World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 161
Shen Xiang receives good Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, jump to come up, 11 are staring at these people, coldly said: My Shen Xiang's persons head here, has planting takes! I accompany.” The people look at Shen Xiang, keeps silent, the back cannot help but sends coolly, at this time they are pressed by that Slaughter Qi that Shen Xiang releases are hard to breathe. Was killed by Shen Xiang including True Martial Realm 3rd Stage martial artist does not remain the dregs, who also dares fight? Shen Xiang two True Martial Realm martial artist defeats before them, so long as the brain does not have the issue, will not be silly gets rid! Slaughtering Heart of Shen Xiang practice along with this time mood, making his body spurt to be thin true murderous aura. Doesn't dare to come? You looked at my time before, but wished one could to butcher me, how now became the cowards?” Shen Xiang is taking a fast look around these people indifferently, said with a sneer: From now on the future, so long as wants to take my persons head person, like this crystal stones, I certainly will make him meet a cruel death!” Saying, Shen Xiang pinches the powder grain of crystal stones, this makes the person change countenance, cuts crystal stones to be easy, but pinching will become the powder will be very difficult! I want to take your persons head, you pinch me!” A handsome man walks from crowd, this unexpectedly is that Liao Shaoyun. Liao Shaoyun, previous time you clamp the tail to escape like the dog, now unexpectedly also dares to come out to see the person, was my words already looked for a tunnel to hide till dead.” The temperate sound conveys together, but actually has one type to let person whole body icy cold murderous aura, bird white beard old bald appears on such suddenly in front of Shen Xiang's, making all people shock. Liao Shaoyun on the same day by Extreme Martial Sect two Great Elder simultaneously converging attack, but actually can also escape, this was also the contented proud matter came, but was actually scoffed. Extreme Martial Sect's Wu Kaiming appeared, that is the strong person in Nirvana Realm peak, sees kindly this old bald, in heart cannot help but ** gets up, fast leaves, the fellow fight of this rank, that is overwhelming. Elder Wu, the disciple walked first!” Shen Xiang laughed, then vanish from sight, he uses the quickest speed to run swiftly to leave.

Stands Liu Meng'er on high summit stares is appearing in Shen Xiang of mountain scene forest, said with a smile: This brat blade makes me broaden the outlook, I must taking advantage of coming to see!” Master, is that very fierce?” Xue Xianxian is holding Liu Meng'er's, somewhat surprised asked. Is very fierce, this blade on is very tiny trace, covers entirely the entire knife, intriguing, but is abstruse.” Liu Meng'er nodded: He was unable to display this now true strength of blade, otherwise his strength will be certainly more formidable, has this to make his strength the blade promote many times, otherwise he is absolutely impossible to defeat True Martial Realm 3rd Stage.” Shen Xiang arrives on the Black Tortoise mountain, enters a cave, Long Xueyi told him, at this time around the Black Tortoise mountain is strength outstanding martial artist, Nirvana Realm has many, Shen Xiang was also staring a moment ago by several powerful Divine Sense. In the entire Black Tortoise mountain was covered by the tight atmosphere, Black Tortoise mountain suddenly sways violently, this fierce tremor makes Black Tortoise mountain all around ground mighty waves fluctuate, the tall old tree, is that giant mountain ridge, totally was destroyed, suddenly all around of Black Tortoise mountain turns into the flat land, jumped to the airborne person in witnessed that terror instance a moment ago, making them have a lingering fear. Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor in Legend must awaken, but that Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm entrance has not opened! Has been OK, now goes to the Black Tortoise mountain the middle!” Long Xueyi shouted, Shen Xiang has promised her excitedly, so long as can enter Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm ahead of time, gives her many True Elemental Dan. Shen Xiang is running in the cave quickly, and Long Xueyi is equally excited, in Mysterious Realm, only then he, then in majority of treasure did turn over to his? To!” Shen Xiang arrived among mountain side mountain side unexpectedly to be spatial, a piece one black, the Shen Xiang's palm was burning the flame, was illuminating here. In this and nobody, because the Mysterious Realm front door opens time will erupt very wild strength, the stay here surface will only court death!

Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian saw Shen Xiang to enter a cave, if the Mysterious Realm front door opened, stays is only affected by that strength in the cave! Elder Cai, protects good Xianxian!” Liu Meng'er said in a soft voice that sees only a hand to lean on the old woman of walking stick to appear side Xue Xianxian's. „The Meng'er miss felt relieved!” That Elder Cai smiles gently, traces Xue Xianxian's beautiful hair. Xue Xianxian knows certainly that own Master is looks for Shen Xiang, entrains Shen Xiang, avoids being affected by that strength that Mysterious Realm opens, even if it is said is the Nirvana Realm person approaches, can the severe wound, the strength is weak, may vanishes in puff of smoke. Master is careful!” Xue Xianxian is biting the lip lightly, was worrying said. Relax, your Master compared with me on many.” Elder Cai said with a smile kindly, was caressing Xue Xianxian's beautiful hair. Liu Meng'er is smiling nod of: Your this little husband also is really meddlesome, unexpectedly also makes me worry.” Saying, Liu Meng'er was changing to a spoken parts shade, suddenly then vanish from sight. Shen Xiang was waiting for that Long Xueyi opened space passage with her Dragon Clan antiquity secret method, entered in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. Among mountain side of Black Tortoise mountain, is dark, but has at this time is sending out the white light silk thread, this is strength that Long Xueyi releases, is composing spirit pattern, forms one law. Shen Xiang also attentively looks at these abstruse and complex spirit pattern, wants to record it in the mind, but actually remembers the headache, because is complex, these spirit pattern are many, dense and numerous, Shen Xiang estimated that at least knows how things stand the hundred thousand strip, each spirit pattern has nothing in common, curving and other spirit pattern combine, some much the same, is only the bending strain is different, but is this, has different strength.

Do not record, if not I have the inheritance to remember that I die cannot learn this type damn the thing.” Long Xueyi is also greatly incomparable, if to not eat, her is disinclined to do uses the matter of brain. Was good, since this has been I breaks the shell first time to consume that many strength, you must thank me well.” Long Xueyi said tenderly, the sound is also bringing a weariness, Shen Xiang not saying anything further, has put out several grains of True Elemental Dan, feeds eats to her. Shen Xiang looks mountain side that is glistening circular formation, this dazzling formation knows how things stand hundred thousand strip spirit pattern to constitute, now is agreeing with slowly, once agrees with completely, sliding door will open! suddenly, Shen Xiang induces to some people came toward him . Moreover the speed is quick, this is not the good matter! He has not thought in this time also people not awfully runs. Sister Meng'er!” Shen Xiang behind is standing wear white skintight clothes, the white gauze female, cannot help but calls out in alarm wear a look. Liu Meng'er also very surprised looks that among mountain side that is sending out white light circular formation in the darkness, looks at that innumerable spirit pattern, she is tightly pressed the delicate eyebrows, in beautiful eyes full is being shocking and wild with joy. How this is returns to......” words not to end, that circular formation fierce blows out a ray, afterward is a strong suction raids, is only suddenly, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er were inhaled!