the luster of the skin to tremble slightly, she has worn the clothes fast, walks to hold the Shen Xiang's wrist|skill, shouted to clear the way coldly: „Are you mad at me?” This is very obvious matter, this fruit is my, I like being how what kind of!” Shen Xiang curls the lip, loudly was stuttering, but also let alone, this Azure Profound Fruit was very delicious, making him bite next unable to bear bites one again, he has set firm resolve, cannot make that small greedy dragon eat, will otherwise be kept thinking by all her day.