World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 157
You...... You......” on a male face are extremely panic-stricken, cannot speak, he has not thought that at present this person so powerful, maintains composure, extinguishing kills the strengths and their suitable people. We come from Free Immortal Sea! This including super Martial Dao sect that Extreme Martial Sect must have scruples, you such do......” The words have not said that Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Claw at the speed like lightning, catches the blood fog him suddenly! You must snatch my demon core, I do not give you to kill me, I to preserve my demon core, I can only massacre you!” Shen Xiang gloomy and cold was also saying to the remaining that disciples. Shen Xiang kills the first person time, they were scared, they are the True Martial Realm strengths, but also an insufficient families move died, it can be imagined the match is formidable! Sees only that man to put out spirit talisman, sees only spirit talisman to burn instantaneously, turns into the ashes, the man said with a smile crazily: You had been finished, this spirit talisman has recorded your appearance, fed in Free Immortal Sea......” Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, the fingertip projects together invisible Qi Aura, as if a sharp sword is common, wields to the nape of the neck of that man, cuts to fall his head. Regarding must kill own person, Shen Xiang is not lenient! Picks up storage pouch of these three people, Shen Xiang discovered that inside unexpectedly has many crystal stones, everyone 100,000, moreover several grains of True Elemental Dan, naturally, what making Shen Xiang most be interested is in these spirit talisman! That simple spirit talisman that in these spirit talisman and market conditions buy is different, above spirit pattern is Shen Xiang has not seen! Five spirit talisman, seem like not simple!” Shen Xiang does not know that these spirit talisman have any effect, does not dare to abuse, can only remain first.

Three 6th Stage spirit tool, the status of these fellows should not be low, this is Free Immortal Sea what kind of existence?” Shen Xiang has not listened to this Free Immortal Sea, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou does not have. Is new sect? That fellow also said a moment ago, must have scruples including Extreme Martial Sect!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang shakes the head, burns these corpses, flies once more to the upper air, goes toward Black Tortoise mountain Fei. Shen Xiang in upper air, can see the ground to have groups of people to rush to the Black Tortoise mountain frequently, he knows that certainly was True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect puts the news of Black Tortoise mountain, caused large quantities of people to emerge. True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's disciple also has, but they must be especially careful, if were discovered by Extreme Martial Sect, they must be grasped, because Extreme Martial Sect ordered, did not allow these two sect's disciples to enter Extreme Martial Province. Shen Xiang early arrives in the Black Tortoise city compared with other people, but the person in this city also knew the news of Black Tortoise mountain, Shen Xiang guessed here is stationed in True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's person, arrives at the opportunity, spreads the news, making Extreme Martial Province majority of martial artist well up to come to here. Long Xueyi had said that she has the means that when that Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm entrance has not opened enters, therefore Shen Xiang did not plan that stays when this city, when he passed by one seems like the iron hits the general three high shops, Long Xueyi actually suddenly calls out in alarm. Quite fierce! This inside has a very fierce fellow, the strengths and your three Martial Nephew are similar!” Long Xueyi tender dī dī said. Shen Xiang looked at this shop, discovered that sells the weapon specially and against has, the name was called „the Divine Weapon shop, understood at a glance that this Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's industry, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was neutrality sect, therefore the shop can spread over a wide area Chenwu Mainland each city, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire inside disciple was also rich flows the oil. Is Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, before he learned from Gu Dongchen there that many Dean want to obtain that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor.

Remembers that peerless grace and talent to make the noble female who the person cannot watch intently, Shen Xiang somewhat anticipate that he has seen Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress before, but the face of this Empress actually wields in his mind cannot diverge. Shen Xiang enters Extreme Martial Sect, through glancing through the books, knew that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire Empress name, that is one may the name of person, called Liu Meng'er, was very difficult heaven Empress unexpectedly that reminded to keep aloof to have such a name of tender feelings. „If Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress, perhaps Xianxian also will come!” The Shen Xiang heart said that has walked into this shop, after he goes, immediately induces to several powerful Divine Sense sweeps from him. Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire unexpectedly also several elders! The Shen Xiang heart startled, before he also listened to Su Meiyao saying that Liu Meng'er has Four Beast's Divine Weapons, is Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon! Does not practice the Divine Art of Four Symbols words, is unable to use Four Beast's Divine Weapons, therefore Liu Meng'er has not had what use. Shen Xiang comes to pay a visit Senior!” Shen Xiang with Divine Sense condense to become sound, transmits, he knows, if is really Liu Meng'er, certainly meets his. Comes up!” Really, Shen Xiang hears that to caress gently flatters to have the faint trace dignified sound, this lets Shen Xiang cannot help but mind. Shen Xiang steps onto the staircase, although some people in staircase guard, but actually does not stop, but looks at Shen Xiang with a respectful look, because they have been ordered, making Shen Xiang come up, can obtain the person who Empress summoned, was not the average person. On Shen Xiang going upstairs, a pleasant delicate fragrance greeted the nostrils to come, making Shen Xiang immediately completely relaxed, his depth has attracted several tones greedily, passes through that pink gauze curtain, goes to a unique small hall. Brother Xiao Xiang!” Shen Xiang only hears the sound that makes him be lost in a reverie together, makes him miss the incomparable sound together, this is the Xue Xianxian's sound!

At present the white shade dodges, the female who wears snow white skirt to install appears in front of Shen Xiang, this time Xue Xianxian has grown up, was more beautiful than before, rose above worldly affairs delicately also brings the maturity tender and beautiful beauty, the class to hope that appeared caresses flatters movingly, Shen Xiang has not looked to suffice that beautiful appearance, Xue Xianxian on one by the Shen Xiang's chest, was embracing his sturdy waist. Shen Xiang is also hugging the Xue Xianxian foot soft slender waist, is kissing that like the jade thin slippery cheeks, he can feel that the Xue Xianxian's cheeks are feeling hot, reappear the light crimson, appears more charming moving. little girl, has grown up much!” Shen Xiang badly said with a smile, then looked at Xue Xianxian that chest proudly, this made Xue Xianxian spit tenderly again and again. Brother Xiao Xiang, you went bad!” On the Xue Xianxian mouth said that but both eyes are actually staring at that edges and corners distinct handsome face, after Shen Xiang has experienced many matters, becomes maturity, although he puts on simply, but actually cannot conceal his unusual charm. Runs into the Fairy fiancee once more, Shen Xiang was happy, even if he breaks through True Martial Realm, refines Building Foundation Dan, obtains Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade...... so not to be unhappy, Xue Xianxian once follows the childhood that he crossed that look down upon, but Xue Xianxian was so, at that time they are also repelled, moreover was small and weak, but they mutually were actually encouraging. Is caressing Xue Xianxian's beautiful hair lightly, is stroking her refined simple and beautiful alchemy, is staring at that pair of light and lively and beautiful pupil, in the Shen Xiang heart Mei Mei, because this is his fiancee, but in his heart, is his wife! They look at each other affectionately, closely is hugging, two lips unknowingly depends on together, the tongue is complicated jerkily, distinguishes several years of them, at this time is kissing warmly......