World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 153
Why Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian know Shen Xiang life Qi/angry, because he has refined furnace Building Foundation Dan laboriously, after winning the victory, but is actually greatly disappointed, has not seen the thing that he anticipates. Elder Dan, so long as you make me have a look at your true colors, I have above Azure Profound Fruit these four grains of Building Foundation Dan and this Azure Profound Fruit Tree to you! What kind of?” Who Shen Xiang is only too curious this woman is. Shen Xiang believes that own intuition, this woman is he knows certainly! Elder Dan has let loose Shen Xiang, loves dearly looks at Shen Xiang to eat that Azure Profound Fruit, she had considered, Shen Xiang also finished eating Azure Profound Fruit, she heaved a deep sigh: Ok, I have promised you, so long as you defeat me, when the time comes I am your person, is casual you to be what kind of!” Elder Dan is bringing reluctantly, left this courtyard, the matter that among this nights has she forever could not play, Wu Qianqian could not forget. Wu Qianqian understands that now why Shen Xiang will give up with so the price knows the Elder Dan's status, because this is very obvious, Elder Dan certainly is the Shen Xiang familiar person, otherwise relies on Elder Dan this character, is absolutely not in this will be small front to make this feeling ashamed matter, although Elder Dan has covered the essential place, but as a woman, can give the man such to appreciate, is very difficult matter. Qianqian, you go back to tell her, if she needs Building Foundation Dan to tell me, I help her refine, turning head makes her give me an appropriate price, moreover must make her be responsible for providing other materials!” Shen Xiang said: I guessed that she will possibly have a period of time not to see me.” Wu Qianqian knows certainly the Dao Pill elder really to need Building Foundation Dan now, she has not thought that Shen Xiang so will be natural, wants master Elder Dan alchemy, but this said that possibly nobody believes that in Chenwu Mainland top alchemy master unexpectedly must look like Shen Xiang to purchase pills. Wu Qianqian lightly smiled: Shen Xiang you are really good, I must try hard to be good, later this Extreme Dan King Courtyard must support by us!” Hehe, you must try hard! If needed looked for my that's alright, I will help as far as possible your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. In Wu Qianqian heart one warm, the nod, then quickly departs hastily.

Shen Xiang has whipped the chest, scolded lowly: dragon brat do not quarrel, that Azure Profound Fruit is unpalatable, I for air/Qi that Elder Dan, I already spat!” Real? I ate thing that was unpalatable repugnantly, that gave me grain of Building Foundation Dan to taste always, you currently have four grains!” Long Xueyi also shouts. Shen Xiang was helpless, has put out grain of Building Foundation Dan, saw only a white light to flash through, wraps that Building Foundation Dan to disappear, afterward in the Shen Xiang's mind broadcast the smacking the lips sound, he does not know how this greedy young beautiful woman dragon eats pills in the Divine Soul condition. Next day, rests Shen Xiang that Mei Mei has thought just to open the door, actually sees to bring Elder Dan of mask to stand in the entrance, suddenly sees that strange mask, one big jumps Shen Xiang frightens „”. Why does not know, the Elder Dan's body is trembling slightly: „Am I really so ugly?” Snort, you not this damn the mask takes, in my mind forever is a disfigured!” Shen Xiang life Qi/angry said that big early morning getting up is happy, but actually had a scare, he has not cursed at people was good. I now not that many Building Foundation Dan materials, when I collect, when the time comes do not go back on word!” Elder Dan from Wu Qianqian there had learned that Shen Xiang is willing to refine Building Foundation Dan to sell to her. Words that she refines, at most is two grains, but Shen Xiang has four grains, the quality is very high. In her surface is to Shen Xiang coldly, but heart actually admires to Shen Xiang. I also think that you will have several days not to see my, was right, now haven't other people, how you shouted me Martial Uncle?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Young Martial Uncle, did you satisfy like this?” Elder Dan lightly snorted and said: I will instruct Qianqian to become a splendid alchemy master, she also starts to close up now studies alchemy, prepares to attack the level of 3rd Stage alchemy master, you felt relieved.”

Shen Xiang nodded, a face is earnest: You must use the dessert, perhaps, you will sleep with me on the same bed, you when the time comes were the good sisters!” Then, he then laughs. If other people said this words to come in front of Elder Dan, perhaps was already killed by the Elder Dan bang does not remain the dregs. Young Martial Uncle, I will make you attractive one day!” Elder Dan is mad stamped the feet, turns around to depart. After these matters that yesterday evening and Elder Dan had, Shen Xiang suddenly does not know why, thought that he and Elder Dan's relationship entered one step, but Elder Dan was also so, although they always liked bickering, but in heart has an unusual sentiment to the opposite party. Shen Xiang looks in a mirror, looks own that handsome face, cannot help but sighed: Is because the father too handsome reason does annoy that many matters to come?” Ring inside Su Meiyao has made a sound of retching, said with a smile tenderly: Few beautiful stench, your this brat had occupied others many convenient yesterday evening.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You is more attractive than this Elder Dan......” Su Meiyao naturally understands that Shen Xiang was saying anything, because Shen Xiang has looked at her and Bai Youyou's body! Do not raise this matter again!” Bai Youyou said: When handles your broken matter completely, I teach you to practice devil art!” 18 Azure Profound Fruit were picked to preserve by Shen Xiang, at this time he does not have other matters, thought should study devil art time, although he is True Martial Realm, because in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, is the 4th Stage alchemy master, therefore does not need to make these duties, so long as well alchemy that's alright, but sometimes also will assign some are appropriate he duty.

When Shen Xiang prepares to decide to study devil art, in the mind actually suddenly transmits a crazy the laughter, this may frighten heavily Shen Xiang, because this sound is his crazy Master Huang Jintian's! Ha Ha...... brat you in this Mysterious Realm, this were too good!” The Huang Jintian's sound is recalling in the Shen Xiang mind. Master...... your old man is good?” Shen Xiang is startled for a while, does not know that should say anything. All day stay here is good! Your brat also has to stay, asked that this stupid issue comes.” Huang Jintian scolded: I rubbish, I almost exhausted Divine Sense to find your, remembered my following words!” Um, said quickly!” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, Huang Jintian has the important matter to look his. I massacre Beast Martial Sect Dean time 10,000 years ago, many people do not know the reason, because this involves to a significant secret! But now I must tell you.” The Huang Jintian's expression is dignified: Meets the place that inlays to have a Black Tortoise mountain in Extreme Martial Province and True Martial state, you should know!” Knows!” Shen Xiang said that the place that the Black Tortoise mountain is the Extreme Martial Province jurisdiction place, but True Martial Sect actually repeatedly comes to steal the resources, hunts and kills Demon Beast. In the Black Tortoise mountain has a thing, this thing named Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor! Is a very fierce thing, its every other 10,000 years will regain consciousness one time, will then initiate the Black Tortoise mountain to send out various phenomenon! But my Extreme Martial Sect since has established sect, is responsible for protecting this Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but this thing cannot make sect, therefore places there! Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect's Dean has wanted to obtain. Ten thousand years ago, Beast Martial Sect's Dean seeks, finally was butchered by me.” Huang Jintian indifferently said.