World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 155
Shen Xiang goes out of town to emit the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings speed run, has been suddenly then far away from Extreme Martial Sect, arrives above piece of verdant mountain forest. Shen Xiang looked for Yun Xiaodao a moment ago they the time, knew that he posted a reward and rose, unexpectedly is five hundred thousand crystal stones, moreover True Martial Sect also posted a reward him, the reason was he discards a True Martial Sect's True Martial Realm disciple in comparing notes. This group of fellows, a day I will always make you know that this procedure is how stupid!” In the Shen Xiang heart said maliciously, suddenly, he felt that behind air is shaking, although is weak, but he can actually perceive with that formidable Divine Sense that sees only his fierce dive, falls from the upper air. When he just dropped ground, the upper air transmits a explosion sound, qi wave of that shake, shakes piece of landslide cracks in the earth the ground, big piece of beautiful mountain forest destroys immediately. Is the sneak attack! Shen Xiang looks in the upper air is scattering that tyrannical True Qi, in heart panic-stricken, if he were slow a moment ago, certainly will be turned into the powder, he has not thought that unexpectedly has such powerful person to start this sneak attack to him, moreover is two, because that two vast True Qi flies to hit together to two directions suddenly. North, was careful!” Long Xueyi reminded him to say. Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is getting more and more intrepid along with Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon True Qi, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade total quantity is also getting more and more heavy, now had three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), but does not have what weight in his hands, when he attacks, pours into Azure Dragon True Qi toward Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade meets suddenly changes heavy times, making the opposite party be caught off guard. True Martial Realm 2nd Stage! I discovered!” Shen Xiang is staring at behind distant place that mound of earth, in the heart is sneering secretly, he has not thought that was just far away from Extreme Martial Sect to be attacked . Moreover the method that the opposite party goes into hiding is very wise, Shen Xiang guessed that on them has fierce spirit talisman, but launched the attack along with them a moment ago, spirit talisman expired. Suddenly, cold light presently, a danger(ous) aura approaches together for the first time, the Shen Xiang horizontal blade standard keeps off immediately, only hears working as, the Shen Xiang's calf has inlaid in the soil immediately.

Shen Xiang also saw is that attacks his person, that was a whole body wears the iron armor, wears guy who the iron covered, True Qi was very strange, is having an elusive feeling, but was very formidable. That person also stares, he has not thought that initially enters True Martial Realm Shen Xiang unexpectedly to block his this fully blade! Shen Xiang looks at the blade of opposite party, above were many a gap, this blade was good 7th Stage spirit tool, this time has also ruined, that human spirit resulted in the whole body to tremble. Shen Xiang brandishes a sword to fly to leap up on, but his suddenly induces to another person attacks him from him, that is a great axe, the sharp great axe is bringing crazy fierce strength, is tearing the air, is similar to the thunder chops generally to Shen Xiang's back of the head. strength of this axe is powerful, uses complete strength likely, was similar to that blade that Shen Xiang received a moment ago, and was fast! If a mountain, definitely will be cut two halves, when chops to the Shen Xiang's time, sees only Shen Xiang's body suddenly to explode, turns into shakes the water vapor, that two people one startled, is somewhat surprised, they did not plan kills Shen Xiang does not remain, otherwise is unable to receive the monetary reward. Shen Xiang has displayed Water Mirror Art once more, transforms one in that with Qi mist instantaneously with his exactly the same empty body, then uses speed ultra-fast to leave. Shen Xiang in the upper air, sneers looks below that two people, although he is True Martial Realm 1st Stage, but five elements of True Qi of his within the body integrates together, coordinates that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade again, True Martial Realm 2nd Stage at is not his match. Massive Azure Dragon True Qi pour into to Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in the instantaneous time, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly turns into several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) types, Shen Xiang dives from the upper air, is similar to the meteor crashes general, is quick and fierce, incomparably formidable strength cuts with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the man who has the iron to cover cuts two halves that directly, but the earth was also delimited together the deep gully.

Shen Xiang's this blade does not keep hand! The opposite party is two True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, if joins up, will pose certain threat to him! Shen Xiang this thunder method frightens fearful and apprehensive another killer, they do not want initially to enter True Martial Realm Shen Xiang unexpectedly to be so fierce, according to the words of common sense, True Martial Realm 1st Stage and 2nd Stage differs, is very difficult to defeat 2nd Stage, only if that multi- Spiritual Vein person, if because wants to enter into 2nd Stage, True Qi that needs to compress are many, 1st Stage cannot compare by far! After Shen Xiang has massacred one, vanish from sight, if not Divine Sense is specially formidable, is very difficult to discover his existence. In that killer heart jumps, hastily turning head looks around, suddenly, danger(ous) , he although can induce obtains, but actually without enough time resists, does not know where Shen Xiang attacks, but he is the wielding fight broadsword in carelessly. „......” That killer called out pitifully, his arm was cut by Shen Xiang shoulder-length. The killer looked that tread that is grasping a breaking arm of blade, in the heart is fearing, he is forcefully calm, but he only saw azure light to flash through at this time together, his chest pain, felt that in the upper body all crushed was the same, his chest is with that by Shen Xiang several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) knives of pats, that violent dashing strength directly his severe wound, making him fly to hit on the hill of distant place. Shen Xiang dashed the past time, the killer has fainted, was only the severe wound, had not died, a head of his where that killer, poured into Divine Sense, then asked: Is who sends you to come?” Elder Lu!” The killer voice is weak, but does not have sentiment. Said that you are the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples?” Shen Xiang also asked that the complexion became gloomy incomparable. „It is not, we are the Lu Family people!”

Shen Xiang had not asked again that is patting to the top of the head palm of that killer, striking will kill! Elder Lu! Good Medicine King Mountain Lu Family, unexpectedly to kill me, this did not need to repay the gambling debt.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, Elder Lu is also in Elder Courtyard, but is the elder who processes the outer court idle mixed thing, the strength in True Martial Realm 9th Stage this, is the Lu Family person! After Shen Xiang has won Lu Zhengnan, has not received that gambling stake. Three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit are very expensive, they do not give up these precious things give Shen Xiang, if has killed Shen Xiang, nobody begged to them! In former Shen Xiang thinks that Lu Family may such do very much, he decided that he comes back from the Black Tortoise mountain, looks for Lu Zhengnan calculate, the opposite party has to kill his heart, moreover almost success, Shen Xiang, even if not want these three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit, must leave foul odor! Elder Lu, is waiting to me!” The Shen Xiang sound fills ruthlessly severe.